How to make your DRONE footage more CINEMATIC

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hi how's it going today I'm going to show you how to get the best shots and flying and drive this video isn't about how to fly your own help to use your drone or any of that if you want to check that out go and see someone else's video but today this is only the good stuff I'm just going to give you some tips how to get the best drone footage that doesn't suck the best drone footage that is good firstly I'd say if you want to get the best shots you can't fly like this you can't say that man firstly you can't fly your drone and get cinematic shots if you care about crashing your drone you can tell a hundred percent trust me you've got a hundred things whether someone is being shy on the controls being boring with what they're filming and it just makes boring drone footage what you really want you on the drone or do on the shots off in the shots have to take priority you get shots which reflect the way you've flown a drone so yeah my second biggest tip for getting the best shots out of your drone is to fly as controlled as possible any slight deviation of path the agonist see it so clearly and when it comes to looking at the footage so that's my second tip keep the drone controlled and you'll get the best clips and yet it's really about that and you'll get the clips you want the next point I have is to give your drone shots some sort of context drones used to be like the coolest thing and everyone used to be intrigued but nowadays on YouTube everyone has a drone it seems anyone who kind of do cinematic shots has a drone if you think about Katy night about his drone shots obviously are so risky but he gives them context if you fly this drone following this by following a skateboard and two people on YouTube reviewing today to love that because they haven't seen it before and give the shot contact my next tip is get your drone up to the subject as close as possible I know this is really risky but it will make your drone footage so much more exciting going back to the case and thing he gets close to himself when he's on his bike and it is so risky and you've seen how many drones that Casey has crashed and but he gets the best shots out of it it's better when you've got a wide-angle camera lens on your drone to get close up to whatever you want to show obviously you can get some beautiful horizons and really show the whole landscape with a drone and that is perfectly fine but overall I would say if you want to get better drone shots you need to get closer to what you're trying to show you really improve the shot make them far more interesting and people will love them by moving on to my fifth point used your drone to its strengths the strengths of drones are tracking shots you can mimic crane shots with them and get some really nice results a shot that drone pilots often overlook is the overhead shot you can get a really really cool perspective and that's basically what drones are about getting a second perspective getting a different one that not many people have seen before or no one has seen before and that is why people love drone shot get the perspective that someone hasn't seen before and your drone shots will be perfect one technical point always turn your drone on from level ground this will help prevent your drone drifting off from side to side when it's supposed to be stationary even though it's a technical point and I'm not really going through those that is one that I learned the hard way and it's definitely something you need to know always turn your drone on once your drone is on a flat surface you can concentrate on the important things like actually getting the footage you really want and the point I should include is always check the legalities of fly on your drone in different areas it's boring I sometimes don't bother doing it because I just want to get the shot but you should do it and yeah yeah do what you like I can't say you all today the last point the last tip I have to get the best drawing shots possible is do something different with your drone as time goes on people get used to drones and that's understandable but you need to do if you want your drone shots to look the best they cancel always try to do something different I know that there's always going to be someone who has done this shot before who has earned who's done probably flown a drone in the same place as you before but if you can try and do something different that's just going to make your drone footage stand out so much it's not any boring it's going to be good and your people are viewing it probably haven't seen anything like it before so it's just going to increase the popularity of your drone shots and your footage your film so yeah one of the most important things to remember is to do something differently do drugs I can't stress that enough and obviously I can't say that my drone footage would be exactly the most original drone footage anyone has ever taken I always try to do something different with it keeping it fresh being creative with it being imagined to always end up in just six footage and everyone is going to be like that's it so yeah that's it and it's also those are my tips to getting the best drone footage follow my tips and I reckon you'll be gained and some really really fire throwing clips those are my tips on how to get the best drone footage obviously I'm not an expert and I'm not professional drone pilot but I can say that these tips would definitely improve with drone footage so I hope you've enjoyed tips go and get your drone footage go and improve your drone shots and yeah I hope you've enjoyed the video go and check out my other videos and I made like travel videos a basis on film and photography and cinematic shots so I hope you enjoy all my other videos and make sure you subscribe so yeah that's it yeah go get some good drain shots pretty much it see if I could see in a bit perfect

How to make your DRONE footage more CINEMATIC,

This is how to get the best shots from your drone and how to make your Drone shots as creative and cinematic as possible. Follow these tips and your Drone shots will begin to look just as you imagined.

How to get Cinematic Drone shots

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2 comments on “How to make your DRONE footage more CINEMATIC

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