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[Applause] thank you all for coming this morning hello people at home um indeed i'm going to talk about drones and today i'm going to explain what a drone is how i got in contact with the drones and what you can do with them and what I do with them but first for the people who haven't seen the dome in a mist movie because some people may think okay who's that guy and why is it talking about drones I'm going to show you the video which it's pretty much a reason why I'm here and why I work with Young's a bit more than two years ago I shot this with my phantom to that sir john i had then and my good friend a dinosaur see he isn't here tonight at a tonight this morning i understand why and he is but he added the he added the video and i work a lot with him he's from refractions but he's a good editor anyways I shadow with with my drone and the question you can ask what is it John because the drones are lots type of drones and the original drones are army drones those are not for making nice videos it's kind of the opposite and that's the consumer drone we know right now but the consumer drone actually is not a drone it's well it's sort of is but you the original name is a quadcopter quadcopter means it has four rotors as you can see and there are a few variations of it you also have hexacopter octocopters they will come in a second but first this is what actually a drone is and this is what the real drones do drone means unmanned aerial vehicle the UI v and this is what they made oh this the the reaper this is one of the most nasty ones and does things like this it's very precise very scary indeed but maybe it helps also defend things which are good but well I'm not going to talk about that that's the military drone today we're going to talk about consumer drones and what I said this is the quadcopter there's four rotors this is the same I fly with I now have a newer version because each few months they have a few new versions this is hexacopter this has six rotors its way stronger can carry bigger cameras I can go way faster but has a smaller flight time because it's it's way more heavy and his big brother it has eight rotors this is a Brodus this is the S thousand this is with camera at ten twelve thousand euros since this is very expensive I don't have a volume control so if it's too loud I'm sorry i will talk him in lowder those are the consumer drones but the last one I really hope to work with that someday because that's really really professional Hollywood uses that a lot because they don't have to build cranes and dollies anymore they can just get the drone go up in the air and it saves a lot of money and time and people but my first drone yeah what's this it was a typical boy toy and I bought it here in Hakata Dinah it was 40 euros and I was with my wife and then back back then my girlfriend and yeah this that's real love and I fluid around in my living room and it was fun but as soon as you came outside it's just blew away and it's crashed and it was pitiful then the first consumer drone came out and this is the parrot AR drone parrot is the the company from France and they make Bluetooth devices for mobile phones you probably know them from the bluetooth thing you have in your car to to call with and it had a camera as well the levels great because I already loved photography and videography so I thought this is a nice combination it could flip even a fly outside there was the indoor hull so you can bump into stuff and this was the outdoor hall well it was without this one so it wouldn't catch this much much much as much wind and it was fun but it had a limit of 50 meters so that was not that much and here's an example of the footage it took and it's fun but that's the end of it that's my home street one of my first illegal shots it's also within the buildings so that well it kind of stopped I in the room in the in the living room I chopped all my plans and then I thought okay I have to be outside and then DJ I came with this one the DJI phantom DJI the company from China and they made the DJI phantom one and this some of you may recognize it it's the GoPro camera this is it the older version of course but as you can see the camera is stuck to the drone with the disadvantage that as soon as the drone moves or for going sideways or forward or backward the camera moves as well so this is the first image I shot with them oh that's too fast hey where's my video hey that's a shame that's such a good video of it let me see yeah there it is this is the first thing I shout with that you will recognize the dumb tower but well as you can imagine you understand why it didn't go viral it's kind of funny but that's kind of it the hard thing for the drone is as well as it goes down there's a downward propulsion oh I think the volume will be 0 then I have control as well yeah I can do it as well and then came the chicken now the gimbal the gimbal is a helical it's device which goes under the Joan I got one here it's a handheld gimbal but is exactly the same which you goes under the drones it has three motors and now it's wobbly and if i move it it's doing nothing now it calibrates and it knows what the center is and whatever i do the camera stays straight if it goes sideways which Joan also does it goes very smoothly sideways so this is that's why the chicken is here the same as you see in bird hats that's actually where they stole the thing whatever you do is pump up the music a bit the head stays exactly perfectly straight the chicken has no idea what he's doing but it's brilliant what he does so well you couldn't tie a chicken under a drone so they made this and then I made my first gimbal thing this is four years back I think also same editor line out actually and then it was really useful because now all the movements of the drone which he still makes you can't see anymore it has still it has the propeller noise but you can just edit that out and then you had a really useful shot so then I thought okay now I have to work with these things because this is just awesome now you can do way way way more because with first without the gimbal you could you could take a photo and some of the photos were good but the most we're moving were it just wasn't good and then of course then when the drones launched a lot of drone possibilities came along because most people know the drones or from the army or from the videos but this are a lot of extra extra things you can do with Jones this is the frying a flying defibrillator it it's made by a student from TU delft seeeeee defibrillated thing you shuck someone with who has a heart attack it can come to places in in no time especially places the islands people who go and another English word for who go but eloping wet looping those people are we to get a heart attack they can really be saved by this one also the flying lifeguard it has three buoys in the red and it can go away faster than the pool by watch guy and it's red pants this is the search-and-rescue drone this actually drawn they also use for videography but also with a flare camera click camera is an infrared camera and you can see through trees through plastic cars everything so if you meet a search or someone is lost or you want to follow a perp who just ran off well this perfectly for that the agriculture also used a you still in a lot for two things actually they can make photos of the landscape and they can after that with computers check the ground where its fertile and where it's not fertile so this Joan knows where to spray more or less and so the farmer gets up to 20 more twenty percent more crops out of his well his crops so that's also a good thing this is something will come in the future they do test with it in Dubai of course to buy the do all the crazy stuff there and this is actually a real now they want to fly it in december this year for the first test flights and yes you can just fly with it yourself it slides autonomously and that's the remaining question which you can see here what do you do when it's when there's a failure you can't manually take over so this is also an animation about the city but that's probably well not know probably that will be the future of the drones and probably way more but this is one of the things which will come my future because for now I do a lot of cool assignments I it just went i will show you in a minute went to south korea for a great assignment with the towing boat and the thing i want to do is make shots which before we're impossible like this one this is an example this is the village of my parents i grew up here and this is a small shot a short shot i'll show you this is something you couldn't do before it was impossible and now it's possible because of these things and there's a lot of pot of things possible there was a shot I couldn't find it anymore but I made it in an abandoned building there was a scene of a woman and a man fighting in the back of the room and at a certain point my drone flew out in the back they went downstairs and I flew through the the lower level I flew back in and that's a shot which was before this impossible it was simply impossible now it's possible this next thing is i made this in korea see just a small clip of it this is something you couldn't do before not even close they used helicopters sometimes a bit this is towing boat is going to toe how do you say Brooklyn a what oil platforms thank you very much all your platforms for a to be and the thing is with oil platforms they will burn sometimes when you come close with helicopters and make a mistake with drones it can happen anymore it's it's something completely different I can go up way more clothes than normally and now last week I went to Austria I was invited by Puterbaugh buddha by aziz it's a company who makes snowboarding and skiing clothes and they make a lot they make a actually a cinema movie right now of a few free skiers and free snowboards I didn't know what that was but those are the crazy guys who go off cliffs you think okay dude you're gonna die and they survive this is actually what was the name the premiere this is the scoop that was the name I couldn't this is the scoop this is something which is not online and it will be november next year because this is material it's from puter bars now I shot it but i'm going to show you guys because I was really proud of what it became and yeah but that quality is not really good too but thanks anyway for telling this is last week those guys are insane but awesome this was actually quite scary to get up there I can tell you I was on the top as well so they packed me with climbing gear I climbed yeah for the first time I climbed in my life and it was there so I was kind of scary and with scary no it was it was scary but it was awesome those guys are really they know what they do they were some of those who those guys were actually a real mountain years they had all the climbing gear and stuff but still you climb on ice you know it's so this is my future I hope this is my future I have a few assignments in the in Italy and other countries as well so I hope that's something I can keep doing and what I mean be with keep doing is is finding those things you normally can't see with your eyes you can see with your camera you can only see with the Jones this is that's the stuff I'm looking forward to the dumb video is a good example of that because that's a just above the fog you normally can't see that and that's the thing i want to show are the things i want to show so thank you all for this you you

The sky is no more the limit

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