How To Fly A Drone (3DR Solo With Flight Time)

hey everyone my name is Brad and today we'll be doing a short tutorial on how to fly a drone but before that let me introduce you to the aircraft for this tutorial we'll be using the 3dr solo this is the box that it comes in let's open it up and take a look what's inside before we can start flying alright now we've got the Box open as you can see we've got the 3dr solo the quadcopter itself with the GoPro mount we're going to have the get started' box going to have your propellers set-up guide and controller charters weld leg extensions we'll then go and look at this box this box normally would contain the battery and the battery charger but right now the batteries are getting charged so that we can go fly later and we got a little pad here we can take off and you'll see our controller and this controller is the one that connects to your 3dr solo app which allows you to fly the 3dr solo and use the GoPro from the app alright so the first thing we're going to open up in the getting started box this quite excited box like I said is going to have the propellers in there as well as the charger for the remote control that right there as you can see take a look we've got black propellers tips and then we also have the silver propeller tips so they also have I don't know if you can see it on there but they've got the direction for which you rotate the propeller on to the quadcopter itself and if we take a look at the quadcopter we're going to have black there and then we're going to have a silver one there so black goes to black silver goes to silver so we've got a silver one in our hand here we'll throw it onto the top of that right there and using the rotation to lock it it'll spin counterclockwise there and just for your information the 3dr solo these propellers are self locking so once you've got them on there as you fly continues to lock itself down and we'll go here and put a black one on here and as you'll just spin the opposite direction like so now let's take a look at our remote control for the aircraft to the left you're going to see our left joystick this will control the altitude of the aircraft by pushing up you'll go up going down you go down and this will just turn the aircraft in a circle like a yaw in motion we have on the other side the right joystick right joystick will control movement forward backwards left and right below that we're going to have the pause button that pause button allows you to hover in place wherever you are next to that we can have the return home button that button allows you to as it says return to home it will fly itself back to the home we have the fly button as you can see it'll say that it's there to hold to start the motors hold to take off or lam and press for standard flight next to that we're going to have our power button which will power it on now it will vibrate light up it'll take a little while to load and then they'll say it's waiting for solo if we move the joystick a little bit see it'll show you exactly what's going to be on there so angle signal strength battery strength and then GPS up there in the corner we also have the flight controls here and B this can be switched throughout the 3dr solo app and that app will allow you use advanced settings and fast flying settings and we'll just power off the controller again all right we are outside now we called rescue tower notify them that we'll be flying our drone you can see here now I've got the controller powered on waiting for the GPS to hook up out here I've got my drone powered on there we go it says hopes starting fly motors or good fly all right since I don't have the solo hooked up to my GoPro we won't use a solo app here but in order to start the engines like I said we're going to use this slide button press to hold it hear the beeps and there we go you that'll be all for today's tutorial thanks for stopping in don't forget to Like comment and subscribe to see more content

How To Fly A Drone:

In this how to video we do a little tutorial on the basics of how to fly a drone or quadcopter. In this video we also get a look at everything that comes with the Solo 3DR. The video will go show a how to segment on how to turn the controller on and the what carol inputs do what. Lastly the video will have a segment of the drone actually performing in flight.

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All video was shot with a GoPro Hero 3
All film edited with iMovie

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