Flying a drone at sunrise – Matjoez VLOG 105

good morning world it is I don't even have my watch it's like 5:45 ish the sun's gonna rise in about 20 minutes Jeff and I got up early to watch the sunrise because it's gonna be as always it's gonna be awesome Yaffe's is still asleep you we are at Lighthouse Beach still and we're gonna shoot some time-lapse still photos and aerials with Bruce the drone about a five minute walk which is easy because we parked real close and yeah just great I feel great it's awesome how are you doing Jeff here we are what a speech New South Wales the lighthouse is right there Sutton's gonna rise up there yeah it's looking nice looks like the tides coming in it's awesome it's not a cloud in the sky it's gonna be a very pure sunrise it's gonna rise from the ocean and we've got the light after that on the hill we're going to shoot it here from these steps and I gotta wait for the light to hit us it's always super super energizing it's always worth they're getting up to sunrise new is my hobby it's our 2470 lens you should about this frame I think and then I'll fly the drone those rocks as well Jeffster and maybe some snapchatting their instagraming chips Instagram account is at Jeff the nomads 1f camera set up going at a four second interval it's about ten minutes of sunset at sunset sunrise where is the Sun rising people always ask me how do you know when the Sun runs well looking sky nice brighter shape and it's gonna rise right there with the orange is most you know most powerful easy I've also served the xc10 and the Shogun shoots a mix of time-lapses with animals completely si looking good and Bruce is ready as well warming it up almost good to fly and look who we have here mr. Suns that you're enjoying this Jeff I ready Bruce did a great job Mac not sure if you can see some of these but yeah it's looking nice Jeff walked almost all the way that way all I'm shooting with not to bad hair one morning's worth content should be pretty pretty damn Goods saw heaps of videos photos time ups with the Shogun then I shot a time-lapse with the five ESR I shot this vlog didn't do much a snapshot not a snapchat but I'll get on that now that was awesome now heading back we're gonna wake up yours it is five to seven so in about an hour we shot so much content it's just awesome I'll be able to put a separate edit on YouTube I'll put it in the vlogs to shut some time lapse so that I can use as well for the time lapse edit on YouTube so many Instagram shots of course

Check out what we saw on the first sunrise our roadtrip from Sydney to Cairns in Australia!
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17 comments on “Flying a drone at sunrise – Matjoez VLOG 105

  1. Florent De Deken

    Grave beelden, zou ik ook vroeg voor opstaan ! Doet me denken aan Mr. Ben Brown in zijn vlogs. Die dronebeelden zijn zeker een meerwaarde, zo rustgevend. Zou wel naar een 10-hour loop van die golven kunnen kijken haha


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