LIVE-IN REVIEW – Adria Twin Supreme 640 SLB Camper Van

right I'm Dougal I'm sorry but we can't operate without the star of the show the hair makeup do go come on we're kind of a video without you in it can we no thank you there can we start okay hello and welcome to my long-awaited review of the Adria twin supreme 640 s lb well when I say review really this is just gonna be a video about our experiences we've had with this van for the past 12 weeks yes we have been three months living in this van so we've put it through a real test that's probably one or two years worth of use out in the real world so there are some great reviews on YouTube already and rather than just do another review just like one of the reviews that's out there we're going to try and do something a little bit different so if you want a short concise review of this van then please check out candy Evans's review with the camping caravanning Club which I will link to in the description below and if you want to really in-depth nuts and bolts user review from a family that have bought an Adria twins supreme 640 s lb then police check out the van losses Channel Kristof I'll put a link again to Kristoff channel van low C in the description below he's done a terrific review of this van so what we're going to do is we're going to concentrate on those things that you can't really see for yourself in a showroom or at the shows so things like the driving and certain aspects of the van in use so as I commented we'll start with the driving we're currently in Tyree we've been weeks and weeks and weeks in the islands of Scotland and we've just been to the Tyree music festival still got my bands on so we've been a week off grid so we'll come back to the off grid use in a minute so we're going to dive to the future and the drive back South to Adria HQ and talk about the driving so the thing you really can't do in a showroom the driving what about the driving well this is my second determine at filming this segment because the first attempt I had the camera not the wrong setting as such we are currently driving the van back to patria and it is now empty so there is nothing in the drawers there's nothing anywhere and some of the drawers are wrapping a little bit which is unfair because when the drawers will fill up with stuff there were no squeaks or rattles when if you do there any rattling now that has only appeared because the band is now completely empty all the way through three thousand of you trigger this man there have been no squeaks or rattles we're still off talking about the engine and this man has the 150 bhp engine upgrade and it is absolutely superb the acceleration is probably is okay but where you will find the engine upgrade is worth the money there are two things that will one is the gearing now I've driven the 130 bhp version of this with the 6-speed manual gearbox this has got a 16 point of gearbox automatic it's an option the 130 bhp version gets too sixth gear by about forty miles an hour so it's really although gears on the 130 bhp engine when you can start getting to the 150 bhp upright that this is gone those gear ratios get a little bit wider right now we're doing 60 miles an hour we're doing about one 1,750 revs so it's much quieter you get to sing gear when you're just about over 50 miles an hour so that it makes it much quieter much more relaxing smoother so that is good and then the second advantage at the engine upgrade is that the fact if you're going to tow something might have towed my Caravan the 300 miles with this verb and it has been super while the acceleration is never earth-shattering in these bands because the bands themselves are heavy the gearing is set to cope with that weight so when you track a caramel on the back it doesn't make a huge difference you don't really notice a huge change in how you drive because the gears are already set for power Orlin speed towing my Caravan we've managed to easily get to 60 miles an hour it could easily go faster and at 60 miles an hour we've been cruising along in 6th gear without needing to change the hills and things like that so it has been awesome tow vehicle so really really impressed with 150 bhp engine just to recap better gear ratios and awesome towing capability as far as fuel consumption goes we've had between 27 and 32 miles per gallon 27th round the roads in the air – everybody's no system star and 32 on motorway runs thus hopefully that character so very well other thing very good if your perception but 32 miles an hour miles a gallon on a long run is not too bad can't comfort it's a nice comfortable captain seat a lot of you will know I don't get all very well often with captain seats but these fitted in the Adria they're really quite comfortable there's no movable lumbar support but they're nicely ergonomically shaped they've got two arms here I can cruise along and I do find them very comfortable so yeah I do like these captain seats that they fit into the Adria twin so just stop talking there to overtake a lorry and as some of you may have seen another great thing is the visibility with the two-bit those behind me you can do what I spike the school lifesavers check over your shoulder and you can check that way which also makes sometimes awkwardly angled junctions much easier and safer to pull out of than if you didn't have a quiz so good visibility as well another great thing with the Fiat Ducato I've mentioned it before also again is the terrific turning circle so even though the van takes up one and a half spaces in a supermarket car park it is easy to maneuver thanks to the nice tight turning circle cupholders this van tap cupholders this man has cup holders I mean you can specify my lockable company if you want but I just like cup holders so that's a silly thing you can specify which ever you want I just like cup holders so is there anything not to like well I wouldn't say that something I don't like but it's something that maybe is now looking a little bit long in the tooth and that is the screen of the sat-nav system I've been lucky enough to drive a car and around this year they're both hurt and we can't blame and it's one of those things once you've had apple carplay or Android car they you never want to go back to anything else because they're so good you can use Google Maps you can listen to your text messages to do take this text messages and right now this man does not have I do remember that this is a 2019 urgent I think material to it it might I don't know when it might be an option in the 2020 version I've just found out there is a first look of the 2020 andrea twin su cream from korean originals at the channel here we tow so I shall link to that first look in the description below so if you want to have a quick look at winter 20 version of this adria twin supreme tip I don't know whether on our apple carplay will become an option for 20 to 20 honest leaching with your local area dealer but this one doesn't have it if you also check out the review by Christophe van law see our link to that in the description below he's bought one of these what he's done is he switched the stereo unit for a Kenwood unit and that has a problem so you can put an aftermarket Kenwood device in as apple carplay you want to see more about that check out fantasies video I'll link to that in the description below so really other than the small screen to the sat-nav system there's really nothing nothing not to like one thing people have asked is about the Skyrim and they say what about it it's sunny and you shut the sky roof blind without taking your eyes off the road the simple answer to that my friends is yes you can you can shut the line to the Skyrim without take my concentration off the road so that just about sums up the driving experience now let's go back in time to that field in tyree I will talk about the interior ok so we've gone back to the past we're back in Tyree and it feels really weird to be linking to a segment that I haven't even recorded uses in the future but there you go so now we're going to talk about some of the things about the van that I absolutely love and we're gonna start with that sky roof the sky roof is the unique selling point of an Adria twin supreme Adria is the pioneering brand the first to fit such a feature to its van conversions at first I wasn't too sure about it I thought I was going to miss the storage space above the cab that you lose because of the sky roof however the longer I had to live with the Adria twin the more I loved the sky roof and the light that flooded in and it's not just about the light it's also to do with the facts you can enjoy the view even when you're stood up at the kitchen and isn't also just about bright weather in fact I would say the sky roof comes into its own more in darker northern countries such as Scandinavia or Scotland where every little bit of light really makes a difference to the interior of the van another feature of the Adria twin supreme that I love is the washroom and the way you can very quickly and simply convert it from a washroom to a dedicated shower compartment all you have to do is swing the bulkhead and voila it's a really brilliant and efficient use of space I've used the shower many many times and it's been absolutely superb the one thing I would say is there isn't a huge amount of elbow room in the shower and if you do drop the soap or the shower gel it can be quite a crouch down to try and retrieve it but there again this is a campervan so space is at a premium Hillar sorry the thing I love most about the Adria twin and probably the most important is the superb quality is quality you can feel and see everyone but everyone who came into the van remarked how solid it felt and how well put together it was it really is a brilliant van and the quality is superb and that nicely leads us on to the ambience and the aesthetics of the van it's just a bright and pleasant place to be what more could you ask for the twin supreme that I had on loan had almost every conceivable optional extra added turret and one of those was the four hundred and ninety pound solar panel if you ever plan to spend more than a couple of nights away from an electric hookup and you're not going to be driving the van in that time I would say that that was money very well spent the solar panel kept our battery topped up to over 13 volts for an entire week while we were off grid and stationary at the Tyree Music Festival finally the last outstanding feature with the Adria twin supreme is its fridge it is brilliant it's a compressor fridge and it kept things really cool no matter how hot the weather got outside there's a small icebox and there's loads of space to keep lots of food really cool I really did like the fridge so they are just the standout features that I really love about this van and what you will be delighted to know is that there are really no deal-breakers with this version there's nothing about this van I would say now if you don't like it don't buy it there but there are a few niggles and we'll go into those niggly little things right now I've said it before and I'll say it again I really don't like this tab I really wish that I could rotate it because you can't rotate this tab it is fixed in this position so if you're doing something like washing vegetables because the jet of water is so close to the rear of the sink you end up getting water everywhere which if you're parked on a slope it could run down onto the cooker surface which brings another problem so if you're washing up or you've been washing veg and the van is slightly nosed down you see here what happens the water runs down the cooker and then it comes through the bottom of the cooker either through the control knobs all through the burners and into the draw at the top it's not the end of the world but it's also not really good enough in stark contrast to the wonderfully bright forward parts of the cabin in the adrià the bedroom area is really quite gloomy this was exacerbated on the Adria twin that we had because it was fitted with the optional air-conditioning unit which meant that we lost the skylight in the bedroom and also you could argue that I should use something a bit brighter than grey bedding however it really was just a very gloomy area and you need to bear this in mind if you're considering the option of air conditioning I found the toilet flush to be way too weak and to demonstrate I'm using here a bowl cleaner to show you what I mean so that's the bowl cleaner in the bowl now we flush the toilet and you will see that the flush water only reaches halfway round the bowl so what you end up having to do is keep a washing up bottle filled with clear water and use that to flush the other half of the toilet one thing you need to bear in mind if you are tempted by this layout of van conversion and trust me this is not a problem unique to Adria is that with this particular layout it's great for dining and for sitting around the table for working but it's not so great for lounging I found it really hard to get comfortable to get my feet up and just relax without just going to bed it's something to be aware of if you are tempted by this layout right and finally breakages and failures we've had three breakages and failures one has been squarely my fault and two have kind of been the fault of Adria ping component failure so we start with the one I think is really really my fault so I've broken the step I did this odd royal campsite in the Isle of Lewis hit a rock that was kind of set into the tarmac and it's damaged the step no longer goes in and out so I've damaged a step it's not that low-lying but what's interesting is the in the olive Harris I met up with my buddy Moe Thompson who has done some of the brilliant aerial and gimble shots for the how to her birdie series and while we were filming that Moe also commented that he had also not the step in his van so it could just be a bit of a hybrid en thing or maybe we're just it may be slightly more adventurous than some people but yes I've broken the step there are enough further to breakages and failures kind of squarely Adria's fault number one is the cupboard latch in the bedroom so one of those latches has failed I cannot get it to keep the cupboard latched and the second one is the light in the bedroom it just won't come on I do have a little problem with these lights they are a great idea because you can dim them you put your finger on the button and they dim but the other bedroom light has sometimes just come on at random and other times it just won't switch off it's just a little bit weird I have to admit those lights are just a little bit too fancy-schmancy for me I just like a switch what are the lights in the cab the little light night lights here in the cab I find them a little bit hard to to press and switch on maybe it's just me personally I just prefer something a little bit more mechanical so apart from those three breakages and failures there's really been absolutely nothing else wrong with this van in 12 weeks the van did arrive with a few faults because we did actually take it on at 6 months old and I believe the faults were actually due to user error by the previous user for example the washroom door was jammed and we went to see the lovely people at Scott motorhomes of Perth and they fixed the washroom door and in 12 weeks since then and a lot of use we've had no problems at all with that Tambor door so it did come to us with a few issues but they were readily fixed by Scott motorhomes in Perth and we've had no problem at all with those so really it's been a very solid performer as regards breakages and failures very little gone wrong and what has gone wrong should be a very easy fix so there you have it that's just my quick i quick look around the Adria twin supreme 640 SLB I hope you found it a little bit useful by the time you watch this video I will have given the van back so if you have any questions obviously please check out the Adria UK website I'll leave a link in the description below or of course go and visit your local Adria dealer and ask them otherwise because we won't have the van anymore I won't be able to say for example tell you any measurements or anything like this but if you check out van losses channel Christoph's channel obviously you have to subscribe to that channel first and then I'm sure Kristoff won't mind if you pose a question in the comments to one of his excellent videos about his Adria twin supreme 640 s lb so I hope you found this video useful if you did you know what to do please give it a thumbs up subscribe if you don't already and it just leaves me to say from the beautiful Isle of Tyree in the Inner Hebrides from Dougal and from me thanks for turning in there do you think that went well to go do you think that went well you looking forward to the journey home no neither am i no we're really not looking to that drive home are we do you think they'll notice if we don't get the fan back do you think do you think we just forget to give it back they'll notice he never smiles you

Three months living in an Adria Twin Supreme 640SLB. How did we get on? What were its strengths? And what were its weak points?

In this full live-in review of an Adria Twin Van Conversion we take a look at some of the aspects you cannot try for yourself in the showroom, such as the driving and using the appliances.

The price of the model shown here, a 2019 Adria Twin Supreme, is as follows (correct as of May 2019):

Twin Supreme 640 SLB – £47,925 OTR.
Pack 2 – £2,590.
Luxury Pack – £3,060
150 BHP engine – £1,560.
Orange metallic paint – £890.
Towbar – £1,190.
Habitation air conditioning – £1,530.
Solar panel – £490.
Sliding door flyscreen – £340.
Additional bed – £180.
ISOFIX – £130.
Total – £59,885

For more information, please see:

To check out a brief review by Candy Evans at the Camping and Caravanning Club, please see:

To check out a full ‘nuts and bolts’ live-in review by a family who have actually bought this van, please check out Van Lossie at:

To check out a First Look at a 2020 model of an Adria Twin Supreme (UK variant) please check out Here We Tow’s preview at:

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24 comments on “LIVE-IN REVIEW – Adria Twin Supreme 640 SLB Camper Van

  1. Van Lossie

    Lovely review Andrew. Thanks a million for the reference to my review 🙏. I’m happy to answer questions about the van. Some comments on the points you made.
    If you don’t have the airco, the gloomyness is not an issue.
    The touch button lights are indeed annoying 😅.
    The tap… yep absolutely right, we sometimes use the basin in the washroom for washing vegetables or filling up a large pot with water.
    The flushing of the toilet is indeed underpowered.
    The radio is simply a matter of not ordering one from fiat and going aftermarket.
    And I found sitting in the passenger seat (for you the drivers seat) swiveled and slided forward my feet could rest on the bench. 😌

    Love your videos, keep it up!

  2. lost weekends caravan

    Hi Andrew just catching up. A very honest and open review. This van looks very impressive. I agree fancy switches are not my thing either. I love the design and the cabinets though, very sleek and modern. Many Thanks P&J🙂👍

  3. Freetasman

    Great review, thank you for sharing. The finish couple that traveling and living permanently in an Adria for 3 years have a Youtube site called Vantastic and has done a review of their older unit.
    The low step and the shower/toilet door are one of the things that do not like about it. IMO is a good review to complementing your excellent channel.

  4. Rob Jopling

    Andrew. I have experienced similar problems to you on my Twin Supreme 640 SLB. I damaged the mounting bolt for the step. Luckily the step still works. Also two cupboard latches failed. I have also had the clips for the front window blind falling off. Other failure have had is shelf in rear locket collapsed when I went over a speed hump slightly too fast. Agree with you comment about the toilet flush. Love the sky roof and I relax when by myself by sitting in one of the captain chairs with my feet on the other. Overall a great van.

  5. Graham

    Great review! Good point about the window position, I sort of accidentally found the same benefits on my Globescout but didn't make the connection to the lack of them in different layouts, I find them useful on motorways as an extra check.
    The new Peugeot 160hp engine seems to have similar gearing and gets around 34mpg, the power I'm noticing is nice also because cruise in 6th just goes up any hill.
    I like the big window at the front on the Adria – I did like the ambience of the dinette with that.

    At 17:08 'Lounging' I find that with both front seats facing each other I can sit in the passenger seat and put my feet up on the drivers seat, and swing the table extension around if needed – lounging heaven!

  6. Iver Knackerov

    Good review Andrew – we bought one back in May. The Skyroof is fantastic and not only does it let light in, but you dont smash your head when climbing into he cab as you do on most other vans. To us, the rear isn't gloomy – suspect this is if you have the aircon


    Hello Andrew this is Philippe from France we already had contact. Thanks again for your videos I watch all of them 👍 I need this time your advice on something . As I told you before I am planing to buy an Airstream motorhome vintage. I have never travel with a large motorhome , just vans. you have been traveling almost everywhere in Europe so your advise will be precious for me. Do you think traveling full time in a 34.5 “ Airstream would be difficult to maneuver on europeens roads and to park for boon-docking . Would it be smarter to get a 29”or 30” maximum . Of course I prefer to have more room inside but if I have to struggle all the time to move and park that wont be a good idea. Merci beaucoup pour ton aide Andrew . When are you doing more videos about Airstream (new models and vintage) 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Philippe

  8. Toonster72 Toonster72

    Nice review, Andrew always strikes a good honest balance in his videos, hopefully Adria take on your comments regarding the taps, lights and flush. Also nice to see a review where the bathroom has had proper sustained use, rather than a quick untested opinion.

  9. Neale Burgess

    Nice report Andrew. Shame Adria wanted it back! One question, were you running the fridge while you were off grid? If so, that was a remarkable performance from one small solar panel.

  10. David Clinch

    Thanks Andrew for another great, honest review – with the star in place first, of course !! This motor caravan looks well designed and screwed together and the shower arrangement is very clever, but from a different perspective we find caravans more practical than motor caravans, plus at the end of a long tow it's so nice when arriving on site to fully relax in a fresh environment – your caravan. We'll stick with ours.


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