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are you Thomas do not watch the video right now so sad song go between my lack of in yours in focusing back babe the first five to come it each video is going to be eligible to win the CPI phantom 4 row so get down there leave a comment oh wait for you have to comment and I hope you're in the top five because that's what you have to do is when you receive an email notification that demon seed has a new video up you need to get there right now don't even watch my damn video just leave a freaking comments ages kick it is or kids live flabby ass wife or whatever you want to say I don't care you're so many guys out there who fly drones who have no freakin clue what in the hell they are knew it so we're going to give you the basics I want to introduce a good friend of mine never flown a drone in his whole damn life mr. Bobby can't learn come on Bobby now everyone introduce yourself Bobby to the demon seed audience hi guys if you're getting into drones do not make this your first drone because I guarantee you you are going to crash there's no such thing as a drone pilot who has not crashed we've got the new di fpv 720p drone from Asus deals got biz this is a good drone to learn on because it's rather around a hundred bucks a little more or less i'll put the price down below you can put your cell phone on the mount and you can get a live fpv p so you can record video and all that now here's the thing almost all drones use the same kick combination almost all of them the mode that you want to use if they're optional is left stick throttle up throttle down left stick flat turn left and a flat turn right on the right stick your bank forward bank backwards bank right and Bank left if you want go over to AC deals by his little nano drum with that drone you can fly it in the house you can taste the damn cat or you know your flabby ass wipe whatever you want to do so I want you to learn how to fly safely on a piece of POS keep drone before you go out there and spend 700 2 45 hundred dollars on something nothing expensive that's just gonna piss you off when you hit a power line or a tree branch or your flabby ass wipe and drive it straight into the ground now the first thing you want to do if you're a rookie drone pilot is especially if you've got a more expensive drone check your props make sure your props are on straight make sure that they're not all bent up or pieces up broken off the end because that could get you in trouble make sure that your battery is fully charged you're going to go into the app and this is almost the more expensive drones the little toy drones do not worried about calibrating the compass when you set your drone down on the ground you're getting ready to fly for the first time you set it out away from you with the camera pointed away from you not the camera pointed toward you you want the camera pulling it away from you so that when you lift off your left is your left your right as you write forward and back and up and down if you turn the drone around and set it on the ground with the camera facing toward you when you lift off your left is going to be you're right you're right is going to be your left so that's what's going to take some practice and we're going to put Bobby to the test here and see if he could pull it off most Thrones you arm them by pulling your sticks down and to the center alright I'm going to fly the Phantom for Bobby's going to fly the udi now with your left stick I just want you to swallow up and get your drone about seven or eight feet off the ground higher than noon because you want to run into yourself but not too I get it 1012 maybe both you get them off the ground well both of the air so what I want Bobby to do now is fly a box pattern and do that with your right stick only you're going to push it forward slice straight out go ahead and go straight out with your right shin do not touch your left is not fun now then you're going to make a right bank with it so with your right six bank right now Thank You drone right you notice that the drone maintains this altitude as long as you don't mess with the left stick it would say about 10 feet off the ground so now with your right again backed up the border in this come on back this way don't touch that left it just back up alright so he's gotta flip pattern now do that again Bobby and do it all by yourself out right not unless if you watch by drones make my rights it out right back and left and that's all you should be practicing for your first maneuvering do not y'all until you're ready and when you're already I want you to do just some basic maneuvers the first thing you're going you can get it off the ground about 15 feet and do a full circle with the camera pointed in the direction of travel the next maneuver you want to do is a figurehead originated is the most complicated and when you master a good figure 8 then you can move up to a more expensive bro all right Bobby still got his up in the air see small toy drones you can expect 8 to 12 minutes on the little lipo batteries they come in if you're ordering it for Mase is deal it'll come with two batteries but you might want to order two extra batteries for 12 15 bucks apiece maybe even cheaper because then you'll always have a battery I hope you're one of the first five to comment because that made you eligible to win that phantom 4 throw from peer over an aces deals stop it do not forget to kiss that flabby ass wife of yours and make it a lot more to give out cbeebies mean Bobby Wow

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  1. DEMUNSEED - Jim Bowers

    Congratulations to the FIRST FIVE COMMENTERS!!! #1 Catalyst #2 Steve Smith #3 Osvaldo Cintron #4 Chris Paluskiewicz #5 Mike Brawand. YOU 5 are now entered to win the DJI Phantom4 Pro courtesy Random winner will be announced on April 18th, 2017. (doesn't include shipping). You can enter more than once, so keep it up! Go to, click on DRONES for the EXACT dates and time (pacific) for EVERY video! Good Luck! Special thanks to Peter over at (888) 239-2644

  2. Darrell Old Man of Tech Hook

    I am getting into dines now. I am somewhat of a technology person. I worked in technology positions as a Senior Engineer, main troubleshooter, you name it. After an accident in 2005 forced me to retire, I took a little break and just updated my computer. Then 3 years ago or so I heard the call of the geek and jumped back in with both feet. I have a couple computers, bot MacBook Pro models, one is 3 years old or so, the other one is very new and one of the models with the touch bar. Watches, cameras, phones, tablets, etc. it does not matter to me. I really appreciate your video for beginners.

  3. Vasily Z

    We're do I pick up the Frosty, Jim? 10 minutes is a long time without refreshment. Although I had time to pickup dog biscuits for the hungry pooch. Here doggie…doggie….Let me do location sound for you if I come out to the coast…smile.

  4. Don Karsin

    I notice that you are using an iPad. I am using an iPad 2 Air and the screen is barely visible out in the sun and only a little bit in the shade. I have the lighting turned all of the way up and I am also using a screen glare guard. What do you suggest? thanks and keep up the great vids! Are Samsung tabs any better?

  5. BigRray



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