MacVoices #17040: ShowStoppers – Skyrocket Shows Affordable Drones and Sophisticated Toys

this edition of Mac voices is sponsored by smile the makers of world client software like PDF pen format PDF 10 programmax PDF pen for iphone and ipad PDF pen scan plus for iphone and ipad text expander for mac and text expander for iphone and ipad learn more about all their great products at smile software com smack voices is in las vegas for CES and show stoppers I'm Chuck Joyner this is Jared of skyrocket and he has a lot of cool products to talk about Jared it's good to see you good to see you as well Jeff thanks for having me on thank you thank you so talk a little bit about skyrocket in general what you do and what kind of what kind of territories you cover yeah perfect so skyrocket is a tech toy company based in the silicon beach area of Marina del Rey and we focus on taking really great technology innovation and bringing them down into toys that are able to be sold at right size right price points every tale so we have mass distribution with target toys r us walmart best buy amazon you were kind of everywhere that a kid or an adult would buy a toy but but they're not just like action figure they're not a place that there's stuff that actually has streaming video we embed gps we have all kinds of all kinds of things that allow you to fly drones in ways that you wouldn't necessarily want to spend six hundred dollars to do you can do it for 2999 or 9999 so i'd love to walk you through each product and talk about a little bit of how each product holds Tamar's desire to drive that innovation down into toys let's do it and I but I have to tell you I love the idea that you categorize these things as toys because let's face it you know there aren't a lot of you watch they're buying some of these things for commercial use thanks they want to have fun with it and if you characterize in his toys I think it changes the expectations and the whole experience I agree and I think they're aspirational consumer electronics and tech tech items that also our toys you're right they they're fun to play with at the end of the day alright so let's see what we have right great so here on the table in front of you we have sky vibe for drones now sky Viper drones this is the number one flying RC brand at retail we have this through NPD analysis which gets obviously customer analysis directly from retailers our drones in 2016 we're the number one selling drones in 2017 we've got new innovation and new addition didn't lon so our nano drone which is this 2999 mini drone is a great toy it's a great flying machine it has autoflight features which are you have Auto launch you can punish a button at such a button the fly drone flies up in the air it hovers and then you can Auto land it as well it has one touch stump and it has really great software and hardware built into it that allows you to fly it lots of fun lots of durability it's great great great tool so you got the mini drone at 2999 we have a stunt drone at 4999 which is larger again the same durability it also has the autoflight features it has straight chunks and then from there we go up into our streaming video drone which streams and high-definition to your smartphone or your tablet and that drone has the same auto fly features it has one touch stone but it has also great recording abilities you can record to your device or you can stream directly to it and that's an 89 99 retail items from there and what though what is the resolution on the on the camera great question the resolution is 720p the next one up from there is the streaming video drone that comes with fpv headset goggles so that is a 9999 SRP and with that you get the same streaming video drone with the great flight features the 720 HD recording the OneTouch done but you can also watch that someone to either yourself or whoever your whisk and watch that first person view or perspective as that drone flies around the sky and then from there we add GPS into the drone and that GPS allows superior stability you can position lock that drone into the air you can geofence it in there's an auto return to home and that's a great item at 149 99 with the same streaming video and the ones that stunts and all that great great aerial some stability so that's our sky Viper line and then we moved into a selfie drone that we're launching this year this selfie drone is a 149 retail drone that you can launch up in the air it'll hold position and you can take pictures and screen videos directly to your phone and what that allows you to do is upload whatever you've captured directly to social media so now instead of being stuck to the length of your arm you're now stuck to the air which is allowed to get all kinds of angles a lot of geek group shots it's on its collaborative it's exciting and it's uh it's brand new at the right price point and with all these items we seek and we secure a mass distribution so we're at target where toys r us where Walmart again where the Amazon we're all over the place so you can find our drones and and enjoy them okay moving across here we have some motion controllers and we have headsets and what these are is they're part of a virtual reality system that we have called first brstv we have two different license versions coming out this fall one is a Jurassic world license version and one is a fat man license version so with both of them again you get the headset you get the motion controller that seems for that particular license and you also get a download a game download that takes you through a very immersive experience with that man you are Batman and you are in Gotham City and you are training like Batman and you are using Batman's gadgets and it's a lot of great play you're leveling your gaming you're having a great time and again you're experiencing Batman in all this glory with Jurassic world its exploration in the gyrosphere it's trapping the dinosaurs they stopping the dinosaurs from breaking out and it's using all the different senses that you would want to use if you were stuck in the Jurassic world the world as you're leveling through this whole gaming experience so these are the two first licenses we are launching with the birth system we have plans to launch many more licenses as well that are relevant to demographic who wants to get into virtual reality with great experiences at 59 99 retail price point so again you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get that great virtual reality experience he comes down a little bit further to the right here we have meebo meebo is our streaming video robot who has QA audio features which means you can control me boom roll him I think about 300 400 feet and I don't I don't even have to know where he is because I can see from the point of view of how I'm controlling him where he's gone and I can talk through him people can talk to him and it comes back to my device I can play sound of sex I can prank people I can spy on people and I have an articulated claw that can grab things pick them up carry them around it's really fun a lot of play value with me though so meebo this is going to be a second year of meebo we launched in this last fall at 149 99 retail srp and he did really well really really well as great item we also have several other items that we are not yet announcing for 2017 that are coming out but definitely keep an eye out because they're pretty exciting i think i think our consumer is going to be excited about them so again skyrocket we are focused on check driving technician into toys and bringing them to retail at at really studying price point and we love what we do a lot of very cool things here I have to have as far as the drones and all I assume their iOS controlled or or tablet control yes so they they actually controlled by these controllers however if you have a straining drone you have a little attaching piece that goes up here that holds your phone or your smart device in it and it is android android or iOS base so that app is free and downloadable it also comes with a testing tutorial so you can do a flight simulator flight simulator and so it allows you to really test out how your drones can fly even before you take it out flat but when you are flying you do have this remote control with the assassin piece and your phone and you are able to stream directly to your device so you can see from the point of view of the drone up in the air great yeah very very nice greatness I love these I mean they they look sophisticated but I'm very impressed with the price point thank you thank you yeah i mean the goal is to be a consumer electronics item that an adult is not afraid to walk out of the store with you walk into a best buy you take this out you bought a sophisticated throne you walk in as a kid it's aspirational you walk in as between a team i mean anyone can enjoy our drone and again because they're supremely durable you can smash them into things pretty much as much as you want and and they're going to survive they're going to survivors thank you very well and that's a big thing with thrones because you know you're going to smash them into things the first few times right that's right yeah okay so what's the availability i know some of them again some of them are shipping on the selfie drone that's just being introduced this year yeah so the selfie drones of Earth system and meebo version 2 are coming out this fall of 2017 the sky Viper line is already in market we already have a nano drone we already have a son drone we have a video stunt drone we have a streaming video drone and we have a pro drone so those are already in market in 2016 you can find those they're readily available they will be shipped the other shipping continuously through 17 and so we get to fall and then the new line roles in at that point I'm excellent and the website where folks can go to learn more about all of it yep wwii viper calm or you can also find us at skyrocket calm sowww skyrocket toys calm excellent thank you so much for the time great stuff thank you very much appreciate our folks more from CES and show stoppers on Chuck Joyner and this is Mac voices visit Mecca voices calm for show notes links to subscribe and to connect with Chuck on twitter google+ facebook youtube vimeo soundcloud the mac voices blog mac voices dispatch our weekly newsletter and on Mac voices magazine free on Flipboard that helps you do more with your apple tech advertising handled by backbeat media at backbeat Mediacom bandwidth provided by cash flow at cash why calm

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Skyrocket’s Jared Wolfson gave us a tour of their line of sophisticated toys and drones that provide some great capabilities at an affordable price. From several SkyViper drones already on the market to Jurassic Park and Batman-themed products coming later this year, Skyrocket’s line is something you should look at before you invest in any connected toy.

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