Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia FPV GPS 1080p Drone | Full Review | Custom Flight Path Map Support

hey what's up guys my name is Peter and in this video I'm going to unbox and test the plant new quadcopter called Holystone HS 700 billion and as always if you're interested in this drone please support me by clicking on the link in the video description but first things first let's start out with the unboxing it comes in this huge box which indicate that it uses less motors and 2.4 and 5 gigahertz communication on the left side we see the included sport camera mount and 1080p Wi-Fi camera with 120 degree FOV the mount is in a standard size so it's also possible to use other cameras like for example the GoPro Hero serious on the back you may notice that this drone can fly for about 20 minutes on one charge and that it has Berlin GPS with waypoints and map support Holystone colleges custom flight path and on the last site you see the remote control which also has a small monochrome status display in the bottom we find the C II logo and some warning info so that's it for the info on the box now let's have a closer look at the remote control in the center we have the on/off switch and below a small status display that also can show a low power alarm it's a post quick launch altitude hold follow me GPS return to home auto return and more HS 700 can always fly back to the take-off point whenever it wants out of power or loses connection or even if you accidentally fly it out of Wi-Fi range which is close to 400 meters in the top there's a mount for your smartphone which also can be adjusted the remote uses 4 AAA batteries which are not included the control sticks are easy to use and they can even be replaced these two bottles here have no function and are only dummies while these two lower buttons work an app for GPS and headless mode then we have a quick start guide and detailed instructions which you will need to read if you want to calibrate the drone correct Holystone also included a small notebook which you can see here not so important but still nice next up let's check the charger setup which consists of a USB cable that you just connect to a standard phone charger a small control box with two LEDs and a special mount for the better way so first I here now connected to a USB charger one LED will turn wet then you mount the battery like this and the second LED will begin to flash and green if not then something is not connected correct after about five hours the two thousand eight hundred milli ampere hour battery will be full and the green LED will stop flashing and be solid green I have just charged it overnight which seems to be okay a little bit of overcharging is no problem then there's also a small battery fireproof safety pack included there are extra propellers included so besides the four on the throne you get four extra and some tools here you now see a motor close-up this is a so-called boss less motor a boss less motor lasts longer and it's more powerful for its weight than a normal washed motor and this drone can reach a speed of 25 kilometers per hour the propellers can be attached without use of any tools the manufacturer called this quick-release propellers the included camera is in 1080p and works we're the remote and app it is very simple on the side we just have a micro SD card slot and micro USB port that connects to the drone and it comes with a pre-installed 8 gigabyte micro SD from the beginning before you start to record you should remember to remove this lens cover I have cheated a little bit and attached most parts on the drone in advance let's try to place the camera in the sport camera mount you just click it in place like this the camera can manually be adjusted up to 90 degrees unfortunately this cannot be controlled with to a mode as there is no electronic for this on the back you insert the two thousand eight hundred million per hour battery and in the bottom we find model named voltage manufacture etc the camera holder is a little bit flexible but not a real gimbal so which recordings can be a little bit jumpy and not completely smooth if you want completely smooth videos you could still maybe attach another camera with built-in video stabilization but overall this is a really nice looking drone in good quality and with some pretty cool features now let me insert the battery for LEDs will begin to flash then you will need to calibrate the tone according to the user manual and after that is done to will turn solid where and the oil to solid green the tone can be used with or without the app but if you want to use it you should then connect your smartphone to the drones Wi-Fi signal both 2.4 and 5 gigahertz will work the app for the drone you will find in the user manual and on the Play Store with the app you can see the live video image from the camera on the drone we have VR mode for first person view glasses you can flip the image 180 degrees we have full display mode you can take pictures of record media on the cameras SD card or on the smartphone and there are also some status icons for reach and height distance battery status GPS and Wi-Fi signal and last but not least you can switch to Google Maps and use maps to see where the drone is located and even also enabled waypoints for the drone you simply click whether the drone should fly on the map and then press submit and it will then take off in my opinion a really cool feature so now it's time for some more real footage let's see how this drone can fly I'm just an amateur and no pro so I will just show you some basics here first let's try to set two waypoints with the app submit and it will start flying around by itself this works great and I'm not using the control sticks at all so now it's time for my final verdict the holy stone HS 700 of a Lea is an awesome to own and I had a lot of fun testing it the design is cool and it is very stable has a lot of advanced features which all works good and the price for at home with Parsley's motors and 20 minutes of flight is very nice the camera caught in the code quality it flies great it was easy to assemble and the controls are nice to use the only real bad thing I can say about this drone is that the battery takes a long time to charge and I would wish that the camera had some kind of electronic video stabilization other than that it is super so overall I can recommend this drone for both beginners and professionals so if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below drop a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe for more thank you for watching this video and I hope to see you in my next one

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Hi everyone, in this video I test a great drone from Holy Stone, called HS700 Ophelia (currently their flagship). It comes with a 1080p sport camera, microSD card, remote control, special app and extra propellers. It has modes and features like Custom Flight Path (via waypoints on maps/gps), Headless mode, Altitude hold, Quick Launch, Follow me, Return to home, Auto Return (if low power or lost connection) etc. In this video I do a full unboxing, flight test, video sample footage and more and in the end of the video I tell you my personal opinion about this drone.
Holy Stone HS700 specifications:

● Item weight: 608g ( FAA Needed)
● Dimension: 8.66*8.66* 6.10in (Without protection guards)
● Flight Time: 16-20Mins
● Battery Capacity: 2800 mAh
● Charging Time: 5-7Hours
● Max Control Range: 3280ft (1km)
● Camera: 1920*1080p
● Android/iOS app support
● Live Video Transmission Range: 1300ft (400 meter)
● 2,4Ghz + 5Ghz WiFi communication
● Motor: 2204 1500KV Brushless Motor
● Speed up to 25 km/h and up to 60 km/h when flying downwind.
● Custom Flight Path (via waypoints on maps/gps)
● Headless mode, Altitude hold, Quick Launch, Follow me,
● Return to home, Auto Return (if low power or lost connection)
● Product Review Disclaimer:
The views/opinions expressed in this video are personal and those of the authors. There’s no “right and wrong”. There is only “right in my opinion” and “wrong in my opinion”. Analysis performed within this video are only examples. The author takes no responsibility for the content. The video/review is only based on a short-time experience. The product were either purchased or provided for free, but besides that the author has not received any compensation for creating this review. Acceptance of a sample does not guarantee a review.
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21 comments on “Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia FPV GPS 1080p Drone | Full Review | Custom Flight Path Map Support

  1. MONTY

    Got the Holy Stone HS700 for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift.
    Her phone is 4G Samsung Galaxy9.
    She can't get any footage on her screen!
    It's saying cannot connect,
    Authenticity Needed.
    Is this because the drone camera is the WiFi 5G and her phone is only 4G?
    Anybody know anything about this?

  2. Бигль Луиджи

    Explain, please! I purchased this drone. I wanted to replace the original camera with the CamPak action camera. What do I need to do to connect with the camera and not lose control of the drone at the same time? .

  3. Ian V

    Do you use the app for recording video or some other method, such as screen capture? I find the app annoying for video because I don't see any easy way for transferring it to the iPhone videos storage area, it only gets stored inside the app itself, so you can't use the iPhone playback features.

  4. Grandpa Jake

    See the problem is that I can connect and see video using my Moto G6 but the map does not show any road or satellite detail. I can click on my location and it seems to center it, but I cant see the roads or anything other than a white screen, yet the video between the drone and phone are great. I tried connecting with my Ipad and that shows just fine so I am at a loss on the Android phone? I do have the GPS turned on on the phone

  5. alex kim

    is a smartphone required?if don't have a smartphone.what cant be done with this drone?if anything?what features to this drone do I lose without smartphone?

  6. Grandpa Jake

    Using my two android phones I see no Map detail, Ipad works good but too large for controller. Any idea why my Android Phones wont show Map Detail? I see a location icon but that is it


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