Insta360 One X on Drone – 360 camera Drone Mount

hey guys I'm out here at the water tower to test out a new gadget that I found on nearly expose this is a sort of fair the bracket will allow me is to strap on certain accessories on top of the memory to pro which is pretty cool and could open up for some pretty cool new camera angles and this is something I've been looking forward to trying it ever since I found it and already the whole idea with this bracket is that it offers a quarter-inch threat that will allow me to attach cameras like my GoPro and even my insta 360 so that's pretty exciting let's start by taking it out of the package so this is how it looks it's a pretty simple plastic piece and it has this 1/4 inch thread that will allow me to mount the insta 360 and let's start by doing that you start by mounting your camera in to the bracket like this and you can use a coin or something to tighten it so it's a firmly positioned next step is to grab the maverick and fold out the front legs and then just click on the private like this that puts the camera in a really secure position but you do need to know that you can't change the battery while a their bracket has been mounted luckily it's pretty easy to take it off again so that shouldn't be a problem now let's make some test footage so how did it go you might have been noticing that I didn't fly very high on this test footage and this is because the bracket actually blocks the GPS signal of the Maverick 2 pro I don't know why they released a product that their blocks the GPS signal they could have made it in different ways to avoid that but it makes it makes it kind of a pointless to have a bracket like that and then not have it be able to fly higher than 10 meters at least that takes the fun out of fair using the insta 360 camera and maybe I need to find a different way of mounting that to the drone and I think I would look for a solution that will allow me to mount it below the drone because that will give a much better view of maybe you have a good idea or better suggestion how are there cameras could be mounted to the drone buying the manly to enterprise is not an option but using the existing a either maybe 2 pro or maybe too soon if you have a super suggestion for that they'll leave it in the comment section below I hope you liked this little experiment it was for sure fun to do even though it didn't pan out there like a plan to but they I think I will anyway upload the the insta 360 video natively to YouTube so you get a real 360 degree video that you can pan around and see yeah the surroundings from here at least that will add a little bit of value to this experiment I hope thank you for watching and see you on the next one

Is it possible to mount an Insta360 One X on Drone like a 360 camera on drone. With this 360 camera drone mount, it’s possible to mount any 1/4″ threaded accessories on the top of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro like the One X or GoPro Hero 7 Black on a drone. Does it work, is it a good idea? Watch the video and find out.

✅Insta360 One X Sample Footage:

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28 comments on “Insta360 One X on Drone – 360 camera Drone Mount

  1. Sir Braap_a_lot

    although the bottom mount would provide better view i think the drone in the shot looks awesome! very cool! will be mounting mine on top and bottom of my freestyle drones… us fpv guys would like to see the drone in the shot. well at least me anyway. but this mount your using i couldn't trust it holding a 400 dollar camera no way. it just snaps on!!! any strong movements like we do in fpv flights and im sure it would fall off. anyways nice video and your brave to have all that money flying in the air with no gps lol change you name to BIG KAHUNAS MEDIA haha!

  2. Caztrix

    Cool vid, but I must just point out a huge safety concern….
    You left the wrist strap from the camera attached and that could so easily be blown up in the props and…down comes baby, cradle and all…#justsaying.

  3. wreckinball11

    I just got the insta360 one original and tried the top mount just as in this video with the same results. I explored why it was happening and found that with the camera mounted but turned off no GPS interference was noticed. After power up no satellites were found, but I wrapped the lower half with tinfoil and tape and got 15 satellites and was able to fly with all the RTH protection GPS allows. If you can mount on the bottom I agree it would be best, but the top also gets some good footage. Give it a try.

  4. gradplanner

    I tried this with my Mavic 2 and Insta360 One X. Although the downtown setting was nice, I lost quite a bit of satellite coverage. Also you may want to check They have a number of solutions including a selfie mount and a bottom mount. I hope this helps because I enjoyed your footage.

  5. Board with Life

    I’ve just tried this today with the Mavic Pro 1 and had the same gps issues but also had unstable footage.. I’ve decided they’re just not compatible.
    I couldn’t risk flying it off mountains without gps! Your footage was smooth though .. so don’t know why my footage was so bad 😔

  6. phil devore

    When you find a bracket that works for the Insta360X please let me know because I am thinking about buying it for my M2P. But I am not going to get one unless it works with the M2P.

  7. Steve Carpenter

    Wow, that’s incredible. Henrik! The stability of the drone with the weight on top is great. If the only problem is loosing the GPS Signal you can just keep it close to you and careful flying. Thanks Henrik, that was very a Kool!

  8. Duncan Gatland

    Why is this not an option for the MP2 Enterprise? Is it to do with the USB connection and/or the body shape. Also why add a camera when the done has its own and can rotate 360 degrees?

  9. Carlo Defilippi

    Apart from the Gps issue the result is spectacular, it's so cool to see the drone from above while flying. With the GoPro Hero 7 and this Insta the era of mechanical gilbals seems to be over.

  10. kcadby

    I think it's a great idea and have been wanting to try it on my P4Pro (but we obviously need GPS working). I had no idea it would be that stable!!!
    I've thought it would be cool to "see how the drone flies" (pitches and rolls compared to how smooth gimbal/video is) and 360 view is perfect for that…
    Not for every day flights but it would add a sense of FPV to some scenic flights (especially where drone isn't above everything), and also for Sport videos
    (my favorite is tracking boats at high speed), PLUS this makes me 100% for sure want 360 view on the bikes as well 🤪

  11. a7wd

    Thanks for the video. Yours is the first that pointed out the bracket prevents the GPS from connecting – a deal breaker for sure!

  12. Mark Williams

    Haha. I literally tried this yesterday as I received the bracket on Saturday and had the same problem and came to the same conclusion as you did. I even tried setting the WiFi on the insta360 to auto mode which turns it off thinking perhaps that the WiFi signal of the insta 360 x was swamping the GPS receiver on the mavic 2 .. had I watched your video before I ordered it.. I never would have .. with a bottom mount, it would only work with a hand launch and land .. maybe I’ll look for a mount for my Inspire 1..

  13. Caleb S.

    Haha! So cool! I think it would be really cool if you did the small planet effect or whatever it's called where it looks like the world is a bubble. Loving the content, keep it coming!


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