Kid Who Casually Found A Woolly Mammoth Tooth On His Vacation Would Like To Get It Back | TIME

Normally when a kid is playing around in a muddy creek while on vacation they will just end up wet and dirty. One eagle-eyed kid, though, ended up finding a seven-inch long woolly mammoth tooth.
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Kid Who Casually Found A Woolly Mammoth Tooth On His Vacation Would Like To Get It Back | TIME

8 comments on “Kid Who Casually Found A Woolly Mammoth Tooth On His Vacation Would Like To Get It Back | TIME

  1. Thoth

    give the young man his mammoth tooth back. its meaningless in a museum where nobody will ever see it, it will never be studied or appreciated whatsoever. theyve found other teeth and mammoth before so its not like its something new. plus these museums never show the real actual dinosaur and ancient creatures bones anyway, they always just slap up some plaster rubbish and claim its real while the real stuff gets hidden in some dusty basement at the smithsonian and never touched again (assuming it ever even existed to begin with). just like the mona lisa, the declaration of independence and all the giant skeletons with double rows of teeth theyre too scared to show to the public these days. and just like how they dismantled and replaced stonehenge in the 50s and put up that plaster crap and people still think its real even though you can obviously see the plasters been eroding at the bottom of the metal I-beams they got in the center of those "stones". Fake.

  2. dondroc1

    finders keepers…in most cases. When it comes to rare fossils such as this, I guess I would say it belongs in a museum where it can be protected, and all can see. However I think it should be up to the finder to hand it over if he wants to. Not taken from him.


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