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assalamualaikum agreeing so they shall not hear and finally yes after two attempts you are watching me live with the fpv free-rider retouched yes there have been a lot of questions about how do you learn to fly fpv quadcopter the ref pv racing quad copters because they are really really fast and difficult to learn well instead of learning outside crashing burning spending money burning your pockets as well best thing to do is to spend you know ten twenty dollars and get yourself you know free rider a fee free ride every charge or similar program because you can basically you know crash as much as you want now let me see if i'm live or not hmm where is my livestream hold on where are you live stream why can I see it waiting for it just want to say if it's working uh yes okay all right is the sound working or is my livestream sound is working as well okay so now that the live stream is working and it's really very very bad quality looks like here very blurry but hey anyway this is let's just take you to test and see how it good sir yes I have a fpv free-rider and I have my futaba 14sg set up with a dongle here and let's let's go for very very very very I will put the quality medium on this you know similar here let's go to desert and fly which is the easiest place to fly and let me check my stream I will put down the volume for desktop audio so you don't hear a lot of quadcopter sounds okay there you go and I hope this will actually show up nicely alright here we go let me show you if I can flight I am in Agra mode oh nice is that my car no I crashed oh that's a Land Rover Defender I wish to have that car alright let's line the desert there's a hole I will now try to go through the response is not as accurate as my quads outside but hey at least it gives you it gives you practice to fly and when you crash nothing actually breaks all right almost did it man the simulator makes me look like a complete noob complete beginner alright let's see this time I will control it you did it you just have to get used to it any dead snakes here oh that is a no-no zone there don't go there so come back Oh trouble baby and died oh look at that crash could have broken many motors if it was in real life now let me see how my stream actually is working let me just check it out it seems like stream works very well alright now that is a little bit blurry but hey at the moment I mean what can you do you are on a VP and everything is blocked hey I'm yes in Pakistan there's nothing blocked thank you God so I'll be there for 13 days and I can do some good live-streaming I need to take my fingy free-rider on my laptop I can do some nice high bandwidth live streaming from Pakistan some of our live travels and of course the live streaming of flying the fpv alright let's fly again here in the beautiful desert I saw another kind of rocky gate let's find out where is it oh there it is I saw it the response is amazingly dope here on on my radio control I mean outside when I'm flying my quads are locked locked in they they respond to every move I make yeah yeah you have to get used to it whoo that was big and even a beginner could go where is my old Defendor it's right there my old Defendor Oh hold on I found some gates I found something to play with yeah you can do it I think I put the camera and go to high let's let's try to do some aerobatics the throttle response is amazingly terrible right here I said of many things but hey as you can see that still I mean this simulator will give you the basics of controls and make you learn to control your quad properly and if you crash you know nothing happens you can learn to do aerobatics and crash your self try to do strange moves that you have never done in your life before and if you crash don't worry you didn't break any motors you didn't break anything alright let's try the carpark just say how it goes in the carpark I love the carpark actually there are lots of car parks here where I am and I can basically go there to fly of hoops and stuff like here I mean I have a lot of places again I love FPV free-rider because this actually gives you a lot of learning and without breaking anything and it also gives you an older defender oh I'm I was like the carpark all right the graphics are pretty nice I mean if if I'm running I'm running a medium graphics at the moment but if if I run high graphics specs I mean you will you actually love it the graphics are let me turn the pretty mode now self-leveling on okay and reset the position all right now we're in self self leveling what's happening one moment let's let's try to get this to the self leveling now alright self-leveling is on go now now we have better control yes I cannot do aerobatics now so but what is that is that a jet or UFO oh I'm outside the world okay that's just some point in the world let me just put the egg remote or 3d movies on what is 3d mode oh I know this is 3d mode you can employ Burton oh that was one of the worst crashes ok im bored from here so I'm just gonna go to let's say Rox I'm just trying to show you all of the fpv rider free charged this Ross looks like a good area to fly over there gates there man nice nice nice that gates there for you to start racing and other time I was doing a very good job mr. gate totally hit the other gate let's try it again I'm not gonna give up this this thing is really nice for you to learn to fly and practice your skills on you know simulator and basically in real life quads actually behave much more you know responsive than the free rider like a simulator here and you can basically have a noticeable improvement you can basically have a noticeable improvement if you actually fly outside after the simulator I did it man I mean I wasn't expecting this to go that right so you say simulator does help you clear your skillset okay and you know oh I almost went out and you can actually you know save a lot of a lot of money which you will spend another Lee money but time also which you will spend repairing your quads you know buying parts all that money spent for buying parts and time you spend repairing I know there is a lot of learning that you can do by building I mean by crashing rebuilding repairing plots but only if you have money to do that right and you have time to do that so similarly just actually gonna save you a lot of time a lot of money in terms of you know learning to fly and keep crashing does not matter the very basic one I'm sorry I couldn't actually look at the chats going on in the background because I'm playing game at the moment the thing is that fpv writer recharge is basically a very basic you know life simulator that does a lot of things and it's basically very very good to learn to fly to learn to do aerobatics to do learn to do freestyling and it works with your radio controls given that you have a dongle and someone actually told me that you can in fact connect I'm getting good now you see in fact you can connect your Tyranus x90 directly without any to go just connect USB and you know you can basically use your Taranis x90 directly no time getting better now right so this shows that like simulators are great to let awesome and trained 3 rock fill you up okay I want it to land on my defender right there all right now I won't be let me just see some of the chats going on here yes very nice very nice I can see that one moment where where is my where is my game right so I wanted to show you a little bit more I'm gonna put the graphics quality the highest on fpv free-rider II just audio volume I will turn down now as you can see my input is USB controller I can calibrate my Futaba video and I can also do custom settings where I can play with it and have fun now Expo is on which is good let's turn it off experts on me fine let's channel turn it off line-of-sight auto zoom is on video skating is off now let's have mini esthetic because you know motion blur we don't have motion blur in life in real life we have motion blur I don't know let's just keep it off it will save me a graphics power fpv cockpit sound is on okay all right camera angle 30 degree let's say if we make it 40 degrees f OE is 70 f OE 80 degree okay same an exit load % snappy snappy – well we just did the custom settings now let's go to the forest and fly and see how it goes ooh now we have a video static right like a real fpv oh wait wait a minute what happened I have turned off the linear oh yes I have turn off that Expo now now I have a feel of a real quad one moment I mean it's basically very twitchy but check this out I'm flying fast that the video is glitching a lot probably I'm running a very bad VTX okay yeah alright one moment now drop that drum now now we are now we are getting there so settings that's what I said settings and fpv freeriders they are really really nice video skating off we don't want to do that let's say rates pitch and roll are eight yaw is for let's put down the rates a bit y'all is fine throttle is 65 angle is fine drag angular drag gravity I can put the gravity to zero it will never fall probably alright okay and then we let's go to the factory again factory is like one of the best graphics here actually and fly and see how it feels okay much what was that I did I did not even look at that I was a that was a railing right there I was trying to actually go up man look at that now is yes now the fuse few is very very nice now feels like a real quad almost real quad so I wanted to try to practice something like this move see oh please yes I want I was trying to practice this move when I was flying my hoop outside and I did it one time but the next time I crashed my hoop so basically you can actually practice your moves here did I kill it free I don't know going to the factory going to the factory without without hitting the floor okay one moment I hate factory man I'm gonna go forest I love forest they are gates here let's fly in the gates I'm a dork okay now the camera angle is really too much and I am in the trees I completely lost my track of the gates camera angle is really too much basically you can see I have to fly fast and have Jedi reflexes let's go above the trees any dinosaurs here looks like a Jurassic Park area look at it in real life I have that as well alright so you know I'm getting tired I just wanted to show you how it looks like to you know practice on fpv simulator and to have fun with and if you want to start really cheap fpv free right i have a free version as well but I will suggest just spend 10 20 dollars probably it's not very expensive get it and you are going to have a lot of fun hey one moment they are custom levels here as well let's see what are the custom levels okay you have to load the custom levels let's see we have bondo bamboo park and the lake let's try this bandage I don't know what has been to bundle bundle I don't know looks like a good level actually we check this out yes an abandoned building with lots of trees my controls are still very twitchy I can still do something can I go through that that that I mean one moment the camera angle is too much I landed that's there's some skills there to land like that you know oh nice my favorite move above the trees it feels more like flying a small whoop because the gravity is too much what happens if I put the gravity to zero yeah one moment let's land it hold on we are here they are here back customs setting gravity to oh you cannot do zero you can do only 20 all right let's go to the rocks and try because I can load this level very fast ah yes now now the field is much better now the feeling is like you have a powerful quad check this out it still it's like you know with a parachute hold on I can actually do much more let's try 23 all right and go back to the rocks and let's pull my favorite move yeah it still feels like you are on a parachute but now you can perform the aerobatics even better sir one moment let's increase the gravity to 26 and try again before the gravity was so much that I felt like I'm flying a hoop that actually falls oh yes much better feel now man much much better to the realistic feel much better to the realistic field let's check it out yeah much better now now you can do your favourite you know hand time like go full throttle flip and pronto zero awesome I wish I had a quad that tuned look at that I mean these are the moves you want to practice right sometimes I prove moves to surprise myself even yeah and not those you know professional FPV racing pilots or FPV freestyling pilots so Oh the tower is there man you missed it completely wrong right now I'm having fun I lined the quad there and go pick it up yes so let's exit this and let's say thank you very much for watching this little you know live session here to show this is the question that I wanted to answer for a long time basically you know to tell to answer this question that what is the best way to learn to fly fpv quadcopter and I'm glad that I answered it today so enjoy and next inshallah I'm gonna start playing my another simulator that is a real flight and I will show you how I'm enjoying that tomorrow most probably and also I'm planning to start how to fly beginners how to fly RC plane I'll show you go on my next video when running the another flight simulator okay enjoy and it's really very very hard that is the reason I'm not doing anymore videos at the moment and also preparing to go to Pakistan from where I can do a couple of more videos because I'm planning to I have some plans for my Pakistan enjoy thank you very much for watching and stay tuned for new upcoming uploads and of course more live streams

Live from my Apartment. Enjoying an FPV Simulator and Sharing live Stream. This is by far the best way to learn to fly FPV Racing drones and learn to perform awesome FPV Free style routines.
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