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I welcome back to call ski RC so today we've got the gog Aarthi tracker this has been out quite a while this is an entry-level gps photography drill and what's not going to review this this is one of the ones that bought and I wasn't going to review because my channels gonna be slightly different I'm not gonna have anywhere near in many toy grade drones if any on here so what I wanted to do is I am gonna do the odd few of these if I get something that comes out that interests me but this and what are you gonna do but I've decided to do it because this is the 42-pound I picked this 42 quid for a GPS drone it's cheapest GPS Joe and I've been firing when I bought it and put it on the channel to see how cheap what you could get for 42 acquitting how rubbish it was and decided to do it because I was actually quite surprised when I did fly it how nicely it floats so I'm gonna go through with a review for you this has not got all the bells and whistles a lot of the Mong Bruce Jones have but he's 42 quid and it's very robust so let's have a quick look so in the Box you get a little manual you get the drone itself you get a controller yet the phone holder for the control has been there and you get a spare set stops a charging cable and the obligatory screwdriver or this one you actually get to I have no idea why so let's just put the Box down here not as a job first this is the drawer it's like a textured kind of rubberized tough and you've probably seen these type of things before actually really liked the look of this thing I think it looks superb it looks far more expensive than it is it has obviously got pushed geared motors you can see the motors they're coming down there the Emotiv and the bottom of you have a gear system in the back of here you have a battery and one of the other major benefits for this job take proprietary batteries these are common and easy to get old of the only thing you don't get grip like tyrosines but there's a 610 milliamp power to s batteries 20 C it goes in the bottom of there now that is the issue because you don't have that much room so you need to buy these slim time but slight batteries but they're very cheap and the easier to get hold of will pop the battery back in there and we'll have a look at the controller this is the controller again it's got like his slightly rubberized thick texture on it I mean it's got texture bit from the pack so one of the few cheap controllers toy great controls are theme that actually feels nice to hold in your hand it doesn't try and slip out it's not cheap nasty plastic it is cheap plastic but you've got this covering on it so he's the controller I see the Freddy got calibration if you cover a compass Potter video you speed modes on the top and they return and then take the lump on the bomb so you can see it's quite a simple controller it runs on four double A batteries and you simply flip the phone holder slips go over the top there clips in there and then you before I'm not going to do that in this video so let me just booty up and show you the drone itself so simple plug-in no power switch on this one closes in the back as you can see you've got red LEDs on the front and the green on the back you'll also have an SD card holder which is a massive thing that a lot of the one for 70 80 quid don't have I don't know why they don't put SD card holders on the airport you have an SD card holder you'll see the video coming up at the end of this show you the camera the cameras average is 720p camera it's not a shot of anybody do this job and it because to the SD card she's much much better so your transmitter we flicked it on and then you did our wall up and down sorry hit that button there completely right yeah so we're now bound so you can see you've got red at the front and nothing like you've hold the calibration watch it in you will see you now get Flushing's and then if you do the dance or the calibration dance now this one I thought if he does work inside some do some don't and this one doesn't appear to do but if you go through the manual it shows itself just found the isolate and then knows that I'm I believe so he beeps they go back we're now fully working I'm gonna show you the app the app it runs on is called jjrc truck at delese to find again it's on the Apple Store and it's also available on Android easy enough to find it's been out quite a long time click on to your Wi-Fi well it don't find it they go Wi-Fi two or three fa20 it's what you want your numbers are probably different here so click on that and then we go on to the JJC checkup which will look like this and the reason is that color is you could buy that in this color so you can get it in like a brown III and yellow I can get it in the green and whatever quad look so if we click on this we've got operating instructions or start felis straight in to start there you go so there's your image the camera is not adjustable as you can see it's fixed camera but the lag isn't bad at all because you know I don't think that on this one the image is quite crisp and on the top of here you have your typical fair I'm not going to go through all this with you but you can see you've got all your settings on the top and you keep your battery percentage a percentage for the battery you rate your time you're being flying in and then your camera controls they also have camera controls on here so if I switch the photo button because there's no SD card and it's going to try and give it to my food but that's fine so let's just show you what this looks like from the cameras point of view so it's just taking the photo and then these are your height and your depth etc this is your folder way it's going to save your photos and I do it know where it's put it there you go so that's support – it's just taken don't look that bad I don't think quite sharpish sharper than the video anyway it looks and then you've got video button there green light the lights will come on on the back – till solid it will flush so if you flush it tell you it's doing video and then we take a porter you'll get a single flush okay so that's pretty much it controller to be honest you've got returned to home and you've got speed mud you got one two and three and that's you return to home button so you can remember what you're looking at here is crime betting you follow up there's a few basics haven't got a lot of the feature that a lot of these of the drones have and it hasn't it just haven't got all them but you it's a very cheap drone it's 40 odd quid rather than a lot of these a lot more money now that you've got through these 100 pound for brushless John Bush jointer I don't think it's that kind of money for a brush John but forty two quid can you really go wrong you'll see some videos I've done recently and I've just got normal toy grid altitude whole drones for that kinda money they don't look as nice as this I don't pop them don't fly as nice as this this thing flies really nicely in the air it's not gonna break any records it's not speed demon of anything like that it's cheap and it's cheerful and I think 42 quid you can't go wrong it's certainly worth looking at some of the I know what happened people get I'm there's bad you look at the new stove coming out in Bangalore whatever site you're on and you look at all the new new stuff sometimes you can get on earth some right bag and if you don't believe my video you want to see another one there's plenty of videos on this it's really indecent and for the money I don't think you can go wrong not a world beater but for the money you can't go wrong and we'll leave me some flying footage I've haven't done loads of flight footage because you've all seen drones like this before I got a couple of minutes flight footage you see it flying you'll see how stable it looks in the end you're gonna see the image from here so yeah I'd definitely take a look at it to me it's a bit it's a thumb though because of the price more than anything else if you want to pay a bit more and identify if you can get those in favor leave the blow mat when you have seen them for around 70 quid great drill does a lot more than this but for 42 quid can you give up thanks very much for watching have a fantastic day so this is the video of the jjrc trucker well fortune it was fast too windy to flight this day so it's not doing it justice at all an approximate amount of time to do another flight so this is what you're gonna have to see it was very windy and you can see it moving around a lot that was just due to the wind you see from the cameras 720p camera it's not the greatest in the world but it's not bad you've gotta remember this thing sport chill twit thanks so much watches fantastic there thanks for watching my channel if you like the video please subscribe and hit the like button and also hit that notification belt there's plenty more good stuff coming up you

My review of the JJRC tracker

A bargain at the price

18 comments on “JJRC TRACKER GPS DRONE £42!!!

  1. waddac2

    WOW!!!! What an AMAZING price. I was expecting quite a rubbish type flight and video image…. But was shocked as looked pretty stable in that wind and was very surprised with quality of video for the money. By the way Col, you have a lovely looking family there buddy on your phone.


    I'll have to disagree, I reviewed this one a couple years ago and it was rubbish… Mine was erratic on every flight, and it eventually lost GPS during flight and flew away on me lol. Short crappy 150m range, rubbish camera and has terrible air brakes. For about the same price the old classic Hubsan H502e that this one is trying to copy is a much better option

  3. stacey ball

    Another great review I have a potensic d50 that has as much stability as this but costs 3x the price. Your right for the price this drone flies very well and the 720p camera has virtually no lag. Cant wait to see what's new on your channel you have given me alot of insight.


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