Flying drones top seller at toy retailers this festive season

it's the type of toy many children and adults would love to have florist cumin has been flying them for years when I started investigating the technology and the availability of technology which was doing its its infancy at the time I was amazed at what these available drone enthusiasts like himself must fly their crafts 50 meters away from Amy wrote or building then not allowed to fly a highest in the highest point in the area and cannot fly 10 kilometers from the nearest airport or a field local toy stores say flying drones were the train to this festive season our Avis Civil Aviation Authority spokesperson cabello lead wobba says retailers and customers should be aware of the regulations governing drones he says failure to adhere could result in a 10-year prison sentence or find a 50,000 rent or both these rules apply more to those who want commercial benefit from drones instead of just using it as a toy a commercial pilot will have a ITC radio with which he can contact airplanes in the area you can also submit a flight plan to the closest airport and they can then fly around five kilometers from an airport they can fly up to 400 feet above ground which is 120 meters about tones are not allowed to fly adjacent or above a nuclear power plant prison police station crime scene court of law national key point or strategic installation they also cannot be flown into any property without permission John Bailey Pretoria

JOHANNESBURG, 27 December 2016 – While this sought-after Christmas gift was flying off the shelves, it comes with a warning of a fine or even jail time. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, most urban areas are no-fly zones for drones and the penalt

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