Innocent People Murdered By U S Drone Pilots

disturbing footage apparent is showing civilians being killed by the US military in Iraq has been released by an American Freedom of Information website a senior US official has reportedly confirmed that the video in which 12 people came under fire is authentic Christine frisell takes up the story it's both a front-row seat and a bird's-eye view to modern day warfare what you're seeing here is what Apache pilots with the US Army saw they pull over eastern Baghdad on july 12 2007 what is people walking included in that group two employees for Reuters news service forty-year-old Saeed mom and 22 year-old anaweir nour eldeen Namir was considered one of the best photo journal well their names were added to the video here by WikiLeaks or Clary they carry their cameras not with the pilots won't they saw more months later they're attacked by them all up come on I write it but a news reports like this one in the Washington Post the attack was launched because the people had quote been directing machine-gun fire and rocket-propelled grenade that US soldiers according to wiki leaks one of the most disturbing aspect here you see Saeed from Reuters clearly wounded trying to crawl away still seem to want to injure him or I gotta pick up a weapon even someone who's crawling all state on the ground wounded they are looking for an excuse to kill Julian Assange editor and co-founder of WikiLeaks released the video at the national press club in washington in hopes that the rules of engagement in war will be questioned and changed he says this video shows how some military personnel treat war like a video game by down there by the body it seems to me that the attitude of the pilot is this is another day at the office this is what we have been doing for weeks and weeks and weeks as the attack continues you see this van pull up and a man get out to carry away the body pilots see this man shoot as a threat Claire Claire Claire it's later discovered there are two children inside the van you can see them being carried away by soldiers trying to get the medical help in our army press release put out the next day it says quote there is no question that coalition forces were clearly engaged in combat operations against a hostile force neither the Pentagon nor the army responded to a request for a reaction to this video so WikiLeaks hopes that its release will illustrate to people the realities of modern-day warfare and start to hold those who make decisions more accountable reporting in Washington I'm Christine frisell RT

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