21 comments on “Flying Drone over Machu Picchu in Peru

  1. Jp Films RD

    I went a few months ago and I couldn't use my drone and I was super discouraged, I'm editing a little machu picchu, can I use your scenes for my video? I can mention you in the description. Good video!

  2. Kwangsup Sheen

    Very nice video. Thank you. I came from Peru trip yesterday. I was discouraged of drone filming at Peru from their official tour web site and I didn't even bring it. There is a drone regulation at the airport also. Wherever I went, cities of Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and the entrances of the ruins, there always were big signs of "no drones". The tour guides stop people when they act anything unusual. I don't know how strict they are for drones. If you go very early or late without tour guides, when there not many people, it may be possible but during the busy summer season (winter at Peru) it's difficult to fine a good time. If you fly from far, hiding yourself outside the entrance, at the remote mountains, you may be OK but for me, it was not worth it to take the chance. Keep in mind that it will be very windy, the air is not dense and it's thin. Be prepared. Good Luck!

  3. Dave Loughlin

    Locals say that flying drones is prohibited, but I see a couple of recent videos here. I'm going to bring mine and try to shoot some arial video. I don't know, maybe I'll hide in the bushes, launch in a remote area, get altitude to keep quite and see what happens. This video was amazing.

  4. gunslingor gunslingorsadf

    Hi, I'm leaving for Peru tomorrow with my drone. How did you get machu picchu drone footage, I heard it was illegal to fly a drone around it… is there a way to bypass it? Also, can I fly around sacsayhuman, tipon, quenko, ollytaytombo and the plethoria of other terrific sites in Cusco? Sincerely appreciate any help, a little nervous and ambitious about this.

  5. VideoDideo

    Huge issues getting drones through customs in peru. I was the first to film a great many megalithic structures in peru an bolivia. At that time i was working with and training Brien Forester, of hidden inca tours. We worked directly with the directors of heritage sites. You can see a lot of footage on history's ancient alien series. Typically they will just hold your drone while you go to the ministry office in lima for a permit. Which will probably not happen without media credentials and a fee. They consider all these sites and aerial views as their property and income stream. If you just want to fly i suggest you go to rc shop and rent. It will cost a deposit of the entire craft. They will refund difference when you return. Also i had help dragging lots of equipment, so i was employing a few people. Good luck and respect the sites😇

  6. jose javier montero

    Hey man, I have a question, is there any regulation regarding flying drones on Machu picchu? I've been reading it's forbidden in some blogs and pages. How it was when you went there? there was any guards watching? how did you to avoid being caught?
    I'm askin you 'cause I want to fly my drone there in my trip to machu picchu. I'm not expecting to fly above the machu picchu citadel, but at least make some selfie scenes while being at Huayna Picchu, not too far from ground.

  7. Gary Vaughan

    Great video. I'm heading to Peru in July. Did you have any issues getting the drone through customs in Peru? Also – how and where did you launch from? Our guides have told us that you can't fly over any part of the Inca trail.


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