Logging From Scratch #55 | Grizzly Mountain | Farming Simulator 2019

all right Eleanor Jack's welcome back to another walking from scratch episode so this time around we'll be playing with this thing so I kind of wanted to test out this head probably by the time you see this video this thing is actually going to be out already but it's coming out here shortly and I want to make sure that everything functions on it quite well so we're gonna we're gonna give this Horrell today see how we do again this is like a brand new machine I don't think there's any errors in this one this thing not a single one I'm not really a hundred percent sure if it's going to work properly so this is probably the best one to test it on I know in our last video we kind of got into position and stuff but we didn't actually start clipping yeah so what do we what did we decide we're cutting K I think we wanted to do a little bit longer before you're doing like what four point three let's do four point nine it sounds weird sure let's try it what's the worst that'll happen don't answer that that's weird to be not processing from so high up now these tops I don't want to drop right there I actually want to drop them over here so this might slow the process down but I just don't want them in the way of the skitter when I start dropping stuff if we ever get it working skitter again I'm actually gonna build a bulldozer here pretty quick and I'm gonna try to get 50 K – mmm i modded winch thing on there as well we tried doing it as an attachment just kind of screwing around but we found it was it was kind of screwy yeah I can get one more out of that actually yeah so we tried it with an attachment but the problem was it kept oh excuse me kept slowing down and then it wouldn't haul the weight then the attachment would try to like pop off the machine so gave up on that one no more of that one there we go drop another one right yeah just make a big old pile one little piece at a time where as Bob Ross would say everybody needs a friend God have been working on a new map and I've been watching a lot of Bob Ross while I make maps it's very inspiring guy very inspiring just positivity of art he's just such a calm gentle kind of human being to listen to you so it's kind of cool to see it's kind of cool to be working on artwork related to what you're working on and what you're listening to and I'm just trying to get the right amount of cuts out of this thing that I don't know we can get here let's go throw that over there it's gonna be our new slash bomb yeah she is so yeah I had my yeah for a while there I don't know if him but well I'm sure some people noticed but yeah when YouTube comments got shut off on me by YouTube thanks to a particular little team of morons so yeah I guess I guess what happens is if you go on somebody's YouTube channel you write a bunch of racist stuff in the comments or any kind of you know bad language or whatever the case and if you report the video and YouTube spots in the comments that there's you know racial controversy going on or conversation or you know abuse or harassment and YouTube's automated system just takes that as oh yeah we see abused shut it down so I had my YouTube comments shut down for a little bit there which was kind of annoying but I appealed it there's actually really quick it would only took about a day and then they gave me rights back so now what I have to do with all my videos is I have to I have to approve the comments prior so every time you guys make a comment it doesn't post publicly right away I have to actually go through the list and approve them so that if any little losery type people want to come through and try to screw with it I'll just delete the comments and then I don't have to worry about it getting my channel banned or anything like that so that was actually the smartest calling and didn't even think about doing that products I just didn't think it would ever be a problem but here we are the bigger we get the more of the crazy comes out actually it's more of a competitive thing because I know who did it again I'm not a kind of I don't want to mention names I'm not playing that game again but there's a particular mod group that does something very similar to what I'm doing with forestry and a bunch of their members of their team or whoever decided it would be funny to see if they could knock out my YouTube channel yes because they're jealous or something odd people are weird you know jealousy maybe just boredom I don't know why people do the things they do but I'm just here to have fun and do my thing so anyway the initial test of this thing was actually quite well I was quite happy with that process those logs like a boss kept it nice and level it was really easy actually not being high up wasn't so bad because we were able to keep everything pretty yeah pretty level now are we dere going to try to use this thing I don't know I should just walk over with the loader and drag the logs up honestly but hey let's give it a shot right what do we got to lose don't answer that I don't know what happens with this skidder somebody said they changed the the tires and it made it better but I've tried that and that didn't work for me so tighten it up go for a drive so I've been playing with this one this is like probably the millionth beta test of this one but I've kind of added more spring to the tires I've played around with the tires what is that oh it's a bleed actually let's get this thing on the lakes is gonna be a problem let's leave it there for the time being now I want to go as far as both here I think then hopefully we have the turn radius – ah – get out of there dancing all over these pieces of crap should've pushed them out of the way you get that bleed on there somehow that's why what that was laying there I'm like what is it's the skidder blade once in there now somewhere see if we can get these whoops wrong direction so now the skaters working ish it's not exactly what I would call a comfy copacetic Skinner well like you said I'm working on getting that winch one going that's what I want just winch it and drag it with the actual uh the actual dozer body that would be ideal I feel so we're driving the Skinner without a blade maybe we should see if we get that blade on there just to stop being weird where is it it's like right about here somewhere oh how do I get that on there though I think it's pretty sure enough I did have it so it would settle quite nicely but maybe it doesn't anymore see if we can get in there hope maybe it's on the other side it's trying to see if I could like do a quick connection getting on I don't think we are that lucky folks Oscar it will just leave it there's more trees to bring up so let's go get the mole trees it's actually more trees to load – I see where's my loader well it's down there little loading episode probably next episode so we do have a little bit to catch up on oh no I didn't squeeze hard enough that's what she said is it moving with it are we bypassing it here oh there it is we were right on top of it the whole damn time there we go let's bring all this up there and see how she handles so I took the wig off I took the weight down in the skidder hoping that would fix things but it's caused it to be more buoyant than ever no come back here alright let's just get these two pieces right out of here cuz I'm sick of looking at this let's just get them out there you know get rid of them I'm just gonna drop them right here actually said don't really hear as long as you can fit a processor between the deck where you're working and where the trees are proud that's kind of the biggest concern if I can grab this big one you big nasty one bring it up there yeah that's another new map I've been working on it's cold did I say I think I already told you about this actually in the last episode Port Maria Port Murray but yeah it's uh it's getting pretty close to being done here actually I got some more some more mill stuff to do on it but other than the mills stuff I think the rest of it's pretty operable for logging I mean it's got trees and roads so party on and then I'm working on another one after that I've kind of stopped on machines just to take a little break here and really started working on really started working on the map side of things does the maps are kind of kind of what I like I really do like the maps machines are great to you but it's good to take a break for machines once in a while and go on to some more terrain so maybe some maps come in here pretty quick map town in the second map sorry I was starting to tell you there the second map I'm working on is a a very dense map so like super thick trees super thick Bush you're gonna have to make your own roads and stuff and it's gonna be a total do-it-yourself map when it comes to logging so you're gonna start off with an area and you drive out to like a tiny piece of square and that's where the starting point is there's not going to be any pre-made roads there's not going to be pre-made anything it's just going to be wilderness for miles just a big wilderness trap and then you're gonna have to plow your own roads out right from the ground bunch your own way build your own roads build your own right away I mean I think it'll be really fun I'm excited for it it's very small though it's not the size of this map because this map is huge all these maps are huge so it's like literally one third of this map maybe even a quarter of this map but I think I've explained it before I'm kind of tired of making these big maps with partial details so I really want to get going and make like a proper a proper nice looking map I'd rather make a crap ton of different maps that are small as opposed to just like a couple big ones that are kind of okay you know one thing I did run into on this game and I think it's a reason one of the reasons why a lot of monitors stopped working on 2019 that's because my skitter stuck no um because I can't get custom textures happening for my Maps anytime I try to change the directory of the textures inside the i3d file the editor crashes and won't open over again I've tried every known configuration that I'm aware of and yeah it just crashes out it's kind of not kind of it's very very annoying so I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to make custom textures now what I probably can do is make custom tree textures I don't have a doubt there and then what I'm gonna have to do is just get super creative with the textures that are in-game so the next map I'm working on I'm gonna make it pretty much all all muddy ground sort of terrain and then you know I'll have to figure out how to grass it in and you know make details and all the fun stuff but I'm just trying different things you know to see we can come up with some will be good some may be not so good but it's just like art just like when you're painting a picture or drawing a picture making an art design of some sort you know some of them are just the most amazing things you've ever made and then other things are kind of like yeah thank you throwing that one another garbage but it's so funny though as an artist it's so funny because something I sometimes I will create something whether it's a map or you know a machine or an attachment whatever and I'll think to myself this is the best thing I have ever ever made in this game and it will and everyone's gonna love it and then I put it out and people are like it's okay or they don't like it and I'm like why it's so good and then I'll put something out that I'm like this is I hope people don't come at me with pitchforks because this is a total piece of crap and then suddenly everyone's like this is the best map you've ever made and I'm like why maybe I have poor taste I don't know I'm figured that one out yet but I always think that's funny that's happened so many times especially in like 2017 some of those maps that I thought were literally the stupidest Maps or machines or the most like sought-after ones in the end which I was just like huh I thought that was just too bizarre you're gonna regrab this actually there we go get rating the juices oh man if they float our way out of this one give me traction or give me death yeah at least it's pulling it kinda sorta as long as we can keep it somewhat level we should begin there and my cab the trees are in my cabin okay can I just drive up here I would sure like to I might screw up the system a little here oh well we're up here now so that's life and just drop them right there oh that one's kind of wedged under there not that's right the nice processor operator I'll figure it out just kidding that guy's a dick all right oops oh crap there we go perfect all right so let's get our little processor back in position there so this the Skinner is not a complete total piece of crap on this one whatever I did seem to fix it a little bit so maybe I gotta play with the weights maybe a little less spring in the tires that might be it but even those skitter seems to sit low to me like it should be a bit higher maybe no one who drives skitters out there what do you think is this too high if you stand should you be able to see the door bottom like this or the like you know I mean I look at the tires the tires don't look like they're out of proportion but this thing feels like it should sit higher I don't know and it's hard to tell with proportions in this game two proportions are a little wacky at times so I'm just gonna put this back in position we're just gonna drive our butts up here a little bit well Oh maybe we should turn the cab around first day I do too many things at once here let's go like this let's walk this way a little there now the pile is not coming with me that's excitingly good it will pinch off a little bit of these just before we go process since a good time you know what I was thinking actually I had this idea today I don't know if it some people will be up for what if I had a series where you guys went on the map like this map did all your logging or whatever you wanted to do and then on one of my or my next episode I would you know clean up your your bits or your pieces I think that'd be kind of fun and by that I mean like you know so you guys whoever whoever I pick or something you send me a savegame of what you've done like kind of like how I've done on this map and say I left a bunch of wood there for you to pick up or I need these trees cut down and then I send it back to you I know I think it would be kind of fun just just to kind of just for just for a laugh try it out then it feels like I'm actually working on somebody else's stuff instead of just my own stuff I think that'd be kind of fun it's almost like chess you know when you're playing with somebody in Russia or something and then you make your move and then ten hours later he comes back from work makes his move sends it back to you my kind of thing if anybody's up for that idea if anybody has the cojones to do a working map I think that'd be kind of fun maybe another youtuber or something we can like have alternating syriza's of the work we do on it I can be kind of fun but we'd have to use the same mods or at least close to the same mods that would be the tricky part if you wanted to do back and forth or someone could just send me one without anything on it and then I could just work on it or I could share my save games – for you guys to play with just most the only reason they don't really share my save games right now is because I think a lot of people don't don't know how to install them properly and I don't want to wreck anybody savegames so that's why I haven't done it like publicly but if somebody's interested in that come onto the discord and shoot me a message and say yo Jordan I'm interested in the savegame thing and then we can talk see some screenshots of your work play around so yeah anyway I'm gonna end the episode on this note because I think we did some fantastic progress we got rid of that we skidded all this over in the next video I'm definitely gonna have to do some loading because that's something that needs to get done there so we'll get on that but yeah anyway if you guys liked the video leave a like leave a comment do not forget to subscribe and if you're in the bush don't forget to get tree alright guys we'll catch you on the next one see ya

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  1. Shark Hunter Gaming

    I think the best map you ever made was Inlet, would love to see a remastered version for 19 of it. And for the do it yourself map, I can't wait for it, any idea on when you will publish that one? please let us know Jordan!!!!

  2. Timberwolf logging

    Im game sharing a game with FDR that would be cool. Great video as always and the processor nice. The skidder worked pretty good this time no moonwalking. The map you are working on where we do everything love it thats what I've been waiting for.
    We cut the roads and how they go and find our own landings nice that would be a cool share game with fdr when you get it done.
    FDR thanks for the great mods and maps until next time have a day. Lets all hug a tree


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