Grandad's Postbag 190808 Action Camera & Drone Props

hi guys postman's been two bags i want to open them straightaway because I'm actually off on holiday for a week and I want to check what's in them both time you see the video I'll probably be back from holiday that's this one what it actually tells us where we drone propellers so this will be my replacement propellers for the hubsan they won't be genuine hubsan parts they'll be the cheap ones that you can get on eBay okay well they look about right that night so how many sets it was looks like about five sets done that okay so five sets of propellers further hubsan nothing else in there and then this one I want it's working because it made me laugh a bit really you may know that I've been buying new action cameras because I had two Evo DX cameras that I love I bought them from 7-day shop last year and one of them died just before the twelve months warranty was up so I contacted them and they agreed that I could send it back and I've been refunded the 36 pound 99 it cost a year ago but they're no longer available so I've been trying different types of action camera I had a apex cam which was pretty awful I'm currently testing a what is it called dragon touch vision 3 action camera which initially I thought was fairly good but I'm beginning to lose patience with it one thing I didn't notice initially as it only records in Momo not stereo and the microphones particularly sensitive is the word I'm trying to think of and everything's incredibly loud on it on the previous one the apex cam everything was incredibly quiet even though I went into the settings and turned it up on the dragon touch there doesn't seem to be a setting for adjusting the volume recording so it's just too loud all the time I have to edit it down each time so in despair I looked on ebay to see if anybody was selling any secondhand Evo DX cameras and lo and behold seven days sharp had to end of end of range or end of stock so unused unopened and they were selling them off for nineteen pound 99 I was very tempted to buy two but I only bought one I'll probably regret that I probably should have bought both the ones they had available at that price because at 19 pound 99 that have been too good a price that I paid for the dragon touch whatever it is that I'm currently using and not liking so enough PLA let's sleep it open it [Applause] here we are an Evo DX action camera Wi-Fi waterproof Authority meters a little bit crushed in the box from the looks of it please fully charged battery before use it says new and unused bits are there I think somebody might take it out the bag and returned it because that should be in the plastic bag nothing looks like the bits that all you want are there anyway got the charger USB lead two batteries mm-hmm I don't see any batteries at the moment there should be one in there and I'm pretty sure they should have come with two batteries let's just see if it turns on anyway yeah so little bit of charge in it already so this is all either been a demo one and it's virtually full charge on it so I've been a demo one or somebody's returned it because they didn't like it although it does look perfect so I think it might just been a demonstration model right so I must have another microSD card somewhere but I think I'll be happy with this as long as it lasts although as I say I'm pretty sure they should have come with two batteries yeah it's not a problem because if you've watched my last granddad's postbag video you know I've just received two more batteries anyway and a charger because I ordered them anyway grandad is happy at this moment in time I'll take that with me on holiday and we can check whether it works if I can find another SD card which I'm pretty sure I've got hey thanks for watching there's plenty of videos on my main channel with more added daily so don't forget to subscribe and enable the notifications to keep you up to date with my new releases you can help keep my channel running by donating a dollar on patreon to buy me coffee you can always find more information in the video description thanks again for watching

Grandad’s Postbag 190808 Action Camera & Drone Props πŸ“ΈπŸ”‹πŸš

I am not endorsing these products and I get no income from the sellers so I suggest you do your own search and find the product that suits your purposes.
EvoDX Ultra HD 4K 30M Waterproof WiFi Action Camera With Remote & Mounts (cost me Β£19.99 postage free)
20 X Rotor Blades Propellers Props Spare Parts For Hubsan/X4 H107 RC Quadcopter (cost me Β£1.48 free postage)

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