so what snow comes wind and flying around in windy conditions isn't advised but you feeling rich gay sticking around [Laughter] you could probably get some great landscape shots of snow looking beautiful and whatnot but I wouldn't advise flying it in residential areas I've had to make maybe two or three emergency landings and luckily they've landed on side streets or like in the middle of the road but what happens when it lands in that racist white lady's backyard I'm not getting my drone back she's gonna call the police it's so now the higher up you go the more you capture within the screen the wider the shot looks beautiful cool wouldn't be the best thing to do when it's windy out the wind could take your drone fly it about two miles out even if you're trying to bring it home now the sweet spot for me is like 200 300 feet high and distance away but I mean if you feel a rush K like I said do what you got to do flying in the wintertime I think you should have your car ready on standby this goes hand in hand with the last tip because if your drone does get pushed by the wind and you can't bring it back you're gonna have to drive follow it follow it whatever the wind is going and then kind of figure out your next landing spot so have your car ready just in case all right so it got a little too cold outside but it's pretty ironic with iPhones the battery is I don't have a battery pack or like a warm place where you can fly because your battery will die which your drone like 400 meters up in the air and then they were laying in that racist white lady's backyard finally make sure you're flying in GPS mode because if you do lose your signal say the drone does fly away you get too far away from it hopefully when you do receive your signal you're kind of fixed see exactly where it is that's kind of what happened with me with my spark pull out about a mile away when I tried to fly in the heat of the bomb cyclone oh boy and get this that was dumb and luckily it landed directly in front of a high school that was really close to my house and I was able to find it that way so GPS mode and that's about it folks if you have winter footage winter drone footage showing that link or DME or something and B it'd be pretty cool to see say flying all that jazz and again if you don't feel comfortable flying even though you want to capture something just don't fly it's like it's not that serious but anyway stay safe happy flying I'll see y'all in the next video you [Applause]

I tried to fly my Spark in the thick of the Bomb Cyclone that hit the northeast. Dumb idea. After everything settled down, and I was able to fix my Mavic, I figured I’d give it another try.


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