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sup everybody my name is Sawyer Hartman and one of the coolest technologies that I've seen come out forever is the fpv racing drone but unfortunately there's very little information online how to fly these and even less information on how to build them so naturally made me want to do it a little more so I dive in I built one I got it flying and I documented my process to share with you hope you enjoy howdy okay so what kind of training did I have actually going into this thing well I actually started flying DJI phantom 2 drones in late 2013 which means I've been flying roughly 6 years almost over that time I've actually logged over 2,000 hours on the DJI phantom drones and I flown them in almost every corner of the world so I naturally thought FPV drones would be super easy for me I was wrong so instead of buying a new drone and just wrecking them over and over again I actually decided to switch to a simulator where I could learn to fly in crash drones but as of recording this video right now I have over 150 hours logged flying fpv drone simulators and yes my mom my girlfriend and all of my friends thought I was absolutely crazy spending so much time playing a video game so the first step was actually to build my first fpv drone but the problem was is there's not a lot of information online of actually what parts go into an fpv drone so luckily on the DJI fpv website there was a little square on the page that said the recommended other items that they would build this with so like a complete noob I just bought everything on that list but in case you are wondering these are actually the parts that go into building an fpv drone there's the actual frame or body of the drone there's the fpv camera and there's the video transmitting unit which for the DJI system is just one thing then you're also going to need a flight controller which is this computer chip looking board that you have to solder wires into good luck then attached to that is something called an ESC which is another big computer chip that controls all of the individual motors of the drone then you have the actual individual motors of the drone of which there are four then you have props to go on the motors you have a Lippo battery that powers the whole drone and then if you choose you also have to put an action camera on top like a GoPro or something but that's just the drone you're also going to need a pair of fpv goggles and an actual remote control unit so for the first attempt of actually building the drone I didn't realize how screwed I was until all of the parts started coming in and that's when I realized I have no clue what I'm doing shouldn't a dove off the deep end you see building these drones is like you're completely on your own there's no instruction booklet and there's not really any help on the internet except for a few youtubers a couple of the youtubers that really really helped me were namely Joshua bard well mr. steel there's LeDrew I think I said that right and then of course there's Johnny fpv so very luckily I found a youtube video from lid rib on how to actually solder the DJI fpv unit into the flight controller and by the way I had to learn to solder for this as well so if you don't know how to solder don't worry about it you can figure it out you're just probably below up a few drones like I did but soldering all those wires into the flight controller was the first step and this first step proved to be so difficult it took me two weeks and I burnt through three DJI air units and then icing on the cake when we finally got it right we plugged it into a battery to see if it worked and this happened well guys we got home and we already we built we've built the whole drug and then it caught on fire I'm not joking and we'll try again on Monday but we got hope we got further no we're never gonna figure this out I did the same thing on my next build so on my third attempt I got really really lucky it took about two weeks and four hundred dollars to get the parts I had blown up back in stock I don't know what you believe in but a miracle happened fate stepped in I walked into a car repairs you are looking for a plug that I knew they didn't have and asked the guy behind the counter if he had it and he said that he didn't have it and he couldn't help me but maybe his son knew let me call him he builds fpv drones the not RC cars so we started from scratch and soldered everything new we worked for honestly maybe six to seven or eight hours and then once everything was finally in place everything was attached and soldered we did what's called the smoke test when your drone is finished being built you plug it into a battery to see if there's any smoke if there's smoke you have a short-circuit and it's ruined and you have to start all over again and in theory if there is no smoke and everything is connected properly you're technically ready to fly a smoke and there was no smoke we were ready to fly by the way I did not sleep one wink that night it was like Christmas morning waiting for the next day so I could go try to get this in the air for the first time ever and it went well extremely nervous this is Sawyer made in flight person phenomena guard oh I'm so nervous holy crap I'm flying so this first flight happened on Monday and my goal was to try to do my first Ridge dive on Saturday now a ridge dive is essentially when you fall down the face of a mountain with your fpv drone it's extremely challenging if you crash you're not getting your drone back but it's also like mind-blowing the cinematics you can get if you get good at now for the most part the hard part's actually done the drones built I have a pretty good grasp on how to fly it but now we have to tune the drone now that the drone is in the air flying we actually have to go in and start programming and using software to get the drone tuned to where it flies the way we want it to for this I literally watched hours of Joshua bard welles tutorials on how to pig tune your drone and that's PID Pig tuning I have no clue what it stands for I just kind of understand what it does when I was flying the day before whenever I would drop an altitude or give a little bit of throttle I kept hearing this noise [Applause] watching tutorials I actually learned that this sound is called an oscillation and in order to get rid of them you have to raise the P and lower the D until it kind of balances out I know that sounds ridiculous but that's exactly what I learned so I just went to a field by my house by myself and spend hours changing my settings and flying and changing my settings and flying until it was starting to get a little bit more died away and the drone started to handle a little bit sharper and there's actually a massive difference before and after I felt pretty proud and this was another big win on the fpv drone chalkboard so now that the drone was like in the air and maneuvering I tried to find a couple different locations and spots that would challenge my ability as a pilot but also keep me out of the way of people and breakable objects which is a very good thing I did because I crashed a lot a lot a lot Oh now arguably one of the coolest things about this hobby is by learning how to build a drone you're actually also learning how to repair your broken drone no matter what happens to it and this is very very important because every single time you go fly your drone you most likely will break something there is no GPS on these drones they do not return to home when they disconnect they fall out of the sky and you cannot find them so to get better I literally have just sat in the park for multiple hours a day flying figure eights and trying to make it through trees and obstacles without crashing honestly the biggest thing to know about this hobby is there's an extremely steep learning curve not just in how to fly the drone but also on how to fix the drone how to tune the drone and even just how to build the drone I said this on Instagram and I'll say it here this is the hardest hobby I had ever taken up and I taught myself how to play guitar and then before I even knew it it was Saturday and I had made a promise to myself to try my first real Ridge dive before I uploaded this video so this morning we got in my car and we drove north this is the first Mountain dive or Ridge dive let's see how it goes [Applause] [Applause] and when that drone landed my hands were literally shaking like I had just gotten chased by a serial killer it was like and these are supposed to be what's flying so I landed I decided to call it quits and we'll go try it again another day but we tried it we nailed it we got it the fears gone and the drone is up and flying so what have I actually learned from my journey into fpv let me just sum it up for you number one this is not a buy it once and you're done type of drone this drone cost you money every single time you fly it every single time you crash it even if you don't crash it it's it's something I didn't know getting into this and it's something you should probably know before you dive in as deep as I did secondly again this is by far the hardest hobby I've ever taken up not just the fine but also the building fixing and actually programming be ready for it it has a huge learning curve that even I wasn't ready for thirdly flying in a simulator is by far the quickest and easiest way to get good at flying these drones I watch my friends find in real life and if I'm like babies try not to crash them in the simulator I would crash like maybe a hundred to five hundred drones every time I sat down play in the simulator if you're actually serious about getting better at being a pilot in all honesty if I hadn't put as much time into the simulator as I had I wouldn't have even been able to fly this drone and if I had it would have crashed it straight into a wall and honestly the last thing to take away from this video is fpv drones are not for everybody this is not for your travel videos to pop out of your backpack put in the air and get some visuals and come home this is like a sport it is a ton of adrenaline and it requires one hundred and fifty percent of your focus and other than that I made this video for all of my friends who had EMA asking how do I get into fpv this is how it's a pain in the ass it takes forever it's super expensive but it's a lot of fun and if the sky is the limit in terms of creativity but it's not for everybody so I hope this helped you if you are curious about how to get into it they can be frustrating how little information the internet about this topic subscribed to Joshua bard well he is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to this topic and other than that I really hope you guys enjoyed if you did please make sure to subscribe I make brand new film with photography related videos every single Sunday and I'd love to have you here as part of the family but if you knew nothing about fpv I hope this video like honestly kind of covered it and gave you some more information about what it entails hell of a lot of fun a ton of work but I believe in you and I've sweated through my shirt it's that's it for me until next time remember stay motivated stay inspired and never stop creating and I'll see you guys in the next episode peace

Today I learn How To Build & Fly a Cinematic DJI FPV Racing Drone!
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Video Section Time Codes:
– My Background – 0:32
– What to Order – 1:30
– Putting your first drone together – 2:45
– Putting a drone together the right way – 4:10
– Smoke Test – 5:00
– Maiden Flight – 5:30
– Tune your drone – 6:30
– Practice – 7:30
– Final Thoughts – 10:00

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35 comments on “How To Build a Cinematic FPV Racing Drone! • DJI Fpv

  1. Jermo de Lange

    Dude! Great video and good explanation about getting started with fpv drones! If you any need help on electrics let me know! For example that burn run you explained is easily avoidable!

  2. Jason Kovac Official

    What i don’t like about your video is that you keep mentioning that there is NOT a lot of information online… Not true, there are tons of information since a while. You also go and say “good luck” to your viewers into building the drone. Which you should be convincingly telling your audience that anyone could make one if they do their research. You seem to be very negative in your process into building that drone. Yes it may be difficult to build and fly but you gotta encourage your viewers into getting into FPV drones. That’s all I gotta say 👍

  3. I3L33D3D

    Lol should've checked some forums, maybe watch a couple of episodes of flitetest. Building an fpv drone really isn't that difficult. Trust me, I've build several.

  4. Rory Meehan

    just gonna point out at 2:26 the lipo batteries are made of lithium polymer and thats where they get the name but its pronounced "lie-po" not "lip-o" i just thought that would annoy some people and that you should know that

  5. Sam Wooding

    Hi, can anyone tell me what the website he is using to buy the parts. It appears twice and has a yellow theme with black logo but I can't make out enought to tell what the website is….. Can anyone help??


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