Landing In Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, India

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Shot while landing in Mumbai International Airport, Maharashtra, India. It was the busiest airport in India until 2008. It is also ranked as the 44th busiest airport worldwide handling more than 30 million passengers every year.

Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is most famous for its Hindi Movie Industry aka Bollywood. Until 1942, Juhu Aerodrome was Mumbai’s only airport. RAF Santacruz Airfield was set up in 1942. The Santacruz Airfield was initially renamed as “Sahar International Airport” and it has now been renamed as “Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport”.

The codes for this airport are: IATA: BOM — ICAO: VABB

Thanks to free music from Teknoaxe, I have used the track “Fields Of Tranquility”

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43 comments on “Landing In Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, India

  1. Sam Goodwin

    One of the largest city in the world yet so green and mangroves well preserved . i have been there …. u visit Mumbai and its like you ve visited the whole of India !

  2. Manish Sheth

    your touch down appeared to be a little late… only the main under carriage seemed grounded when flight crossed runway 14-32.. normally entire aircraft touches down by that time and reverse thrusters are started.

  3. jo man

    may i ask which camera or camcorder did you use to take mumbai airport video?  today you can use portable 4k camera for even better quality studio like videos.  thank you for the video.

  4. sanch Sanchayan

    So much pollution , a haze of white fog. When I landed in New York City it was bright blue . This looks awful . We have to fight the pollution otherwise the nation will be perished

  5. Shreyas Sinkar

    Mumbai is very beautiful.. The slums should be replaced by permanent buildings because its such a great experience flying over mumbai but at the end a huge area of slum arrives.. Its replacement should be done and mumbai will be more beautiful.. Excellent video by the way!! Keep it up

  6. Alok Sharma

    Nice video. but how did the crew let you use your camera. Dont they ask to turn all electronic equipment including music players, laptops and cameras off while taking off and landing…just curious to know. 🙂 . Also, for the knowledge of everyone, most cities in India are humid and hence when you look from the top, it looks as if there is too much of pollution. but actually its mostly fog. and u will see this even in smaller cities where there is no air pollution at all. I guess the least fog that I have so far seen has been at Bangalore airport. but then Bangalore has cloud cover throughout the year which beats the purpose.

  7. The Expert

    Our airport is ranked #1 busiest in the world and being that I live only 5 miles from the airport and along the flight path of landing / take off planes I get reminded of that every day

  8. Jobin johnson

    Mumbai looks soo beautiful from the sky.. I've never took off or landed from the the side of runway that you passed through..Am so eagerly waiting to visit india this december and all the flights arrive at night..I hope i get some flights that arrive in the afternoon.

  9. Connecting dot

    I do agree that half of India is poor and they come to live near big cities of India….but rest of the India is rich and these population of rich Indian can challenge any developed countries….that's why the whole world is looking for business in India…but we too have to be focused on developing villages of India so that they too can grow along with rest of India.


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