How To Film YOURSELF With A DRONE || 5 Useful Ways

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How to film yourself with a drone? I am very lucky because most of the time Alina and I go out on our drone adventures together which means I am able to film Alina as a focal point in what might be an otherwise average landscape. Adding a focal point is such a great compositional trick to make your shots more interesting but it can be tricky if there is no focal point. As such, use yourself as a focal point! In this video we look at various techniques to get past the typical drone selfie approach to filming yourself so we can create some cool cinematic drone shots using you as the focal point when you are out solo.

49 comments on “How To Film YOURSELF With A DRONE || 5 Useful Ways

  1. nate gordon


    This will pull me out of my slump…too much $hit footage from a recent family vaca slowing me down. I just need to dump it.

    Thanks again for the inspiration!!

    I love my Soundstripe! 👍🏼


  2. iangough

    Soundstripe looks good, but should be a hobbyist subscription with limited downloads for a couple of dollars a month. Do they not have plans for world domination? Great video content BTW. Thanks ( I have a mavic pro, davinci resolve, Galaxy s10)

  3. Rossano Russo

    Great Info.I really like your channel and you put out some great information. I have a question in regards to manual camera settings in SPOTLIGHT MODE. Does the drone still remain in manual mode in regards to camera settings etc?

  4. Adventure with Bernie

    Some interesting ideas thanks, would liked to have seen how tip #4 looked though. First time I have seen your channel, so I am now a subscriber and look forward to improving my videos by learning from yours 🙏

  5. Frank The Tank

    Dude I've been a subscriber to this channel for a few months now, and your vids are so informative. This channel has giving me lots of ideas. Still trying to learn alot from editing, but my main focus is selecting when and where to shoot on my MP2. Thanks and great job, keep them videos coming. Looking forward in an upcoming trip to Scotland and Ireland. Saying hello from Orlando, FL. 👏🏼👏🏼👊🏼🔥

  6. Ferretbite

    I gave it a try last season with my drone and snowmobiles and it was fun although I had to be extra careful both with the drone and the smart controller and if you add the fact that o was driving a vehicle… well you get the idea.

    These are very good tips as usual, thanks!

    ( if anyone is curious. It’s not very good but it was just for fun)

  7. Anthony Vella

    I’ve love the tutorials that you make and have been putting your lessons to good use ever since I started my own channel. I recently purchased the Mavic 2 Zoom and have used these features while film my flying vlogs. QUESTION! Which microphone were you recording this with? There didn’t appear to be that reverberation that I struggle to get rid of in my similar setup.

  8. Tawrank

    Hi, thanks a lot for talking about these non-Pro limitations of the Quickshot-Mode ! I agree that the automatic flights are great, but due to the limitations concerning exposure and colour, it is indeed nearly useless. Hopefully you can give an impulse, to make DJI thinking about changing these limitations. I Like your videos as well as your mind-set concerning the whole gear-hype, which i came across in earlier videos.

  9. John DAKIN

    I have been a video cameraman for many years in the broadcast industry, and now transferring my interests to drones ( Have P4P), and working on my own !It is quite difficult to concentrate on having to safely fly the drone, when working without a producer/director – and remembering what shots to shoot to “tell a story” and not coming back with crap footage or not having the “right shots” to create or tell a story! I have looked at miles of YouTube offerings on flying drones and film-making! I just want to tell you that your videos are instructive, informative, and coupled with your “teaching delivery” – puts you in a class of your own ! I am very grateful to you, and wish you every success !

  10. Ventus Media

    Nice vid. You’re right about the quick shots. They are a pain but now and again you can drop them on a 24fps timeline at 80% or 25 at 83.3%. Smooths them out pretty well but the auto settings cause grading problems, granted.

  11. Ray Hollands

    Don't know if it could be used to film yourself, but. I like using course lock on the original mavic pro (not available as an option on the mavic 2!).

    Which is a shame, because it's very useful in getting Smooth rotations while moving forward, or backwards.

  12. West World Drone

    I really like the final tip. Never thought of that. I find the active track feature very frustrating at times. For some reason I have a difficult time selecting a mode other than spotlight. Am I the only one? Thanks again Stewart.

  13. Magnus Persson

    Useful tips! I often do outdoor stuff alone, already bringing alot of stuff in the backpack. No place for a drone on many occasions 😥. But then I capture shots on a diffrent day, with the same weather as the prime narrative…kinda cheating but whatever makes the final edit complete. I will definitely try to implement some of your tips in a future production. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, thumbs up from Sweden!

  14. Patrick Guerrisi

    Saving this video! I already do some of the selfie shots but you just expanded different ways to do it. Thanks a lot. Going to add a few of these for my upcoming drone Australia compilation


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