Kingkong Fly Egg 130 FPV Racing Drone Flight Test Review

good morning quite cup to 101 and what I got for you today is a review of the King Kong flag 130 this is actually a really neat-looking quadcopter it looks sleek it's composed both out of 7075 aluminum aircraft aluminum this is the type of aluminum they make aircraft out of along with carbon fiber so it should be pretty dang strong things about it or is it comes with 1105 7000 kV motors for 1b oh hey Lily Ted amp es C's alright you know built in yes C's 800 t VL camera on the front of it along it has 150 degree field of view it's transmitter fpv or fpv transmitter is selectable or dashes is 25 and 100 milliwatts selectable I think you got a short one of these pins over to be able to switch to 100 milliwatts I'm gonna be flying in 25 milliwatts folks but it is 16 channel selectable via this little button right here on it you can tell what channel you're on by the color coding of there's LED lights here to tell you which channel or you are along with you compare that to the chart that you get in the instructions for the different channels to determine which channel you're on I'm on the back of it it has nice bright LEDs along with a buzzer on here the to warn you of low battery power unfortunately it does not have on-screen display so you're gonna have to rely on the buzzer for that so you get a 350 milli ampere our label battery and with red jst connector but unfortunately this is this is an issue here that I've noticed on this particular quadcopter the battery connector is a balance plug you're going to need to connect the balance plug to the connector now what's the limitation of that why is that it might be an issue well these balance connectors are only rated for 10 amps usually not 10 amps I'm sorry 3 amps of power to go through them after which they start to warm up a bit and increase their resistance so you know although this has 10 amp EEOC's you are going to be limited with a current balance connector 2 by three amps of power before it's it's going to be starting to slow down on that power the only comparison I can give you to is like trying to shoot a firehose amount of water through a garden hose going through this year so one modification that you might consider if you do get one I heard that they're coming both with balance plugs you know it's kind of a luck of the draw what you're getting you might want to confirm it and read jst connectors I replace this with a jst plug and if you do by chance get a version with the balance plug because you'll get much more oomph onto the quadcopter I got a feeling I'm gonna be limited in the amount of acceleration I'll be seeing because of this balance blog so let's go for a flight of this thing and see how it performs I hope you enjoyed this flight ok let's give this thing a flight and see how it goes what did I forgot to mention the receiver on this is free sky D 16 16 channel version so you're gonna have to select these 16 to bind it selecting a CRO and I mean the motors and away we go I hope you enjoy this flight wing up we have a bit of a breeze today so keep that in mind folks with my flying for today so let's let me get a feel for this thing first I'm down here by us zip by us going around the other way and let's punch it Wow do that beep beep beep you know it's being limited again by the balance plug on this so let's I want to fly it around first and see how it goes between the trees that wind is picking up that be careful here let me get it he's fly to ride first zoom now I got the angle if the camera set up pretty high main reason being I just want to do go up and do these and these whoops and that this is our big ol dog bugs where's that love no damage back to the pad let's go back up again and okay I am an acro arming the motors and away we go let's be a little more careful this time yeah I want to try that and then we'll just get up but I'm gonna continue flying in the wind I think there's a frontal system coming by here soon I hope so because it's been so hot out here lately that beeping again that's I'm pretty sure that's being caused by that what you call balance plug so again you know it's really not difficult it is a little you got to do a little bit of soldering to change that to jst connector but I would strongly recommend that as the first thing if if you get a version with a balance plug I'm not sure that there's still shipping those like that when sketching it beeps then it stops beeping I'm gonna wait does beeps are steady it's fine wow it is a good flier I'll give you that it's just that you know that balance plugs the only issue I had with this thing and the battery get a better battery than the one that's applied I mean it's it's already beeping let's go over the top fly egg from King Kong King Kong usually makes a really good stuff yeah get a better battery that's another suggestion okay I'm gonna start calling it quits I'm starting to believe that battery beep because it's beeping beeping non-stop now so let's bring it in that's the flight of the flag this RV so the flag it was flying nicely nicely the pins were there pins were nice you know I had a crash there so there's only two things that I would recommend for this you know that is if you by chance get one the version with a balance plug swap that out that'll be the first thing I would recommend you do and also the second thing I recommend you do is considering getting a better battery then these little 35c you know it's 350 ml ampere 35c get a better battery you know have a lot of lot more performance so better battery change connector but other than that it was a great quadcopter nice flyer nice smooth kids it was flying roll in the wind you know I was able to control it easily well kind of go to control easily I did have one minor crash here but other that is a great quadcopter so hope you enjoyed this flight this quadcopter 101 again with the King Kong flying signing act

This FPV racer drone is made of aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber, making it lightweight and tough! Find it here and use coupon rc180ff

– Hybrid construction using both 7075 aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber, not only makes it look good, but also makes it very tough for crashes in a light package.
– PIKO BLX F3 FC board loaded with Betaflight
– 1105 7000KV motors
– 4in1 BLHeli 10A ESC’s
– 800 TVL camera with 150 degree FOV
– 16 channel 25/100mW FPV transmitter
– Back turn LED’s and a Buzzer
– Available in PNP, and BNF Flysky, Frsky (D16), DSM2/DSMX, and Futaba

– No OSD
– Mine came with a balance charger port for its power port. This greatly limits the amount of amperage that can be provided to the quadcopter’s ESC’s and motors. But not all are coming equipped as such, and by now they may have all been replaced with better power ports.
– The provided 35C battery is not the best. Recommend a higher C rating battery for more “oomph”.

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22 comments on “Kingkong Fly Egg 130 FPV Racing Drone Flight Test Review

  1. J H

    Just received one of these from GearBest – new model with updated Sunnysky 1104 motors. One motor DOA, and two more motors failed in minutes. Guessing its an ESC problem. I'd beware of this newest version.

  2. Footy Thoughts TV

    Hey Quadcopter 101 me again, I recently found an old drone that I have finally been able to identify as the SY X11 and it has a port above where the battery goes which has 4 pins and I would like to know if I can put a FPV camera on it and use it with cheap goggles like VR-006 as I don't know if I can put a camera there and don't want to buy one unnecessarily

  3. Bill Somrak

    I looked on Amazon and they have some 2S 550mah 80C batteries fairly cheap .. 3 for $15 and they got over a 4 star rating, so they must be pretty decent. The other option on the plug is to change to an XT30 plug. I don't think you will gain much going to a JST over the balance plug, given the same gauge of wire. A lot of cheap batteries (like the 35C they provide) really sag in voltage, so you can lower the battery alarm voltage in Betaflight so that you don't get too many "false alarms". Its a good flyer, but I've never been a fan of their VTX, which is a very 'select group' of just 16 channels, and a chart you have to refer to in order to figure out which channel you are on. If you have a lot of FPV models, and typically use one channel all the time, its likely that your favorite channel won't be included (as was the case with the KK90GT for me). It's a good flier, and a nice size. Thanks for the review. Cheers.


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