How To: Make A Drone (Quadcopter)

See how to use the NAZA Assistant Software to set up your flight controller:
See where to download and how to install the Naza Assistant Software:

This video tutorial shows how to make a basic quadcopter.

Here are the specs of the build:
HJ450 Frame – Black and White Arms (DJI F450 Look Alike) –
Naza M-V2 w/ GPS and PMU –
Spektrum DX7s 2.4 GHz TX –
Spekrtum AR8000 2.4 GHz RX – Came with DX7s TX
Hobby King 30 Amp ESCs –
Cheetah 2217-08 Motors (1100kV, 200W) –

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42 comments on “How To: Make A Drone (Quadcopter)

  1. Thaumatichthys Pagidostomus

    Tip for soldering big wires to big boards: use a high powered soldering iron for the bigger joints, as you will be able to heat it up fast and not overheat stuff on the board. I used an 80 watt iron for the big connections, and a 25 watt iron for the small, precise ones.

  2. Brian Smith

    Sorry to The poster of this video but this is very important and please do not take down my comment, thanks. In the Untied States you must have a Ham radio license to fly FPV. If you do not believe me here is the link I am putting this out there because if people Flying FPV in the US do not get licensed then eventually the US will ban FPV. So please if your going to fly FPV in the US get a Ham license.

  3. Jayashri kore

    hi Andres ,this vedio is of a lot help to me bro,thank u can u plz tellme ,does this quad hover in air when u take ur hands of the controler or it crash lands
    2)what if it goes out of ur controller range does it keep going or hovers or crashes lands
    or come back to start point

  4. Roshan Hegde

    plz help me!!..i am making a quadcopter with 1400kv motors and a kk2.1.5 board and a flysky Ct6b transmitter…i am done building the quad but after when i arm it, all the rotor start to rotate at different times and after i take the throttle to the middle the kk board just restarts and show the version name and then the safe screen plz help me

  5. Kunal Shah

    please help me i have been trying to figure out what that power management unit thing is ment to do and if i need one(i have APM not naza)… also where is a good place to get a "input cord"


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