JJRC H13C Best Vacation Drones Lake Erie Flight

Quiet and non-intrusive, with about the same mass as a Frisbee, the JJRC H13C can be flown most anywhere without hassle. Here’s a flight at Presque Isle State Park. Unfortunately, its box is currently too large to allow free shipping. Find it here

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20 comments on “JJRC H13C Best Vacation Drones Lake Erie Flight

  1. Paul McAleer

    Mr. Quad Copter 101 is there any other links to order spare parts for the SymaX5C ? I ordered the parts I wanted, and was Very excited. Had to go through Pay Pal ( first time) got the green light for the order. Then Gear net says my order is on hold for one time verification. But there is NO WAY to do that, and NO POSSIBLE WAY to get help from support. I've NEVER in my life seen a more ridiculous site !!! I HONESTLY wonder if it may be a fake site !!! I got so frustrated, after trying for 8 hours, that I finally had to give up !!! So my 3 month quest to buy $19.00 in parts continues, Very upset at this point, as you can imagine !!! I've Never had this kind of problem before !!! I've bought tons of things all over the map, but this site proved impossible !!! If you know of Any other way to order parts, I would be Very grateful !!! I may be an Old man by the time I get the parts, but I'm Not giving up !!! Thanks for all your help !!!

  2. Paul McAleer

    YESSS !!! Thanks so much for the link for Spare parts. I live Northeast of Detroit on Lake St.Clair !!! If you ever make it out this way, I would Love to meet you. My brother goes back 30 years with Mitch Ryder, Foghat, and Blue Oyster Cult !!! If there happens to be a show when/if you were near, you are Cordially invited backstage, to meet the Band(S) !!! Thank you for your help !!! Greatly appreciated !!!

  3. Paul McAleer

    Does anyone have ANY idea how to order replacement parts for the SymaX5C, there is no known local place to order them, and no way ( that I could find) to order them from SYMA !!! I quit trying, but would Love to get mine up, and running !!!

  4. Paul McAleer

    Quad Copter 101, do you think it's possible to fly the X5SW with a mini G.P.S. locater attached to it ??? I ordered it also, along with the X5SW !!! The mini GPS apparently fits on a key ring, I'm hoping my new drone can fly, with the locater attached to it !!! Have you ever tried this ???

  5. Paul McAleer

    Mr. QC 101, thanks for the links for a new symax5c I still have my first one with camera, but exhausted all efforts to get parts for it. The manual clearly shows all the spare parts, but impossible to order !!! I just ordered the X5SW with mobli WiFi fpv, I'm Very interested in seeing, and recording real time flight. I also ordered the Mimi G.P.S. located, I'm hoping to attach it to the copter, in case it gets lost. I'm hopeful that it can still fly, with that attached. Have you ever tried this ??? Thanks again for your response, and your Incredible videos, I'm a Huge fan !!!

  6. Paul McAleer

    What an incredible view !!! I can't describe the excitement I get watching your videos, and learning to fly mine. My enthusiasm for these toys can't be put into words. I'm just starting to learn how to fly a bit better. Is it possible to attach a small GPS device to say the SYMA X5C, or the Sky Hawkeye FPV, which I'm considering ??? Don't know which one to buy next after losing my x5c in some deep thick woods !!! Thanks for all of your Amazing Videos !!!

  7. Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks

    So at 3:30 when you said "they will have to put up with me", I could not help thinking of your wife and the "that's what she said" comment came to mind lol. Is this one headless, I don't dare try clicking on links right now have other research up, just thought I would catch up as my notes computer upgrades to windows 10.

  8. Mr Smitty

    Still looks like a great flyer, and I'm still considering it, but but I haven't seen any movement on free shipping even though I know they have a smaller retail box now.

  9. Skydive Driver

    It sure does look like the X5c don't it. Does it fly as well or better.  Now I am confuse are you still on vacation or is this a late post.  I would be nervous flying around that water also. Great video.

  10. Hussein CIA

    Nice bro 🙂 Can some of you guys check my new vid I just posted on YouTube ? Its a Flight of my Syma X8C with the Xiaomi Yi cam just let me now what do you think about it 🙌😝

  11. AlpackaPunchGaming

    Should i get a JJRC or a X5SW? I want one to play around with. I will not be using it inside and dont want someting too small. It needs to be stable, as it would be my first one. It needs to have a camera.

  12. Bill Somrak

    Ahhh … Beach 11 (I think).  It's always windy as hell there, which is great for the kite flyers and the occasional para-sail flyer. In the Summer, I think the park closes at 10 or 11pm, and this looks to be after 9pm, which explains the lack of people. Really enjoyed that one from some of my favorite stomping grounds …


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