How to build a micro fpv drone 2017 // Strider Micro, Emax 1106, Eachine Mini Cube

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Strider X2

Eachine minicube AIO

Runcam + VTX Combo very good deal at least for me it was

Emax 1106 7500kv

M2 Screw (Must Have)

M2 Nylon(Must Have)

The HEX driver I recommended which i bought 2 sets of (Must have if your into building)

Batteries I use

Standoffs I find to be the best

Xt60 Premade I use

Heat shrink I mentioned

Soldering station

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26 comments on “How to build a micro fpv drone 2017 // Strider Micro, Emax 1106, Eachine Mini Cube

  1. Turbo FPV World

    HAHAHAHAAHA I wanted to add…I fly in the snow as well haha and the only problem is DON'T crash too much for after the ESC's and stuff gets a little damp your done haha, BUT that said I rushed it inside and put the blow dryer to it for ten minutes and let it set for about 20 and it fired right back up!! Was hoping! lol So be careful flyin in the snow hahaha, I also fly indoors as well with a 70mm micro with just 1103's on it but it's PLENTY of power for indoors haha for there is a height limit don't cha know lol!! Thanks!!

  2. h0ly lag

    I have the same combo with the ATX 03 and the Minicube. I had assumed that the minicube wouldn't have a sufficient 5v output to power both. I ended up powering the Micro Swift off of Vbat but I get intense OSD flickering despite having common grounding. I have a 330uf cap wired in as well. The video seems clear, the damn OSD just disappears immediately. I have some good Tattu batteries on the way, but unfortunately all I have right now are some poorly made Banggood 3s's that I suspect might be potential problem.

    I was just curious if you experienced any issues powering everything off of the 5v or if you experienced any flickering at all.

  3. TxCowboy FPV

    Wish you could review a r-xsr receiver.. by frsky. Im wondering who is going to be the first to figure out the hack to obtain telemetry on f4 flight controller

  4. MrBirdshell666

    a sensitive gyro? man, i bought a matek 405 aio fc after your video where you said it was amazing perfect fc of the year and or something like that. now it appears it has a bullshit gyro. noice.

  5. ben

    Cheers, I desoldered the wires off the vtx03. Serious mistake for my soldering skill level, it took 45 minutes putting the silicon wires back on and adding a drop of epoxy.

  6. Yougotnomilk

    how fast is it ? i might build this as my country changed the law to anything over 250 g that flys you need license, haha im not listening to that its 3-4k gbp which is ridiculous for a shitty license but if i get stopped from flying and they take my heavier drone ill just whip this out and fly it into the cops lol

  7. shylo23

    i dont understand y you just didnt take the connector wires off and just put the vtx one on instead of soldering. much more quicker and neat.


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