Interview w Ryan Naraine – Stopping Bad Drones – Fox10 – 16Nov2017

the first a first at one of their prisons a drone trying to deliver cell phones and drugs and contraband to inmates at the prison in Bukka this was a fox head exclusive that we first brought you last night at nine o'clock and tonight we're learning how prisons may be able to stop drones like this one from posing a danger mat Galka is here tonight again with the story Matt yeah John and Carrie lots of interests since our story ran last night but we came away from that one knowing that prisons can really only rely on human line-of-sight defenses for right now but a Tempe cyber security company has been working on other ways to intercept drones after they've been warning law enforcement that this could become a growing problem we first told you last night about Arizona's first encounter with a drone trying to deliver contraband including drugs and cell phones into Lewes prison in Buckeye with technology playing a growing role for criminals how do you stop it wireless sniffer that allows us the flight is over a building and hack into a wireless network for example to test you were doing that's what our company does that's what we do we do penetration testing for companies Brian Ryan works with cyber security company Bishop Fox out of Tempe they've been sounding the alarm on the need for drone defenses for a while and said our story magnified that need can use something as small as this to drop something into a prison absolutely and they get smaller and smaller and much more powerful as we as time goes on Bishop Fox has been testing different methods on how to stop drones from carrying out nefarious activity this is a short-range way a net cannon fired directly at the flying device it's only good up to 25 feet Bishop Fox also tested out a defense drone to bring down an attacking one it's more effective but a person would still need to detect the enemy drone bottom line companies and state departments are going to have to invest heavily in technology if they want to be adequately prepared to defend themselves the only way you can do any sort of non-physical line-of-sight defense is if you have some sort of super million-dollar wireless system to wirelessly dumb the signal and to get out to the sky the folks at Bishop Fox also said that judging from the pictures of that prison drone it was probably homemade assembled piece by piece and possibly 3d printed and probably cost less than a thousand bucks live in studio Matt Galka fox10 news

Recent drone news stories highlight the need for drone defenses to protect organizations and companies from nefarious activity. To help protect clients from hackers, Bishop Fox developed an inexpensive penetration testing drone. Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Naraine discusses this critical security issue in this Fox 10 News story – Prison Drone Delivery: Local Company Looking at Ways to Stop Bad Drones.

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