JD509 Cheapest FPV Drone With Screen + Altitude Hold, Pioneer JD 509 , JXD 509G Review and Flight

hi everyone today I want to show you the Pioneer JD 509 quadcopter the interesting thing about this one is that it comes with an SP v screen standard comes with the actual screen you don't need a cell phone or anything like that and for about $100 American money you get a really nice quadcopter with a camera that records to a memory card and you can also watch what you're recording and try to fly it in fpv mode pretty low cost $100 for all that now I'll just show you real quick what else you get with it here you get a battery of 600 million powers as a JSP style plug it's different than the cyma batteries also get a charging cable for that battery and there's four blade guards if you want to install those it comes with this tiny little screws to put them on here here's the controller fairly decent controller only takes four double A batteries and you have your fpv screen that you can install onto there you I'll show you how to install that after little antennas for the F TV screen charging cable just for the fpv screen two little screws here to install your screen onto your controller of course you have your manual for spare blades two screwdrivers a little bit different sizes and a memory card reader and it also has a little memory card in the quadcopter camera I'll show you that after and pretty decent box for storage or carrying it around you don't have to take anything apart on the quadcopter to put it into the box except the screen which is a little annoying I'll show you why after okay let's get to the show Lu the quadcopter now so here it is in all its glory JD 509 I really think it looks nice and sir no kind of cooler than those cyma ones that are all you can't tell one corner from another you know this one you can tell which way is front which way is back especially with this camera on there you know that that actually helps them flying over the set those other ones that are square basically you can't tell which way is front and back unless you can really see the light or if you have different color blades on them or something so that's one cool thing about this it's really got a specific shape to it you know which way is front which way is back and we'll move on to the landing gear here real quick it's pretty flexible but it's really sturdy also you know it does catch a lot if you're landing on grass or anything like that you have to make sure you land it flat the rest of it is all nice and sturdy really square you know nothing looks like it's bent or cheaply made or anything it was quite a nice quality quadcopter that's for sure okay and the other neat thing about this one is the camera it pivots a little bit that I think when it's all the way up like that that's about 10 degrees downwards but you can move it down about 20 degrees I would say that's kind of cool so gives you a little bit of options I wish they would have just made it to all the way down why not you know so you could film straight under you I guess you're not supposed to be flying over things and people and you're trying to get it back little antenna on here is just for the camera to be able to communicate with your F TV screen and then we'll fill your memory cards to record your video slides in here a little tricky to get in and out if you have big fat fingers but not that hard okay we'll move on to the controls so the first thing I'm going to do is install the battery and it actually took me a few minutes to figure out how to get this I could see that the wire was in there but took me a while to figure out how to get that little door open you know there's no switch or anything anywhere and squeezing it and then you just have to actually put your fingernail under one of these two little holes and click it open like that which is a little strange but I guess it's not that bad and the other thing I didn't really like about this I don't know if you'd be able to see to try to get my flashlight in there you see the circuit board and everything it's all right there exposed you know your battery basically slides in on top of the circuit board then you have to stuff the wires in and I don't know do that a couple hundred times and you just might break something in there anyway it's not that very expensive quadcopter so you're not going to get perfection so here it is it's the jst connector here a little bit different than some quadcopters plug that in you slide your battery in there I never liked these battery bays on these quad copters first of all battery there's nothing to keep it in place so it's not always in exactly the same place exchanges your center of gravity Plus like I said you have to squeeze the wires in there and everything yeah it's just risky to damage something then to take it out you sorta have to reach in and pull the wires out it you have big fingers it makes it pretty tricky anyway it's not that big of a problem so that's the battery compartment so I'm just going to show you now how to install the fpv screen on your controller not that hard but just show you just in case anyone has any questions so this little part here pivots you want to pivot that backwards and then just slide it on here like that okay you see it goes on that way sort of hold it on there with your finger and you have this other little piece comes separate in the little plastic bag and put that on you just align the hole and put in your screw tiny little screw driver and you want to be a little bit careful doing this because this whole fpv bracket is a little bit fragile so you just want to be careful and don't mishandle it or force anything too much that little tiny screw here okay second screw so this like I said to put it in the box you have to take this whole thing off every time which it's a little bit annoying but not that big of a deal once you've done it a couple times you do have to be careful oh that's on there and that's the assembly part you can open it up here like that you have your Sun Visor you can see it better when you're outdoors in the nice clear weather on/off switch here on the side I'll fill your little hole to plug it in to recharge it when you're quadcopters not honest with no signal so I've got my controller in the quadcopter here and turn on the quadcopter lights come on everything's flashing you can't really see it but this flashing will slow down once it's stabilized for a couple seconds so to see it from up here stops actually flashing stop tremendous starts again are you ready to turn on the controller and you have to bind it like all quadcopters go up and down now normally it would be ready to go it should go but not this one this one is special this has a start/stop button yeah you have to start your engines bottle now not going to go anywhere pretty neat huh that's the engine and need to go and you can set you can also land the start/stop will also land the quadcopter nice and slowly okay you have a light button here turn your lights on or off during the day you might as well turn them off just to save battery power or whatever if you can't see them during the day anyway okay that's certain amount just to remind me that the quadcopter is on this top button here is called a key return or a key return it's a home button they just spelled it really strangely so if you're in the headless mode or regular mode – I guess I haven't tried it really I'm not sure if it works in both modes but if you're kind of panicky and losing control just hit that and it'll fly back to where it started from alright this other button here is to put it into headless mode and then what headless mode is basically you start your quadcopter up and that way is forward okay put it in headless mode and you start flying around doesn't matter which way you turn your quadcopter forward on your stick here it's always going to make it go in front of you and backwards on your stick doesn't matter which way the quadcopter is turned backwards on the stick will always make it come back well it's kind of like its own home button when you're in headless mode just make sure you have it started it off pointed in whatever direction is in front of you and then headless mode works quite nicely for filming and stuff like that it's not really so fun to fly around like that it's really a neat option for filming just be careful when you're in headless mode don't let your quadcopter get behind you if you turn around and you're in headless mode all your controls are reversed now so it's pretty disorienting just think about it and you'll understand okay the other two buttons here are your photo and video button oh look things over here you can see there's a green light on your camera photo button flashes red and goes back to green do that again and video it'll start flashing red and keep flashing red as long as it's videotaping to make a stop recording you press the video button again alright flip that over and I'll turn on the fpv screen here just to show you if that works let's controller down here I think you can see all that and I'm picking up the quadcopter here as you can see looking down on the controller with it so that CV really works well it's not super high definition but it's plenty good definition to really see everything clearly okay okay I'll turn the FPV off right away and these other buttons here just trim buttons just like most other controllers to fine tune your control sticks if it's drifting or twisting a little bit on its own use these buttons to trim it out and make it hover perfectly these two buttons up here one is for your speed you have the different speeds first gears one beat second gear three beeps third gear three beeps this turn button is your flip button you press it and then your direction stick in whatever direction you want it to flip and if what's quite nicely it doesn't quite recover like some of the lighter weight ones it's not heavy but it's a lot heavier than a x5p here one of those so basically that's it with regards to the controller really want to make sure you always have good batteries in there and get a tester and quite cheap don't use rechargeable batteries in here because they they just don't hold their charge if you're not using it everyday you'll come back to use it in two weeks you control it won't be working so very important to have good batteries in there otherwise your key return and your start/stop button and cause you problems it will just totally disconnect if your batteries in here aren't strong enough so just one thing to note the only cost $100 so you're not going to get perfection like I said hey guys we'll just give you a couple quick weights and measurements here throw it on the scale 4.9 ounces you can't read that or 141 grams 140 grams 4.9 ounces okay quite heavy compared to the x5c actually go from motor the motor take a little measurement here right around six and a quarter inches the motor to motor sideways should be the same yeah six and a quarter inches and it'll give you the longest measurement possible here 14 and a half roughly from wing tip to wing tip on the diagonal so from motor to motor six and a quarter inches and let's give you the height why not just over four inches four and a quarter inches on the height so five ounces four and a quarter inches high six and a quarter inches from motor to motor those are your weights and measurements I'll show you a little bit of a flight footage did when it was nice weather quality might not be that great but they don't let you see how this thing flower come away okay not put it in headless mode right away John found ready to go but if I give it throttle nothing happens I have to actually start it engines are started it's ready to go and turn on my fpv screen and let's raise it up and also be the first cool feature about this thing you notice the throttle is sprung towards the middle here see it stays in the middle so give it some throttle I let go of the throttle and that's what it does it holds its altitude I'm not touching anything on my controller it's holding its altitude I want to drift away a bit light breeze here put it in the second gear it's got three speeds on the speed here low high and super high now I'm just going to keep it close to me you know get it up eat a bit better with this guy is back down I had flipped the best flip will do a flip to show you it does actually do flip doesn't recover quite as well as the x5 speed probably doubled the weight quite heavy this thing it's not heavy at all but it's heavy compared to the x5 C as a nice quick y'all be pretty decent all C yards faster when you change speed yeah definitely that's low speed yeah which it's a medium a little faster hi it's quite fat in y'all y'all thinning motion I'll just slide around here I'm in medium speed now I'm in high speed right now third year it does not fly as 40 at the x5 C because this thing has an air pressure sensor which is how it is able to maintain its altitude without touching anything as you can see basketball net back a big down fly over the basketball net and see it on my little F TV screen while I'm flying that's not bad I must point it down a bit see where the quadcopter is and where it's looking at the basketball net there okay so aside from that the one thing I did notice if you get up really high it takes a long time for it to come down to quite annoying come all the way negative throttle here that's coming down as fast as it goes that's fast as it comes down look how slow that is I mean that's that's really a hazard you know if you're up there really high and I don't know an airplanes coming by coming by with a glider you want to get out of their way I mean sure you can fly out of the way but a lot of times you want to just get it on the ground fast kind of losing control or something and this thing will not come down back it has this land button start/stop I'm going to hit the key return see what happens it should yeah nothing happened battery's dead this happened to me a bunch of time I've got no control whatsoever it's drifting away I'm going to let it in that's what happens when your battery is low and you've hit one of the buttons can you return or start stopped if your battery is low quadcopters just going to keep going in the direction it was going and it could easily lose it if you're up high so what happened right there was it wasn't the battery in the quadcopter that died when that happened the quadcopter just lands softly wherever it is it was the controller batteries that were too weak and like I said before they're weak can be flying it around and it seems perfect for these controls when soon as you press start stop or a key return it has to use some memory in there or something and if your batteries are weak in here you just get total disconnect and there's nothing you can do you can't turn it off and back on again or anything once you start hearing it going tick-tick-tick tick-tick-tick that means that it's been disconnected from the quadcopter and that's because the battery isn't here for two weeks so get it get yourself a battery tester something like this maybe you can take that number check that on eBay or something bt 168 this cost a couple dollars works great for testing your batteries always test your batteries and your controller before you go flying okay well thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed

I show the details of the Pioneer JD509 (also named) JXD 509G and after that I show some outdoor flight. If you like this please hit the subscribe button. Click this link to donate .

6 comments on “JD509 Cheapest FPV Drone With Screen + Altitude Hold, Pioneer JD 509 , JXD 509G Review and Flight

  1. Slapdat Hugh Jass

    Quad also says JD509… never noticed it! You should get close to 10 mins with 1000mah batt. I get about 9 mins on stripped down quad with 800mah. If you haven't tried temporarily removing camera & landing struts then flying in 2nd or 3rd "gear", you might be surprised how sporty this quad can be. Btw, 1st quad was an x5c and love it… forced me to develop good pilot skills, still fly it often (stripped that one down too, hubsan 501s is my camera bird). Happy flying!

  2. Slapdat Hugh Jass

    Good review, thanks. Wonder what the diff is betw this JD509 and my JXD509… knock-off? Anyway, this was my 2nd quad, good features for the $. My only issue was short flight time (< 5 mins). Too short for any real flying. Since I have another 1080p camera bird, I stripped my 509g down… no prop guards, no landing struts, no camera (draws juice from the quad battery). Yeah, I lost fpv but flight time doubled to 9 mins, quad is more agile and a parabolic antenna booster I added is getting 200m+ range. Love this quad now.


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