good morning everybody so this year 2018 has been one of the best years so far for myself it's been incredible the YouTube channel has grown subscribers is a 20,000 subscribers 30,000 subscribers 40,000 subscribers which is incredible we have done videos every Tuesday and Friday for the last 10 months videos every Tuesday Friday off to videos every Tuesday on Friday videos every Tuesday Friday every Tuesday Friday videos every Tuesday and Friday we started off the year going to llama looking at all the kid that we couldn't afford we went to the dairy tech show which I'll be going again this year and be going to do the one of an innovation hope where we're going to speak so you can go and check me out there we got the trusty tuber it's gone thank you we grated the trusty tuber we're now gonna try this job we got to stop what's ready Oh 20 and a half this year my dad got involved very heavily he smell everything my father he smells sweet dry my dad says like cabbages if I make sense of it talk cabbages and stuff he said some random things it's not not quite good enough to smoke in a rollup but you put it in a pipe you put it in a pipe and play at Popeye saves me going in the if you can eat it you could definitely smoke it it's absolutely beautiful he bought some kit that was useful we need someone the farm Kawasaki Mule got new end of the sorry tank Ava can speak he bought some kit it wasn't useful so he's gonna show what he is born and he thought was a good idea that no but all in all I got really involved the ginger war yet dad got covered all of that covered in poo everyone loved him being on the camera we saw my mom in the last video and we are with mother this is my mom Elsa Highland cards got wind we're gonna have to between these cars on then we tried to hold strain them big day bitch I'd get those two on the hole which is a little bit on sex unsuccessful the Highland all the ones carved again [Applause] when is Minnie gonna call today is the 2nd of July and Minnie is carved they may then met a new bull mr. Cardew God do had a bad foot there's a stone around about there somewhere first bit I can see we broke down picking Cardew up on the road again we took car do back home Neptune had his first carves this year something very very exciting happened we've got our first Neptune carvers carp of our Angus beef program this is so exciting and the first step which is very exciting and we'll see the moor in 2019 one of the Charolais cars broke it's like today's Monday everyone knows Monday is rubbish on this Monday is especially rubbish for us it is one of my papers we think it's broken it's like we fix it like I crashed a drone many times for a sin I broken it this is so annoying go to out the tree another hard London so we decided the drone is a bad idea so to fly off in the wind and what stumbling about flying drones in the wind crash I think I broke three drones I also crashed some kit how very annoying we lammed some sheep very excited we have an alum we're not hiding this little one nice thing we fixed a manhole yeah we raced against the clock I always like to see how quick I can do it three two one go and should we look at the time I milked a huge farm it rained a lot is flooded the flipping place again we tried to get it rid of a lot of water we reseed it and then it was very dry for a long time have you ever been this drive for yeah 1976 we made countless big bales so hit me [Applause] we silage three time we saw it during the night we mowed during the night we took some measures for it to not flood again we opened some really wet bales we got some really dry silage nice the cows going to the silo little thing got forgotten about yeah we tried to fix the silo to about a job there you'll see that I got the share grab a nice clean face as I can with it going hoping fingers crossed I'll do the best I expected a little bit of a little bit of waste but not too much the silage was really moldy it's black scuri there's mold on the front of it that is just an absolute night we looked at milk fever first job is going to be the calcium bolus so next job is going to be to put a calcium intravenously into a vein now we'll put it under squishy was here and she's got up and she's moved all the way over there she's got up she looks a lot better we looked at grass quality comes ahead coming to head means kind of where the grass starts to go to seed and the quality starts to dip but the quantity will go up we looked at getting cows in for milking you we looked at some of the cows stealing over cow's milk ha tighten up oh yeah we move some small cards away we had a cow that jumped the fence you give you smoke we move some cattle away I got stuck with some slurry I needed some help with my from my dad and there must be a wet patch just in front of the that's properly in there properly stock I pick up yet yeah [Applause] we move some sorry about that all you do is look up in the sky when you lie you don't even need a reason why when you learn I really believe you I barely can see you I see your disguise if you really move some boxes muck about we had a huge Christmas light switch on use the smart cars a truck he's carrying a big tree you're not helping him we let cows out invited everyone to come down and again next year you are all invited to come come on ladies everybody cows are out thank you very much to everybody who came there's about 50 people came and personally I have bought a new house this year here we go I've got a new dog this is new and one of the biggest achievements I've ever achieved in my life we got the digital innovation British farming awards award this year [Applause] Oh which was great very unexpected but I'd like to say thank you to everybody who watches these videos yes 2018 my channel might not be the best in the world but I've had such a good time doing it you guys have enjoyed watching it which is the main thing we've had such a good time here's to 2019 and at the end of this video we're going to show you all the clips oh I didn't even mention we've got so much going on for 2019 I'm so excited for it and I'm welcome to bring it on guys I hope you have a great new year and we will see you next year guys thank you very much see you later this job is we need two bags of tape think they'll just look great anyway you're tired of here the ball and if you can really know I am dude so this is it this is our feet field at the moment a bit sad I love watching the cows car and I love being their old know what's going on I'm gonna go feed these counts not like look yes yes me exciting yes I'm exciting version of cows oh is that not the worst part trailer you have ever seen good morning everybody yes it is morning Z so I'm doing what but we are talking about second father failed so we go up with them across you need a straight I could see a lot of excess stowed in there as well and she can go back to Bill


So many highlights in 2018 and it’s crazy how much stuff we got done. This is a video pulling all my best bits together. Big thank you for everyone watching!

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  1. Michael Brewer

    I am a Texas pecan farmer and I found your channel through Stoney Ridge farmer. You have a great personality and make some of the best Utube videos I have seen. You have a great family and your videos are very entertaining. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family!

  2. Killer 040

    Seems like your Dad is involved in smoking Cow Food pretty much 😀
    attached part: the 6 dislikes are the 6 angry farmers that didn't reach the digital farmer award 😀

  3. Luke Studley

    Well done I am so happy for you and I hope you have a really successful year in 2019 your such a big inspiration to all of your fans mate happy new year and well done on getting your award 👍

  4. Soybean Farmer

    Zach just gave you a nice mention for helping him reach 200,000. I want to say thank you for that also. about middle way through this video I clicked on subscribe and the notification bell. after the video ended I clicked on like. there was so much about this video I enjoyed that I just don't know exactly where to start complimenting. I'm excited to be here as one of your subs. thank you for sharing your family and farm here on You Tube. – Soybean Farmer –

  5. Banjo Benson

    Congrats to you all, I did not know you could mend a broken leg on a cow, I grew up farming close to MN Millenial, he sent me over, cant wait to see more of your vids. I would love to visit the farm store some day.

  6. Ian C

    Great video tom loved every video you have uploaded this year all the best for 2019 to you and everyone at the farm keep up the great work

  7. Keun Kkum

    I remember first watching your videos earlier this year,first noticing your lambing video but I saw your cattle videos and it has inspired me even more to want to be a farmer. I love your videos ! I hope 2019 treats you well.


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