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all righty folks this is lurch from aerilon gaming and welcome back to another episode of from the depths I hope I run out of great Christmas and Santa he was very kind or and whoever doesn't celebrate Christmas I hope you have a great day anyway but I'm back and I have been playing over just a little bit of my downtime with these suicide drones like kamikaze drones and this particular one is called bee oka or the oka b1 and it is by a guy called God Uranus who is a sort of a very well known guy on the forums and he's went ahead and took mod wants AI code add a little bit of a shove D through it and dug out some of the board interesting code to come up with this but I say more interesting it's all really cool but you know what I mean this is specifically designed to crash into stuff and I approve of this these little suicide drones have a very interesting concept behind them now rather than using explosive ammo barrels which is something I tried out before and had a little bit of luck with I was using harpoons and that tierre case as well to make like harpoon mines but this particular design seems to be very effective rather than using your standard old explosive blocks we're using 500 millimeter cannon shells oh yeah I with the price of the gauge stuff being so so expansive this guy weighs in at over 23 about nearly 23,000 RP lots and lots of metal costs thirty three and a half K metal and this is something that's designed to crash into something else so you really want to be doing an awful lot of damage with that little bit that little bit of metal to make sure that these guys pay for themselves so I kind of went ahead and developed this idea a little bit further trying to trim some of the trim some of the price off on these little drones and I have two other examples that I'm going to show you no no we second and after that I think I'm going to go ahead and build another one just to show how how you go about building one of these what a really cool thing about this code I mean there are some configuration options there's a really nifty like sort of like a swarm mechanic where you if you have more of these ships out on the go at the same time you can they'll each select an individual target and go and bomb a different target which is really cool although it's still kind of an experimental stages it doesn't seem to be working 100% of the time but you can put the blueprint name of this in off the the ship that the Lua code is on and it will pick that ship and give it a flight eight header E and it'll go and do its particular flight path and then it'll give another flight ID Henry to someone else so yeah it allows you to sort of spread out the targets a little bit but as I'm going to be going ahead and building one of these guys anyway to go over the concept I will just show this little guy in action will help I do build mode will hop into the character angle we you are going to have a job to do very shortly so the way that these things are programmed which is very clever this guy has a big ass thruster but you might notice he's not going very fast the drones are programmed to go at ten percent thrust to until they have a target on at that stage they'll ramp up and go really really fast speed so let's get something in the blow up I've been blowing up bastions typically because they're not huge they're sort of a smaller target a little bit more difficult to hit and that allows me to sort of tune the ships a little bit better I this guy has been triggered and he should fire off there he goes full tilt goes to the target then you go and POW that is something that is annoying because seems to rate reset the thing to your character whenever it goes oh wow it one-shot the bastion oh that's badass huh look at the big-ass hole in the top that's pretty cool right so yeah that's that's God Uranus is is sorry I hit pluralizing work names that end in ass that's his attempt at this little thing and I am going to show you my first attempt making something seller so I will be right back with my first little design the boombox mark 1 and here we have the boombox mark 1 it's probably not quite as pretty as God your earnest attempt but it does the trick this has is basically exactly the same thing it's got more or less identical parts in it it's only got it's got two clips for faders I think he had more feeders on his actually and it's essentially the same design all rejiggered about I actually even stole his engine because that's a perfect design for this little thing it's just an engine block the that's a cylinder shrinky things cylinder with two carbs that's it nothing more nothing less very very simple one thing I noticed whenever I was toying with the idea is thrusters are probably one of the most expensive parts of this entire bill after the cannon the cannon is obviously I think the cannon costs about maybe seven or eight thousand and then the customizer is going to be another three at 3k or so so it's a that's a large part of your cost but a large thruster or a large jet engine is four and a half thousand and this is only forty seven hundred so I went with three of them instead of one big one it like quarters the cost nearly nope it's about a third of the cost but that leads to a little bit of a problem with this particular lure code and the problem is with so many less engines it doesn't have enough thrust to get itself into the air because it cuts the thrust down to ten percent so what you have to do is just realize this has to be updated this was just called the boom box before that blueprint name just allows the multi targeting thing to work correctly the variable you're looking for and this isn't done it here at anywhere oh hello it is I'm blind I just spotted that there thrust low speed this is the low speed setting but it's so on and this is typically set to one and that is very very very slow but saying as we're using only three baby engines we're one we're going to want to put this up to actually probably say four or five just enough to give it enough thrust to get into the air and stay in the air because there's no point launching these from the water that would suck so let's just see this guy quickly see it will remove ox mark one so that we've got all the cold changes there and I spent really quite a lot of time with this guy trying to get it to fly the way that I wanted it did it did too and it was a real pain because I find these little small aircraft drone fighter things are so sensitive so you have to be very very careful about how you place your your control surfaces and a lot of the time I find it's down to trial and error and how you get everything flying at one point because this thing was so inaccurate I actually put a propeller on the back so that whenever it inevitably crashed into the water beside the ship it could at least make that little that little push for the last sort of five ten meters or so but let's get something on the go here and we can shoot a gate again blowing up and there's a bastion he's on his way pretty smooth flight and oh sweet let's get up here where are you come on oh there it is it didn't take the a iight but that is not an inconsiderable hole and it's already started being repaired again by their air tentacles or the repair bots so these things are pretty effective I mean whenever you think about it that ship is 450 K we destroyed about maybe a quarter of it there took out a turret which is a very very expensive piece of hardware on all four the cost of that little teeny drone and that first drone that I've got let's get rid of this guy and load another one in is a whopping 16 and a half K so I managed to drop about 5,000 off the cost of gorge Ernest version and that makes them a little bit more efficient with exactly the same payload pilled which is lovely so as long as you're sort of firing these guys at a ship that you have potentially like a really high damage or I put on like no capital ships bulwarks cakes Ted's anithing really really big then these things can actually really really pay off they can do a whopping about a damage in one one smack as long as the gap to the target bear in mind these these aren't misses you can shoot them down well you can shoot missiles down too but you know what I mean as long as they get to the target they are potentially going to do a shit ton of damage and like we easily did more than 16 and a half K damage they're not gay just taking out the turrets so yeah it's something it's really cool so next we're going to move on to the boom box mark 2 which is a slightly different varying to this guy and I'll be right back so this is the boom box mark 3 and it has a slightly bigger payload I went with three clips this time I was actually thinking of trying to reduce the gauge and see if like running with four gauges or something like that would have been better and then carrying a much bigger slip payload but I sort of figured out that by taking away the gauges you really really hump your damage and you don't lose out on like reload speed and cooldown like you do with a normal 500 millimeter cannon there is no pay off there so we just want to get as many shells to the target exactly where we want them as quickly as possible on just I figured out an extra clip see what happens that's an extra big boom eNOS and I made this guy considerably longer well I say considerably it is extremely compact one thing I forgot to mention what the guys script is it needs to have a hydrofoil and he uses this the hydrofoil angle to store data as a variable is really clever so yeah you have to have a hydrofoil on somewhere on the ship but that's all explained in the forum thread about the Lua script and I will be linking that in the description but again this is the CM engine only orientated slightly differently we've got our exhaust here we have four Armel barrels and that's enough to get most of this loaded in one go and we have four engines this time and the gauge going right down the middle but because we have the extra payload while it does a little bit more damage I actually managed to get this thing flying really quite well and it while it doesn't appear to be the minute it has a really smooth flight path which admittedly makes it a little bit easier to shoot out of the sky which isn't so good but anyway let's get this guy on an action and we'll look at the CM sort of blowing stuff up no I will go with the bastion again so that we know sort of everything is going to be working effectively ah are you serious this has been known to happen occasionally it gets stuck there and naughty ants so good what I've been doing is occasionally just going off the set oh man that's pushing the basket over that's awesome that is awesome haha take that we've got our own rom it needs to blow it up when you can just turn it upside down that's brilliant haha okay while they're sort of dancing there let's get another one on the go just so you can fly in and see what's happening to these guys the thrusters are gonna cut out now you're totally upside down that's amazing you missed two seriously oh wait hold on they both went up hahaha yeah it's a bit of a hole so yeah these these little suicide drones they're a little bit of awkward I'll admit you obviously have to keep remaking them but with like a sub vehicle spawner you could probably spawn a whole bloody load of these and do really quite a lot of damage with like an alpha-strike type thing I'll do a little a very brief montage because these are essentially the same thing happening over and over again it's fly over target fly into target explode very simple but I'll show you what they can do to like something like a bulwark and for example I mean a bulwark costs nearly 5 billion RP which is quite a lot these guys cost 16,000 RP how many of these guys fits into one bulwark quite a few isn't it and having tested them about eight of them we'll completely disable a bulwark not completely kill it but disable it anyway before we get to a montage I figure you know I've made a practical one and I've improved upon the practical one so there's a little bit better with a little bit more payload for around the seam cost the boom box marked two is sixteen four sixteen fifty it very very little bit a difference in the cost but it is more efficient because it's got a bigger payload so it's potentially got a higher damage output and that's a good thing but anyway we will get on with building a new one if it's worth doing it's worth overdoing and let's build on yet meter version I think to really blow the crap out of stuff I'm thinking something like an intercontinental missile I like the sign into that so let's let's start building something like that okay let's start out and get something that's roughly Oh quite long we're going for broke here this isn't going to be sensible in any way shape or form so let's just make it really long stupid we want to have an engine at the back we want to have a big pile of exploding bits at the front couple of ammo boxes probably need quite a few ammo boxes and I think a big dirty thruster on the back something to really get things moving and I think we'll make it look a little bit like a missile what do you think so a proper missile with proper explosive warheads maybe you know to 500 millimeter 8-meter shells completely filled with he cheese times four sounds good to me anyway let's get on with it okay so that looks more like a pencil than a missile but it should definitely explode when it gets there oh my god I mean look at the amount of here G in this where's the bottom the actual shell customizer thing come here you with the damage though I've mixed the he Chi and the flak warheads up I've added a couple of flags because you know you get diminishing returns as you add more and more high explosives so you might as well start you're diminishing scaling fresh again with flax flax do like less damage they do literally half the damage but I think they also haven't a lower are more Pierce value as well so um it's it's probably best to use less of these but I've got a couple on the bottom here that's an extra 2k damage if I was adding all here cheese here we get close to it but I don't know I think I'm going to stick with the flax the for flax there 1900 extra damage and it gives you a you know fresh chunk of meteor to work with anyway I think it's nearly time to find out whether this thing actually flies but first things I need to get the code actually needs to go into this so I think I might have a still a man I do hooray okay so let's still on my clipboard and this is the code what are we going to call this we'll call this the boombox mark 3 even though it looks like a missile three dive distance the dive distance is how far away from the target it starts to turn down and dive so 200 should be okay and I also need to change we do have a speedy ass missile like a big thruster on this so this shouldn't be such an issue troll that should be okay let's set it to just to give us a little bit more wiggle room in terms of lift and stuff squeeze a chair in squeeze a chair in at the back here you said there you well brilliant now I moment of truth fire you know or a blast did I see it did I forget to see what I did why you no worky ah yes the code requires stuff say what's going on ah of course it requires the name of the vehicle so let's see if it box mark 3 see a vehicle Oz destroy all vehicles load the fella in again your son get him a little water there as well I've no water start for these which is a bit of a problem now why are you not going should work you totally be working of all of things that are allow you to do the work Ethan no you don't did I put fuel on I did ice my engine ah engine is on backwards there we go ha ha ha hear it when that happens I really wish there was a like a forward location for the M to indicate what waves forward on the engines but off we go no I don't want that to look like that it looks silly oh man seriously that looks daft as well god dammit don't want to make it too much longer because otherwise you get um it's too far away from this that it would explode whenever we collide I wanted to be really close that looks so stupid well any hazel let us find a target this seems to actually work fly really well for what it's doing let's hop off because we don't want to be standing or not when it goes off those are some big-ass missiles so let's get something big-ass and stumpy to crush it into kinks that time I are you going to be able to hit it that is the question hopefully not what are you doing why have you slow died why have you stopped it took a head start I'm did it lose everything I'm gonna get get this guy on the go again I'll be right back so after a couple of minutes of troubleshooting and feeling like an idiot I realized I had a deleted the loo box whenever I replaced one of these with symmetry and I also forgot to put an exhaust on to the engine and the engine cylinder was overheating which meant that we lost all power and it fell out of the sky fantastic design there anyway this should be working correctly nice so let's help you off off there this off I'm going to come back up aren't you you are good let's find a bastion to the WAP actually no don't want a bastion let's get something bigger than a bastion Kings dead hope that God that this doesn't knock me out of the sky should have loads of extra thrust compared to what we had before so off you go I'm on you hope it doesn't reset my camera when I reckon flows Oh slow down because looking look collision come on come on chug chug oh hello it worked but oh well oh well I've got that that did take a fairly big hole but it doesn't seem to be much bigger than the other one that sucks a bit what if I did it so that it's all roms at the front and it gets deeper in before it explodes on it okay we have a couple of rounds at the front I other than the first one that I just put on for cosmetics see what happens it's time mr. King said don't hit me please I'm done on slow dine no no yep there we are see what happens if it even does anything different or if it'll just blow up as soon as it hits the target instead we cause problems oh there we go oh actually being Dynel oh my god holy crap but did not work as intended but a bloody will worked they've got a new basement if in so much as you can have a basement on a ship yeah that's a pretty half the explosion I approve about that actually happened to me one time before when I was testing these guys one of them liked the game chugged right at the second that was about to collide and one of the marked twos got sort of wedged under the hull like in here and then it blew up like something else destroyed it and it blew a massive massive hole in the bottom of the ship very very cool so there yeah that's my boom boxes and this is the boom box mark 3 now the mark 3 is obviously a little bit silly it doesn't seem to have so much of an advantage over the other two despite having nearly twice the cost but it does look cool and looks a bit like a missile but yeah I really hope you enjoyed this I'm gonna leave you with a bit of a montage showing these guys blowing up various different targets and I want to say thank you to God Uranus for putting together that a really nifty little piece we lure code for it it makes it a lot easier to do these you can't make them with the mod Wong's AI and it just requires a little bit of the fiddling with the variables but it's got a lot of like extra features that you don't need to actually do this and this is a nice stripped-down sort of efficient remake of the code that should make your little bombers really really effective so like I say I'm going to leave you with a montage I really hope you enjoyed the episode and he likes subs or comments are really really awesome I love hearing from you guys and I read every single comment as always take it handy and have a bloody good day you

Some folk on the forums have been playing about with these recently and thought I’d have a go myself! Presenting, Kamikaze drones! Designed to crash directly into the target with a fairly hefty payload of explosives!

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From the Depths is a physics-driven multiplayer warfare game from Brilliant Skies where players design and build their own vehicles block by block.

Teams can build and take first-person command of galleons, planes, submarines or hot air balloons in a bid to win the spoils of war, destroying other players, their fleets and enormous monsters. Players man the weapons, repair damage and repel boarders while delivering broadsides and bombing runs in dozens of multiplayer game modes while unlocking new equipment, blocks and skills.

31 comments on “Kamikaze Drones – From the Depths

  1. Stridx

    I've got a missile that goes 3000rpm this thing rams the enemy causing collision dmg often causing the entire ship to be destroyed in 1 go. It also launches 3 nukes in the enemy almost like a super HEAT shell. It can 1 shot Robbaz's ragnarok xD

  2. The YouTube Phantom Official

    Now you could use an ammo rack with all EMP shells and an ejector to blast EMPs at an enemy ship, with the player on the drone, they can jump off and onto the ship right before impact, and prepare to storm the ship while the AI is disabled. That would work awesomely on OW ships, since there isn't a plank of wood on most of them.

  3. Andy Cameron

    I Think It Would Be a Great Idea To Make a Drone That Pushs The Vehicle Over Onto Its Back (Like In The Video), While Another Explodes Into The Exposed Bottom. Just An Idea…

  4. The One Percent

    Explosions are stronger under water, that is why it did so much damage, if you could write a LUA scrip for a torpedo that goes under water and explodes there, that would be the most efficient way of using the ramming drones.

  5. Derpldorf

    What would happen if you swapped the shells for a group of missile racks with basically all warheads and an inertial trigger set to fire when enemy is within say… 5 or so meters?

  6. Codemaster28

    So I'm not very familiar with most coding I understand I tiny bit about the most basic of lua but why do the drones wobble so much instead of pick their target path and slam into the thing instead of doing a barrel roll two seconds before it impacts?


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