I Let The Computer Choose My Upgrades And This Happened in Clone Drone And The Danger Zone

oh yes cloned your own in the danger zone another day to have our brain implanted into a random robot let's try the random upgrade challenge I get to be great I like being great and we got a random weapon oh the sword to start with I like our chances so every time we complete a level we get a random upgrade hence the name random upgrade challenge and I guess we start with a sword which is better than starting with the dumb spirit and we have to go through level 20 this time whoa well it was bad okay well I can't why can't I do the side swing there it is oh whoa whoa buddy you don't want to do that they're on your team they're on your team here you not know that there we go oh then you wanted to go from anyway good job so upgrade bot give me the things that my heart desires like kick get me kick a clone hey you know that's not bad to start with I don't want to use it ever but we might have to play this dancing oh wow this is an interesting level there's like four of them that came down just come down here we'll be friends everything will be cool except by sword through your legs oh how they killed each other and great oh that happens a plaid zowie's come together that guy's missing an arm and a body now I got to get my dancing shoes on whoop can't touch this doot-doot-doot yes all right give me kick or block arrows block arrows that's not that's the jetpack something that's pointless to me right now so oh wow okay this isn't bed we just got a big derpy or red mute I was gonna be a cool move haha oh you just killed me buddy now I killed your other buddy dodge you for days oh that was easy yeah dead extra dead murder eyes and next up give me kicking give me a kick give me a kick kick oh I actually got it yes that means I can really dance dancing queen the Mad Ants there's archers I don't like archers they're kind of mean whoa whoa I was not expecting to that bad happen well we're gonna take this guy out he's annoying we're gonna do a quick strike over here and then we're gonna let everyone follow me and then I'm gonna listen for the noises that makes it sound like somebody died by me oh look at that one he's like yeah go to my friend mr. blue dude over here mr. blue dude likes it and whoop oh you missed come on try it again ha ha ha are you missed again you're dead to me and just in general see that's always not dead oh he's not dead get your life in there there that's better and you guys – there you go in there with your friend and then everyone's friends except you you're not my friend oh there we go you're dead and kick him and then cut him in the face oh let's see let's give me something useless like the spear Oh energy capacity even more useless I guess I can like do my jetpack everywhere that's kind of good what do I get for a level um okay doesn't look all there's a spider Tron all right well we're just gonna you know just do over here all right we'll do a big jump dive nice work blitz Thank You red dude with arrows I don't like you your number is dead oh you're dead to me and hello other red guy with arrows don't you dare get any funny ideas the blue guy you're done and other blue guy only blocked it no more all right upgrade but tell me the secrets to your people block arrows be beautiful more more jet more jet pack why why did you give me more jet pack like is that what you want me to do is just jet everywhere Oh balls what is going on this time okay we got to kill all the archers first cuz they're kind of dumb this will work watch this drink I am a jet pack bot oh wait what I don't know what happened oh oh on the backswing do you see that move and then you're dead whew okay do I have any more archers I do you somehow Oh murder is a stop and then you guys dead and you're dead oh my gosh oh nice yes yes and black arrows and black arrows black arrows no that's that's not the one that's the worst one like what am I supposed to do with this shiny pokey stick of death I don't like it what's it oh great Jake it always went flying over the edge hey come find my friend mr. blade he's nice oh that I mean that wasn't quite what I would suggest it but it works sort of hey I can kick right what are you doing ha oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa a second here yeah yeah Wow nope hmm good thing they gave me a second one to live my life huh maybe I should have let them hammer each other for a while first that would have been a better idea I look to this way are they gonna try to flank me are they are actively avoiding the saw blade that's not good they got smart somehow Hey oh hey come over here yeah oh hey watch this trick Oh flawless victory whoop whoop end cut yeah there we go there we go I watched you to stay on this off and die oh I cut him in the crotch and next up block arrows block house extra extra kicking okay extra key yeah yeah hey what am I gonna do it like super kick now especially against flame Raptors oh great just die I don't like you okay I forgot they have that tailspin too don't they okay what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna jump in between them so they can hopefully kick each other around oh oh I'm gonna burn to death yeah we're good we're good I need everyone together group up we're pretty cool oh hey I'm going back and forth this will be short I don't think I can stand up okay I'm up I'm up that was interesting okay ready get set and fly through really fast nice oh he got off get we're up up don't you dare blow up good good does that work good that we're good we're great and now if I go like this that worked pretty well okay cut there they're both gimpy I don't know how they would actually work in life okay ready and cut I did it I'm like his saw blade and cut Hey so what do you give me this time block arrows block arrows armor hey that'll work since I don't have clone alrighty what oh these guys they have fire things when I can't block here Oh see that worked it how many are there there's five of them Wow oh I don't like this oh I think one died nice pink bow hahahaha you dorks you're so dorky that you're you're both oh oh I got one whoa I didn't kill him though ah no no no I don't like this I don't like you I don't like you we're not friends and we're not you're not my friend either and you're not my friend hey level 10 halfway there and what do we get next what do we get next oh the bow hey you know what that's not terrible not like the spear was and oh this is not good I don't like these guys they can block heroes too Oh beautiful oh that was boho that was really close beautiful okay you're dead you oh you're not dead oh wow hey come on just die already ah this guy's he's dodging all my skills do I have to vote I don't have this thing can you dodge this I mean that was kind of AA yes look at him dance it's like a dancing machine okay give me something cool like a cloning please clone actually got it yes what do I get oh my word okay well just I don't even know what I'm doing oh there's so many archers there's so I can can I not go I can't go behind it oh man hey I'm just gonna zip past everything and then show point them I think okay go up here oh I can whoa oh no I don't want to go up there hi okay and then jump over the other side and then they'll come together and I'll use my bow oh well that worked that work too you got to play to the level design and those guys jumped with me didn't think it did that's okay got a play to the level design oh I got something well hi where did you come from why do they have to be so mean all the time we're just gonna load up on arrows down there hopefully one or two hit yeah they did okay and I'm gonna go after the archers that was a good one gotta keep moving in the circles so take them out take them out take you out my dude there we go and now that was excellent someone's still alive too not sure where he is oh yes perfidy capitation so upgrade but I got a question can you you know how you gave me that cold last time and I wasted a cap on back please just gotta ask nicely that's amazing okay what happens if oh no oh I'm sorry oh that's not good I just I didn't I thought it would have a shield that might have been the single whoa what is this what no what why didn't know they made Archer ones with up with bigs other faces okay come over here there we go there we go and then where was this other eye at this left I got it take it out take it out take it out I have never seen one of these with that was really close to killing me I've never seen one of these guys that has armor before it's kind of cool would you just not do that for a while please here take you okay there you go you're dead and then where's my other friend here here you are ah oh there's two of them hey buddy and forgot I could kick their this you know get on the subway get on the sub laid ha yes please get the sublight oh okay fine just die just die already thank you so upgrade but you know how devious level you know how I asked you for a clone last time give me another one Oh Armour that kind of works I can't believe I killed my clone as something I should have tried in like a like creative mode or something or an easy mode endless mode or something where I control my own upgrades yeah whoa hi everyone I didn't know you guys were over here oh wow that was cool good job keep it up all you see that shot you see that shot I missed okay fine I'm gonna do this the old-fashioned way with my own sword and then you guys need to go oh there's a purple one I don't like the purple ones you guys go over these okay you just walk yeah walk all the purple one done good and we'll go back and forth all day long until you guys are all dead or both of you anyway I will take you and will kill you that way oh I missed you guys jumped over that I didn't know you had jumping feet okay come on recharge energy recharge thank you oh I really need to play these things just a little bit longer until a jetpack BOTS step I can't kick you on it that works okay kick there take them and cut them no I missed you dead no I can't I can't kick on the incline please just yeah please come this way right over top of those spiky things there that works yeah no armors for the win hey I'm gonna take you out really quick and I'll take you out really quick nice you just took a sword office everyone dead are you alive you're alive okay your dad this is actually pretty scary right now do you block heroes I don't know they're ready I guess it can nice that'll do it got him was a bit stressful can I have a clone again please yes oh just ask nicely every time and it works I can't believe we're getting this lucky alrighty okay the archers are annoying but they're easy to kill these guys are also annoying and they're kind of easy to kill if you make them go on the ramps I'm gonna go up I'm just gonna aggro everything because there's a budget or like purple dudes up top usually I'm gonna go down this way and we'll cut you that works pretty well whoa-ho hot dang that was scary okay well cut you down oh okay that was kind of cool go that way cool that work better can't come nice nice fall on this bike dude oh there's another big hammer hey cut you shoot hey cut you that's a kick it worked pretty good nice nice double kills I don't like you at all we roll up in here and then if you're a smart one you'll come find me come on yes pin cushion whoo now I got the boat we'll just take these guys out one at a time got him oh you're still alive wow he just flew into the next universe okay I can't fly anymore oh boy here because I don't use it on anything else oh it was bad idea I'm sorry I just need to kill you in the normal way like that oh right how great a veil whoa something cool fire sword arrow arrow width I mean I guess it's better than better spear aha that's a duck that looks like a duck I think this story on this was oh the first shot hit beautiful was the the developer built this will live streaming it and that was the suggestion of the level if I take all these archers down right away this is lit BAM you see what I did there I said something stupid I did it Wow okay who's still alive those another spider bro this would be the easiest level of the history easy levels that work nope someone else's life still I literally have no idea who's still alive we're gonna have to jump up okay then we did it item I have no clue who's lived I'll gladly take a fire sword right now Oh what that's awkward like you can't you can't pick ol level 16 and Oh No I don't like this level maybe oh there's archers – aren't there if I can just fly across that'll work and I'll just go behind him all right what's back here he'll there's more swords and more stuff bad thing oh okay coming trio coming through excuse me Pete Pete okay now this is bad I gotta go kill the dude up top big spider buddy spy on buddy spider buttocks bite a buddy spider buddy nice one beautiful okay we'll come over here and we'll kill these guys they'll just take you up nice what do the other side too oh thank you I did not see you over here oh no poor nope you're sideways sideways okay whoa there might not have been sub leads I was just scared that there were you know I haven't blown I don't know what I'm doing yeah you'll be dead just three of them there okay if I just do this I think it'll work on both yes now I gotta figure out who's still alive oh there you are Hey Dude how's house life hopefully short come on yes I'm feeling confident feeling really confident level 17 come on clone please a clone or block arrows no that's that's not what I wanted but I'll draw one and we'll see what happens okay take you out take you out take you out Oh green jetpack buddy I don't like you okay oh come on the juice wow there are a lot of bad guys here if I can keep playing the spike trap for a little bit oh this is so rough okay come across oh you got me you're right in the ham you're dead you're dead you're dead oh man there's a giant dude here okay can't you quick got him okay I'm just gonna keep jetpacking the best of my abilities and we'll try to run over these things the best I can to if I can kick them and it'll work well oh great well there's still one alive how did you live how did you live you lived again I need fast to recharge I need festival yes yes yes okay who's still oh wait we got one of him oh go oh I was so close okay come on cross jump on that thing yes I'm feeling better now feel it better hahaha we did it we we're getting so close now level 18 come on come on clone or block arrows no that's not it now we unlocked all those suspension hey maybe the arrows have been a good like blessing but oh great Oh even better wish I had fire arrows right now did that work not quite I don't know even how does one even get up to the top I have no idea how to get up there I ain't or should just not be alive anymore hey that works I killed him okay get up roll hey your dad okay spider Sean filled out that's awesome you blew up and you're gonna be dead in a second you're gonna be that I said you're gonna be dead in a second oh wow more more dudes okay that worked hi you want to play fired I got fired yeah wait a minute wait a minute everyone's dead like for real this time what's still alive here oh hey hey I'm gonna chew his tail up hey you poor little poor little robot oh this is bad oh he's got a hammer – I mean if I keep taking his tail off will work better there we go and get him and attack him and kill him dead oh now I did it oh shoot that was not the right thing I wanted to wait until I had more recharge is that smart enough to know what to do okay which one do I take I'm gonna shoot right there oh come on that was pretty good pretty good that was better some Hobbes scared of mark one hammer but after I've been through everything that wasn't thinking and being scared of truth my stress level is through the roof I should do like that little heartbeat counter on here just showing like a really fast heartbeat oh okay shield that that's literally the worst thing that I could have asked for Hey look I've got a shield and a spear now actually that'll block heroes because I don't have those yet and there's arrows actually a lot to block and oh this system is revolting this is this is a terrible level oh my word I don't have the things ready to do this one I really need them to kill each other with arrows at least a big purple guys like burden and convert the purple dudes with arrow things please yeah cuz I can block the arrows with the shield so that's kind of good but kind of annoying cuz these hammer bots are so quick I also have arrows I'm just good oh I don't want to shoot arrows yeah that's why right there oh hey one died I think some of them have started to die pretty well hey that worked shoot me again real hard right in the shield please I missed okay that was a good Oh nice block hard thing with this level too is there's a lot of like miscellaneous things what what you went for the head shot again all this way now I have to do things manually Oh what fire okay I gotta get slags I got his legs it didn't it didn't kill her beautiful all right you got your got your sword out I also have my sword out Oh nice deflection oh whoa whoa whoa I blocked that nervous there it is she's what I get for playing defensive this is it this is the last level woohoo okay another clone would be very nice right now another just one of these not a hammer we've done it we've won now counting my chickens before they hatch alright give me something cool there's two of them just three foot oh great they have armor alrighty time to play it with the old saw blade trick oh they all have jetpacks whoa that was cool I don't even know what happened yes hi there hi dork face go yes hahahahaha I destroyed his life oh it's you hello old nemesis and my other old nemesis nemesis mine Oh challenge completed yes I'm gonna go tell my mom she's gonna be proud well well well let's see how far we can get level 21 huh and now I I mean I won so I wonder if I can get all the upgrades I don't even know what's going on okay we that guy's got a purple thing not riding on us whoa make it block wait a second they can block the arrows riding on the back of it feel like you guys are just gonna murder each other really quickly yeah that was pretty close oh okay and I can't really do much with you burn burn burn come on another upgrade shield beshe okay oh boy oh fleet overseer nice that one's old what in the world that's the one who's got the laser I definitely don't like laser bots oh that was a terrible shot it has a laser sword and a bunch of poop that is just spewed everywhere great yes beautiful kill it Oh what I'm dead dead I'm dead I'm in I'm alive cut your legs off overseer yes Oh good kiss dodge that Wow I think you killed one of your friends yes by dodge under you oh wow it's really good I want to really destroy things life I don't like it at all fire starts I think it just evaporating the one okay I missed good good I launched into space I think they're all dead take you're all dead whoo that was a good shot Hey off with your arms and junk yeah yes oh what's next get up okay at this point I don't even care what's up okay I'm not gonna waste all my arrows this time oh wow speaking of which I'm gonna waste all my arrows just so I can okay these guys have a hundred I see okay buh buh buh buh buh kick would you see that boom that was amazing they kicked through each other nice whoop keep dodging where is he hey get over oh that was bad come on come on I really wish I could have Block Heroes at some point so oh whoa there it is there it is good who is that level 23 nextstep armor okay I'm getting more protected and there's a lot upgrades to go yet whoa hello everyone right away Oh another derpy spider bro okay I really just want to just oh that was bad that was good that was actually not too bad now I got player Mike it is Burnham yes he's done okay that was excellent now there are any traps on this map no I want to get to an area where I can like one-on-one people like this'll work I like having the high ground though I watched a movie about that one time so somebody's still alive hi you're really gonna do this to me oh and they got a little dude watch Just My Luck the little dudes Oh kill me or not someone over here now yeah two of them perfect Oh 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 levels remaining can do that yes I don't even know what I got for an upgrade oh I have no idea literally not a clue but I'm gonna kill you that was excellent whoa do this with my fingers hey let's kill a Bacchae quick dose of this as I was saying I'm gonna have to kill some oh my word I didn't want to grow those guys yet I don't like them okay I got to go up there cuz there's fire up there I think I remember beautiful shot okay now you dorks over here just walk right in the lava it'll be cool hey you're doing it yeah you're so dumb and then you hey there's this giant red shiny thing with order stuff in it go jump in it it'll be cool it's good for your nourishment and then we got our shirts whoops oh I didn't about myself nice all right trip me right a hammer great so the one thing that's gonna break this for me is getting into like a bad level like that oh wow this is nice a trigger wow there's a lot of bad things okay I'm gonna go get spider from both of them yeah I don't whoa no no okay this is bad this event I'm on fire come on fire Oh beautiful oh I forgot you have black arrows oh okay we're gonna go kill this guy really quick oh okay cut your leg off so you come down here yeah then we're gonna go back up top they're gonna jump off again and kill you with my giant sword like that hi what's your name whoa get ready and I'm gonna kick you when you land okay like this ha just like that except that's a bad spot to do it we have arrows for my Archer Archer boat there's the dude right behind me isn't there would you just not try to kill me anymore that'd be awesome whoa here have one of these what I kicked him over it'd be really bad as soon as that guy that purple do decides to come get me like I don't even oh whoa whoa that was right through my chest cavity died if I had a cavity that's a dose don't do it again yeah you're gonna die there yes there is you're gonna come down to where I like you right down here I'm gonna cut you come on something cool fire the black arrows no flavorant hey hey how do I use that again oh yeah okay this is gonna be rough oh my word what is this even come right at me buddy I mean if you're in a long corridor you have to pop out eventually right now you're gonna be stuck the hallway fine nope ah yeah bird are you immune to Freyr whoa that was close okay Oh what photo dodo dodo I don't like this at all okay I'm going up top that seems more dangerous less less dangerous that's what I meant there's there's Raptors here there's totally Raptors but someone died hi Raptor I'm just gonna go up here by the giant statue hi hey buddy are you stuck on the leg be a shame if you could not borrow what oh I get malt Elmer's infertile ha ha well they can't touch me against the wall that was cool I think what's gonna happen is I'm gonna back up and someone's gonna be here to kill me nope there wasn't anyone okay just twelve more to go I'll fire arrows I just want that black arrows that's what I really want I'm gonna tell you what I want what I really really want and oh wow okay I mean those guys are easy now that I've gotten everything to kill him especially like killing things like this oh whoa whoa I did not see the arrow come down okay we're gonna go up top and we're just gonna kill things up top oh shoot nope that's it for that level okay and back there we go this is the last life of God oh really I had to kill you all else bad sake hey you're dead oh I'm gonna kick him I think yeah get out of here good okay now I'm gonna shoot the fire Archer in the face like I said I'm gonna shoot you in the face I'm gonna try to shoot you I'm gonna try to Snape okay that'll work good so I have no more clones and like 12 more to go fire arrows fire spread further where's the block arrows it's really concern now this would be good kill him that one blocks arrows I'm pretty sure going up top Wow oh no way a double mister ruski oh my legs gone yeah Wow I have no idea how that dude died woohoo getting so cut up now you guys are just me that was terribly awesome oh I got first place on humans anyway guys that I'll wrap up in the random upgrade ciao hope you enjoyed your time with me today if you did let me know and keep your stick on the ice we'll catch you next time

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30 comments on “I Let The Computer Choose My Upgrades And This Happened in Clone Drone And The Danger Zone

  1. james dunn

    Sorry to burst you kids bubbles but this challenge IS NO LEGIT or its just a coincidence that evrey time he clicks on an upgrade it gives it to him its mathematically unlikely as well that as soon as he loses a clone and despite having a chance of 1-30 he still gets it blitz dont lie to your fans man

  2. Thunderstrike

    Het blitz, bit of a strategy tip here; spear beats armor. Spear plus jetpack cannot be parried, works well against hammer bots, raptors, overseers, etc especially if armored. Fire spear plus jetpack? Feel the missile, breathe the missile, BECOME the missile. Try it!


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