Flying with Jetman

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I am Yves Rossy and I'm the judgement we for him suite of movements totally inside the air not universe first human being one wanted to fly like birds I'm really the fuselage and the steering thing so it's a for example when I give I want to turn it's like skiing you know if you want to go right and you look left doesn't go so it's just kind of natural thing you go in the term and we need to go same with airplanes and it's difficult to keep the horizon and everything if you if you look somewhere else so it's I want to go there okay yeah and you see it's that is the other one okay and a little bit more okay like that and you help with your hand also for a role for example okay I take some speed okay here I arch then stabilized OJ and twist and it's wrong yeah the knowledge of aerobatics in an airplane did help a lot to understand yeah what should I do about saying that it works on a body but that's that's a copy/paste of an airplane just with body I don't reinvent aerodynamic I use it Aviation is about that as a normal human you have that dimension aviators we are there and when you have this one it's so overwhelming when you are in an image yet and you see then the layer that you cross through disappear like that it's these moments are so overwhelming that I would like to leave them just like that what's the weight of the it's it's about at the beginning when I exit the helicopter that's about 130 pounds it's heavy but as for example a diver when you are you know with the fins with the bottle with the stub you're like a penguin when you are in the boat huh as soon as you are near completely light like a fish it is exactly the same I'm heavy as long as I have the gravity once I'm in the air it's easy you should be completely relaxed because if you aren't the tension I am the fuselage so it doesn't fly well if it's you know it it's unstable and you should be freed so okay I did learn with training and also from my posture as fighter pilot okay and then bye-bye and that one of the best moment you know you are becoming from the status of a stone to the status of a girl and that's magic you know I read I Namek it's like a big handle in your back and yeah I mean and I fly that's good I'm hungry Burnett and I'm chat man's technician the equipment inside doing is relatively simple we've got the engines the jet car engines from Germany they are world leaders in model jet engine technology many instruments this huh you feel the speed noise in ears pressure on you there are no moving surfaces at all in the way that's the goal of the whole project he wants to fly using only body moves not by steering something he only kind of control he has is the throttle which is just a little roller like this that he can turn with the thumb between full power and idle I know I have for about ten minutes of fuel so as soon as my engines are stabilized idle click I know I have for 10 minutes to play you have instruments in a cockpit because you have nothing outside to feel I am outside so I feel everything I also realized I'm really one one of you Experimental Aircraft Association that's really you know I did begin in my garage trying things that in the air and repair and you know with hand hand works now that I know who Scott I am even more one of you because well when I see the spectrum of the large spectrum that that exists here it's paradise for a Gators paradise for birds human birth you began your presentation in the future after a suitable an aviation I think everyone in the field to the world the MVP only as you know this guy other side of the the Atlantic I was so warmly welcomed you know I can only if they say again thank you I hope I will come back

Go in the air and behind the scenes with Yves “Jetman” Rossy during his U.S. public debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

43 comments on “Flying with Jetman

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