How to install this Mini Blocks Drone?

hey guys home to another generation product video today we're going to show you something funny and special which is this bill it yourself video drone now first let's have a look what's inside of this box and well let's open it up and look what's inside of it so when we open the box see they come to the cap now first of all it has of course a fully detailed instruction manual which comes both in English in Chinese so this one tells you exactly how to put together your own video drone then we have of course all the components you need in total there are fifty four pieces of high quality building blocks these are Lego like building blocks so all of you should know how to put them together then of course what we have to protection and then we have the remote control to actually fly with your building religious out through but for now let's put this aside them as HEPA to get the drone itself now obviously funding at the box you have to put it together yourself but we a China mission we already put one together so the pieces aside and have a look at this one now as I said the package comes with fifty four building blocks which are similar to Lego you'll be able to create your own video drone as you can see here now like I said the package comes with fifty four building blocks which are similar to the Lego so if you put these together you'll be able to create your own video drone you can either follow to follow the included instructions or you could also pimp it up in the way you like it if you have some spare building blocks and build your own drone or helicopter besides the fact that this mini drone is great and fun to build for adults and kids alike it's also actually capable of flying around through the sky and because of its built-in camera you can snap videos and UN pictures any time controlling the video drone can be easily done with the included remote control which you can over here and additionally you can attach your Android phone to the controller and you'll be able to watch first-person view while flying it around now the mini drone itself is easy to control thanks to its head flying mode this means that you don't need to worry about the direction it's facing in order to fly it you can simply press the button forward on your remote control and it will move away from you and if you press backward it will move back to you although it features the control distance of 50 meters so thanks to this you and your kids will be able to fly around to snap pictures of your surroundings and see your neighborhoods from a totally different perspective now if you would like to know more about this bundle of gadgets you can head out to our website in a product page here you'll be able to find a more detailed description and you'll to be able to read all about it specifications for now we would like to thank you for watching our video and we hope to see you doing our next one thank you the body of this aircraft is assembled by do-it-yourself block every block is fine grinded and every block and perfectly combined it is very firm apply does not easily break up turn 360 degrees it can display perfectly to the high-capacity battery can play longer built-in gyro and powerful generator bring super stability to the product with high-definition camera in real time Lange can take photo by app install the mobile bomb they can also record scenery on the way for you Bloch building combined with air tracks sets up your short point of aircraft that is complex to replace the BART now you only need to find all parts you want then you can repay to replace the product very quickly let's do it yourself blocks aircrafts which belong to yourself more style please keep attention to us you you

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The M3 DIY block drone comprises of 54 precision made building blocks that fit together with the brushless motors and control module to make a fantastic mini-drone. A great project for young or old the Mini M3 hobby drone is the perfect way to stimulate your child’s curiosity and lets you bond with them as they develop practical hands-on building skills. Unleash the fun and thrill of building this done together with them and watch as they learn to assemble this mini aircraft following the detailed 8 step instruction manual.

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