Future Military Technology: US Marines test new Future Weapons, Military Drones, Robots & Equipment

you um should be good I know we just charged the battery back up they're saying it neither have I do we're just going to having you on one foot o'clock and so you have them set up can you break them out real quick special animal welcome up weapons think you want this around that more it turned out to draw power the fire will escape charge in yes there so it's a 40 fun yeah that's pretty hot burning out start up yeah the batteries could get hot into the you know the 50s then you got to start thinking about which this is an enabler to force multiplier and it will preserve and and combat power you know from a safety standpoint but it'll also allow them to cover more area larger area of influence it'll let the current force to do more cover more area lightening the load you know they can offload it on here they can get the objective they're not tired they could have more ammo they can fight for 72 hours with this they could load this up and then fight for 72 hours without resupply so it allows I think it's going to enable them to complete their mission that they're going to be given for this expeditionary they like the company landing teams it's going to help make that possible because they're limited in the airlift that they can put in but they still have to fight they have to have their gear so I think it's an enabler for the the upcoming missions and expeditionary profiles that they're looking at this is the General Dynamics Land Systems and multi utility tactical transport or much okay so yeah so this is the track version of the 4×4 you can swap out wheels the wheels are also effective the tracks are good for floating on mud and snow and sand and there's also a six by so six wheels six driven wheels and then an 8 by which is a 8 wheels and those are really filling the gap filled by the original M 274 mule the purpose of it is to help dismounted war fighters by carrying load letting them offload equipment or carrying large more capable weapons like this where we take five people one person can get a 50 Cal downrange so the idea is to provide lighten the load and then expeditionary power people are always running out of power in the field this will allow them to bring more more gear more batteries or a charger too bad to charge up their batteries today what we're doing is a final exercise for the past six weeks these Marines of kilo 3/5 and Nick will have trained to the technologies that we're integrating so the Marine Corps wore fine lab we test and evaluate future concepts and technologies we have a concept based experiment that we're doing we have over 40 technologies here and not with the CLT kilo 3/5 some of them range from five unmanned ground vehicles to five unmanned aerial systems we're looking at technology that reduces logistics which we have termed logistics demand reduction now we have unmanned ground vehicles which can actually carry two 40s and 50 caliber weapon systems and it can be right next to a foot mobile company so now we're bringing weapon systems that are not normally foot mobile to the company itself we have five unmanned aerial systems that we're going to be playing with one of them is the black Hornet it's about four inches long it is brought down to the squad level this thing cannot be heard after it goes above 30 feet so you basically can peak around the corner without the enemy knowing and you can see what is around the next corner for that squad leader to know the small quadcopter that has been flying around is called the inch deny it has three cameras that allow it to see straight ahead forty-five or straight down you can reach out and see what's coming at you and what you can be expecting here in the next one hundred thousand meters the 40 technologies that we're experimenting with will make the marine corps more efficient more lethal and more survivable so ultimately what we want is the first person or first thing in the door is a robot to get si into what's around the next corner

Future Military Technology: US Marines test new Future Weapons, Military Drones, Robots & Equipment

Marine Corps Base Camp Penleton, Calif.—Marines with 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment test equipment provided by the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory on Camp Pendleton, Calif. The equipment they are testing ranges from unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, new technology in expeditionary medicine, reusable energy and water purifying systems. The Warfighting Labs identifies possible challenges of the future and develops new warfighting concepts and tests new ideas to help develop equipment that meets the challenges of the future operating environment.

About the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory:

The United States Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) was established in 1995, at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. The organization was originally known as the Commandant’s Warfighting Laboratory. The warfighting lab is part of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC) and its stated purpose is to improve current and future naval expeditionary warfare capabilities across the spectrum of conflict for current and future operating forces.

The organization is in charge of various aspects of advanced techniques and technology in the United States Marine Corps, and is also responsible for overseeing the Urban Warrior program. Recently the MCWL has been overseeing the testing and implementation of distributed operations at the behest of General James Amos, the former Commanding General of MCCDC.

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  1. Ricky Javier

    If the Battery is running out you Need to Stop in Wait 4 while because its Charging!
    Solution: You need Self Charging Generator While the Drone is Moving it Charge the Extra Reserved Battery No Need of Solar Power! i had the same Self Charging Generator concept Design i built it in my Power while Chair

  2. Lotfi Triaa

    اسلحة جيدة لاكن ليست الروبوتات التي ستقوم بالحرب العالمية الثالثة الوشيكة مع الروس و الصين ذات الجيش الرهيب و ايران من بدلاكم !! لاكن ممكن تطويرها اكثر و للأحسن بحث تصبح ذات فعالية و مواتية جدا لقتال مثل هؤلاء القوى العضمى .

  3. Its really Hairy

    You should be able to hook them together with ability to carry 30 troops. Maybe a couple battery carts. Like a centipede. Two per heavy machine gun cart. I like a 240 bravo and MK-19 combo. Maybe a hydraulic mount so you can stand up and be in the defilade. Chicken plate would be sick to. Maybe mechanics drive battery carts and solar panels. Or all have the ability to use solar to recharge them. Maybe add a bumper dumper on a hitch so someone can shit while it's driving and continue mission with dismounts.

  4. crim somreaf5555

    finally a non clickbait military video also if every squad had one of these oh boy lol enemy wont stand a chance excluding rpgs of course and GLs and granadas unless it can withstand grenades

  5. John Moar

    i like it, a battery charger on tracks,a machine gun ,no carring battiers for rear war game freaks,more big ammo for long range fire power,it needs a teli arm to lilf up and down

  6. Lotfi Triaa

    جيد هذا النوع من الاسلحة الذي يمكن من الحسم في حرب مثل الحرب العالمية الثالثة يجب تطويرها و صنع الملايين منها لاكن لا تتوهمو بأن هذه الروبوتات ستقوم بالحرب لوحدها و تغلب 2 مليون جندي روسي ذو تدريب عالي مدجج بسلاح من يتوهم بأن الروبوت يغلب الإنسان فهو ابله ..!!!

  7. Ineluctable Smith

    Three men, with one of these can carry a heavy mortar a few shoulder launched missiles and a couple of snipers can destroy a convoy. Or present a huge front to confuse and enemy. Pick off the trailer with the sniper, then open up with the mortar while someone fires the shoulder launched missile while the sniper is pinging off the heavy armor. That's a formidable force.

  8. Patrick Oberem

    Something I can't get my mind around is how a country can freely allow it's enemies to view all it's 'latest' technologies. Specialists will spend hours pouring over every little detail with a view to reverse engineering ideas and no doubt adding their own improvements.

  9. alberto jesus pimentel marquina

    u.s.a. esta perdido, mientras los rusos fabrican armas que pueden eludir cualquier sistema de deteccion y tambien cualquier contramedida americana o de la otan los gringos se la pasan huevoneando, que cosa fabrican? alli se ve: vehiculos para pasear por la playa, robots de hacer mandados y drones para espiar a la vecina ricotona cuando se cambia de calzon (underclothes), eso nomas, asi que ya perdieron. un presidente yanqui asi puede descansar un fin de semana en la playa y dormir tranquilo sin saber que debajo de las playas en las que remoja hay un submarino-kamikaze ruso. son mas huevones que mandados hacer.


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