Foxtech Lightning 210 RTF FPV Racing Drone Flight Test Review mp4

good morning quadcopter 101 here what I got for you today is a review of another racer this is the Fox Tech Lightning 210 racer I'm looking at this Fox Tech Lightning 210 it's all carbon fiber this is the ready to fly forego into details on the transmitter here shortly but yeah this is the ready to fly version and when they say whether your fly comes with almost everything you need I don't believe it comes with the battery I think you have to provide your own battery Fox Tech did provide me with a 4s battery so this should Chuck here if we're going to find out here shortly we're back at the Spangler Hills so that I can really open it up and see what it can do but looking at this quadcopter again it's all carbon fiber structure should be very resistant to crashes because of such it comes with the ready to fire version comes with the r9 ds9 channel receiver it has an ace 32 flight control board it has a well I can't remember the number of channels on a fpv receiver or oh yeah I do it's 48 channel 48 channel fpv transmitter so all at all you know you have your whole selection of frequency bands on the transmitter here on the fpv transmitter but has a believe it's 700 tvl camera honest the motors are fox techni motors but and they are brushless 2205 2,300 rpm per volt motors and I said kilovolts in previous ones I was corrected that is rpm per volt it stands for the camera platform is right here and there is not much real estate to put the receiver so and they're ready to fly a version they put this hour 90s receiver on to the camera platform where normally I would put my mobius camera so what I've done because that is I put a velcro tab onto the battery itself mounted on for today's flight I've mounted my 808 keychain camera for this first flight let's see comes with tri-blade props to give you extra power hopefully we'll see if that really helps I like the way this is flat on the ground I was just testing another one the other day that actually was using the battery as his landing pad and I don't know that was a great idea or not in the design but this wasn't you can land flat as a pancake on the ground the antenna for this is a single antenna from the receiver and they have it taped to the belly of the quadcopter and that's to keep the this antenna from flopping into the propellers so this is a belly-mounted propeller we'll see how effective that is in flight let's go over the transmitter there ready to fly version comes with the 89 transmitter from Radio link transmitter from Fox Tech it's 9 channel it's got all the bells of whistles on it you can think of buzzer alerts timers everything but for flying the little fox tech 2:10 all you need is a mode switch now I didn't mention the boat the fox tech 2/10 comes with a nays 32 flight control board programmable through clean flight now I went in to clean flight I did not adjust anything on the flight controls or the flight control configuration and file of the days 32 but I went in with clean flight just to see what the switches were set up to and for the ready to fly version all I have set up is this switch here switch see for selecting angle mode horizon and all the way down for a crow so that's all the settings as has set up and clean flight I am going to fly this with the stock settings here today just to see how it performs with the ready to fly version with the 89 transmitter that's about it we are going to fly I'm going to record fpv via my sky 702 diversity receiver here and I think we're ready for flight so let's go for a flight of the fuckstick – ten lightning from Fox Tech fpv comm hope you enjoy this flight okay we are ready to go we're getting ready to get started to go first thing I'm going to do is turn on my 808 keychain camera which is on the top there yeah alright and pressing to start the recording and the next thing I'm going to do is turn on my transmitter 89 transmitter and next thing I'm going to do is plug in the battery onto the quad cutter and plug it all the way in so we know that it is not going to come loose and I'm going to double check my fpv reception turning on my fpv receiver and i do have a good signal a very nice signal from the camera so we should be good to go no let's say Y unlocking is down and to the right and we're gonna start off an angle mode here and I want to show you real quick here's a failsafe on this let's get a little throttle turning off the transmitter thousand ones

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