How to light paint text with fpv drone

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So, I got a lot of more views on my last video than I normally get, and a lot of people wanted to know how I did it and so on… So being an open source kind of guy I want to share how I did if someone out there would like to try to.

So, the quick explanation is:
Take light weight stick, put LEDs on two sides.
Connect Arduino with code (link found further down…)
Hook up to 9v battery, or use stepdown to run from balance leads.
Stuff into GoPro-sized foam-thingie to attach to drone.
Fly around and film the led-drone-thingie.
Put a lot of “echo”-effect on video.
Be amazed. 😀

Far from pretty, but working, code:

Don’t miss the amazing pilot John Swe FPV that is doing some of the flying and is the one chasing me in the middle of the video:

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