Minecraft Hermitcraft Season 6 Ep. 90- Send in the Drones!

hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to diamond craft with me anonymous Concorde member number seven so today guys we are gonna try to get this ceasefire to start heading toward war because we got our store up last time thank you guys for all your epic support on that and yeah hopefully we've made some sales in there we'll check that a little bit later on but first we want to harbor some resentment between the different teams we got and see we got on we got Korean we got Asuma on let's send a message trying to get some some back and forth between green and the suma like try to play them off each other so let's say let's say Hague rien after all he just joined the game you know nice nice warm opening for him you know we'll wait for him maybe he'll respond here to us we'll say something there he goes all right so we got him now we got him we got him involved so we're gonna say I heard I overheard Asuma the other day saying that your base smelled like fish there we go let's see let's see what he responds with let's see if a sumo comes in it does a bit that's the aquarium have to agree ah okay okay so that didn't go according to plan I forgot to hit an aquarium in their base so that actually doesn't make sense why the base would smell like fish but we're gonna try and like play a little bit of like mind games with these teams like know try and get them get them to actually battle because nothing's been happening people have been building up defenses and weapons and all sorts of crazy stuff there's like lava fields over here now but nothing's nothing's happening we have to continue to play mind games here with the teams continue to play them off one another in hopes that the war actually takes off because we need some sales down there guys we need some sales we also maybe want to you know put a little bit of a spark into this both literally and metaphorically by playing mind games so literally I think what we can do we can set maybe a trap or two up maybe like one over here close to G team space and then like one over here close to star star fort and star team's base yeah that should work out pretty well so let me get some things together we're gonna set up a couple of traps from the other team to try and instigate this war so what should we do to instigate a war I think we should set a deadly trap for both teams and we should disguise the trap as an offering of peace I think that's what we should do so we're gonna get out some TNT minecarts we got some rails in our ender chest so that'll be fine we're also gonna need some bow meal so we'll probably like a little bit of bone meal here and we're gonna need some saplings perfect oak saplings fantastic I might also be good to get some like flowers and stuff so let's just grab a little bit of flower action let's see what I think roses denote peace so we'll grab you know like about a little over a dozen roses that's good that's fantastic we also might need a sign because you know we're gonna try and like frame the other side here so let's just grab some of these get some signs out very good let's get these put away and let's put away some other boxes and stuff oh yeah we got some gunpowder and stuff honesty we'll put this away in here put that away in there we got some TNT we'll put in here I suppose and we'll put the arrows away right in there looks like it's night let me sleep through the night and then we'll go and make these traps alright guys I found a perfect spot for the tree of peace from the star team to the G team it's gonna be right right over here like right off to the side so it's close enough that they see it but not close enough to do any lasting damage just enough just close enough to ignite the flames of war so we're gonna put it like let's say let's say like right here seems like a good spot let's get some of this stuff out of here then we just get some bonemeal out bada boom there we go and now comes the a part where we actually set the traps so what we're gonna do going to silk touch this right and then we need a rail so let's see where's a rail at right I gotta get a rail out of here riding the rails there we go one single rail very good actually let me get let me get two rails because we're gonna need another rail there we go perfect all right and then all we got to do place down this I'm gonna pick this up we're gonna place our TNT minecart down right there and then let's see we may need it like an extra block here as well put this down there put that on there they will not suspect a thing and then we just need some rose bushes around here right so oh that's the wrong thing thank you for the flowers though I guess and the grass just helping out the environment here you know how it is there we go play something down here like this there we are and then place some more of these down like so we got to get some path block here and we'll say star team tree of peace there we go so basically what should happen you know they break this they break this cut down the tree and then once they get to the the top block cut down the top block and TNT minecart falls straight down and explodes because TNT minecarts will explode when they fall down more than three blocks so that should be really good we'll just take a little pathway in here you know just like so just so they know you know what this is about you know there's something over here but they might want to uh might want to check out so there we have it start REME start team tree of peace set right there and we're gonna make the same thing on the opposite side so let's go ahead and head over here we'll make the G team tree of peace I'm thinking probably probably like right over here it'll be a good spot for this yeah I think this is a good spot perfect alright let's go ahead and build it right here I'll be right back [Applause] did we just get him did we just blow green up now no no way no it was instant okay that was amazing that was amazing so will the type G team tree of peace there we go I think we may have just killed green like literally a minute a minute has passed since we booked the start three team tree of peace there we go okay quickly it's this one up there we go and that should be good enough and we should probably leave this area because green is probably kind of upset if we actually killed him all right let's let's get away maybe that will ignite the spark of war guys maybe that will ignite the spark of war and dry further profits that's what we're doing this for that's what we're doing this for by the way guys I just want to point out Green immediately upon seeing a tree of peace surrounded by a rose garden instantly destroyed it let that be a lesson don't go around destroying trees of peace I can now confirm that Green did indeed die to the tree trap less than a minute after it was completed which is kind of amazing and the best thing is the best thing is guys Asuma directly after Gurion blew up asked him are you a creeper which I think could not have gone better so I'm thinking green is definitely thinking that star team actually put that in his in his in his area so yeah hopefully he does not see the G team tree of peace that we've set forward to star team and then you know that sort of ignites the flame of war so to speak and you know speaking of that you know we want to monitor the situation we're at the the battlefield so luckily we brought some technology from season five that we can use to monitor said battlefield so let me grab a few things we're gonna set up a monitoring system for the battlefield you guys remember the prank we played on Asuma the 5k club prank you might recall a few drones that we hid in the shadows around the area and that's what we gonna do here we're going to set up a series of drones in some bases outside of some bases monitoring the battlefield and also inside the G team base and that should give us real-time access to each teams base so we can like look inside see what's going on and fan the flames of war so that's what we're gonna do here so let's just go ahead and make our way right in here to the star team base let's just go ahead and head on in and let's see where's a good place to put this where's a place they would least expect I'm thinkin maybe over here like up up up in that region yeah I think that would be a good spot let's see so we'll just pillar out here and then we want to go over a couple of blocks here let me just put down a light source temporarily so we can see so we're gonna put it like up here in this region so we power up the tower way up here just so we get a good nice vantage point for the drone I think think about here think about here we'll be perfect let's go down another block or two yeah right here is where we're gonna put it so let's go ahead and build this drone so all it takes to make a Concord round you just need a birch slab trap door another trap door another trap door these are like the fans of the drone of course and then one final trap door and then that's pretty much it that's pretty much it so then come over here now get rid of this and now we have full access to fly around the base with with the drones so that is fantastic so yeah that is perfect let's just flick that down there and yeah you can see what it looks like right there so there that's our Khan Corp drone pretty easy pretty straightforward actually but yeah gonna be very effective for reconnaissance in fact we got to label this as well so let me go get the label to make sure that people know you know it's a con Corp drone alright guys we got some stuff for the labeling of the drone and yeah this is just going to put it down as an official con Corp drone so we'll just put this item frame on the underside here a really great feature they added here and we put the map in just like that's there we go con Corp drone complete and yeah hopefully we can can get this thing ready there we go we'll just tower down we got to make sure and get all this stuff out of here so that it sort of remains in the darkness here but that should work quite nicely for us as our Concord patron in the star fort base so fantastic fantastic oh now I know this could be bad deep Oh No we've been spotted guys we've been spotted listen listen it's not what it looks like I put a drone in the base right I know I can see it from here dude what is that thing what is it can you see it it's so dark in here I don't know if I can zoom in on it yeah okay okay well it's okay if you can't see it because this drone I've installed a con Corp has installed for your protection okay you know in case anybody breaks in it can what it does is it monitors the entire base like I can fly around and like see where people are it can it can spot any intruders you know it can provide warning advanced warning if the G team breaks in okay I mean I'm against that that's that's not bad it's like having a security camera exactly yeah yeah exactly exactly okay so is it cool is it cool oh check with the teammates but I mean I'm not against it no okay okay we'll keep it we'll keep it in for now we'll keep it in for now yeah yeah I mean it should it should serve as a deterrent for for G team and that's like that's like one of the ultimate lines of defense because that thing can fly all over this place like it's not a static thing so that's that's great should be good for your to seeing it flying around yeah fantastic fantastic okay good to hear good to hear well that was close guys I thought we were gonna get busted there but I think we've convinced false and hopefully the other star team members that the drone is for their own benefit when in fact it is it's like a monitoring thing so we can keep keep tabs on both teams keep tabs on the war you know we got a we got to not leave anything to chance here because this is a very delicate balance where we are playing here at the at the Civil War battlegrounds let's see where we can put our drone in the G team base because we want to be monitoring both teams here this looks like a decent spot here I believe this is the control room for the G team yeah this is a control room here a lot of levers a lot of redstone underneath here so yeah we got a couple of things here and so we could put a drone in this area it'd be nice to have a bigger room with more access though so maybe maybe this room here they kind of they have a fireman's pole in here that's nice let's see here we have multiple floors in this area so it might be good to put the drone in here potentially just to sort of monitor activity yeah I think yeah this is a big room multiple access to multiple floors I think up here would be a good spot to put the drone so let's let's tower up let's say here yeah this will be a good spot to put it let's just get up here where we can monitor things I think this is a meeting room so maybe if we put the drone like up here like facing down this way then we could see the meeting room we can see some lower floors and we can see some some activity in the G team base so let's just put the drone ride here so let's just go there do it on this side bada boom bada boom bada boom bada boom there we go drone number two now up and in action at the gteen base and of course you know we got to make sure you know I'm sure there will probably be questions from the G team but again we just got to convince it's for their own benefit so should be all good there let's just go ahead and we'll put the Concord label on here because you know we want to we wanted to seem like you know we're we're sort of protecting them so we got to put that on there you know we're not hiding anything who's made these drones you know it makes it a little bit more believable that we're not secretly using these for malicious purposes when in fact we we may be like I can't confirm or deny that but yeah there we go perfect conquer of drone flying high in the sky very nice yeah that's looking nice that's looking nice I think that should be should be accepted by the G team without question all right fantastic so we now have drones in both bases and we also want to monitor the battlefield here right so we want to get outside we want to put a couple of drones here I'm thinking right now you know we probably want one in this first part one monitoring the middle and then one monitoring this portion down here like this part of the battlefield down here and across this frontline right here and also we want to be able to see the tree from the the third drone on this side so let me go ahead and put down the drones and I'll be right back well guys I gotta say I really like how this drone looks and I especially liked it if we get over here like right underneath of it you can look up and see the little Concord symbol right there along with some presumably fans that look very similar to what the jungle trapdoors produce here so that's gonna be our drone and I liked it so much I decided to call in an entire like army of drones here so if we get up here and fly around you'll see yeah couple drones here couple drones there I think we got seven or eight or nine or ten and total around here maybe not that many maybe just like like seven or eight of them but this gives us full real-time coverage of the battlefield so yeah you can see a couple of them from up here there's one there's one of the trees down here so we got at various heights in various locations looking into the battlefield from various angles so we should be able to see everything and anything that's happening on the battlefield we can monitor our store as well so we got a good view of the store entrance from natural right there we're monitoring the superweapon over here with this drone in the back so that will function to monitor the superweapon here and of course we got the G teams base covered on both sides here as well as the start teams base here so yeah things are looking good for us here at comm Corp but but guys we need a way to relay the information from those drones directly to con Corp and so to that end we need to head back to Khan Corp and we're gonna make a satellite that's gonna be able to receive the signal from all of these drones we've placed down so let's go ahead head on back to Khan Corp it's time to build the Khan Corp satellite ladies and gentlemen we are now back at Khan Corp and I'm thinking of where we could put this satellite I think maybe like somewhere up here would be a good spot for it so that way we could like see it you know transmitting information back and forth to and from the drones because it is gonna actually transmit information back and forth to and from the drones you know sending requests for them to move to different locations to monitor different areas so it's gonna be sort of a dynamic thing I think I probably want to use courts for this and also we need power to the satellite so we're gonna need some solar panels throw some solar panels up on this thing and for that's I think we'll probably need some concrete as well as some more courts for daylight detectors which I don't think we have to terribly much of in here let me just check real quick see if we got any we do actually okay sweet who's we have some but we need pralay it to craft up a few more and let's see if we have I probably want to use like a light gray concrete so we do have a little bit of light gray concrete potentially we might need more though so I think what we need to do we need to go and visit our good friend mr. Darren quack out at the chicken coop so let's go out there we want to see if he pooped some gravel for us because yeah he frequently poops gravel for us and this could help us a little bit get some more concrete and yeah just get some gravel cuz I'm run a little bit low on it at the moment so let's head out to the chicken coop we're gonna see if our good friend Darren has pooped for us yet again we have arrived at the residence of a mr. Darren quack one of the greatest poopers of all time and Darren has now turned 3 he has survived yet another year just fantastic and that means we got some gravel but he has pooped out and we are now going to grab this gravel put it in this junker box and use it to make up some concrete I think so let's just go in and grab all this we also need to feed him yet again he needs 32 obsidian which I should have on me I don't have three on me right now but there should be some in the shulker box so there we go gravel secured let's go ahead and put that in there I think we got ya some obsidian right here let's just get a little bit there there we go feeding them again there we have it and we also want to get out some cakes of course we always carry a supply of cakes on us at all times good job Darren you survived another you're my friend so we'll put down a 3rd birthday cake let's put one on this side of the tree this time let's see how about how about bang right there there we go happy 3rd birthday Darren keep pooping my friend you're the ultimate pooping machine and yeah let's go ahead and head on back to Concord now we're going to start to build this satellite ladies and gentlemen welcome to space the final final frontier but not really but we are pretty high up we are pretty high up so we are high high high above Concord right now you can see some of the stuff the fountains the factory the wall down here Concord wall right there and yeah this is a perfect spot to put our satellite for a number of reasons let me just go ahead and sleep through the night right here and I will tell you why so the first reason it's in basically the middle of Concord it's also over a lake so it won't impact the ground very much like there won't be a big shadow that we noticed too terribly much with this thing I don't think so yeah that's one reason also the other reason is we have a direct line of sight from this satellite area to the drones high above the battlefield so there'll be a direct communication link since we have line of sight so the the battlefield is just beyond that big mountain right here so like maybe like 150 200 blocks beyond there and yet this will basically this this communication link we're going to set up between these two requires line-of-sight to at least one drone so that is why we chose this location here and as far as the satellite design itself goes I'm thinking I'm gonna make the main body of the satellite like a probably probably about five blocks wide five blocks deep and then maybe like eight ten blocks tall and then we'll have arms coming off of that like off this main like body structure here we'll have an arm coming off here with a solar panel and then an arm coming off here with the solar panel with the solar panels being at an angle because of course we need sunlight to power this satellite since we don't have wireless power in Minecraft so yeah that's what we're going to do anyways let's go ahead and get started here and I'll be back alright ladies and gentlemen so we got the first part of the satellite don'ts this is the central part here and I have a potion of slow falling because my wings are about to give out so that should help us fall down gracefully but you can see we got an antenna up here we got some iron bars along the side and then down here we get down this way yeah you can see some iron bars here as well as and there weren't my wings as well as a lamp right there so yeah that's pretty cool if we get on out here to Khan Corp let's see if we can land gracefully with the slow falling here we go I'm going up but I'm pumping up but I'm down there we go nice so yeah we can see what it looks like from here so yeah does it look like too much right now but yeah I think once we add on the solar panels on the sides it's sort of like an angle sort of like a curved angle I think it should start to look pretty cool I think it should start to look really cool actually so let me go ahead and start to add those things now I had the solar panels on the sides we also got to go repair our Electra and I'll be right back alright full symmetry has now logged on let's say hey false and we'll say Joe told me the star fort is smelling a little bit moldy he said you might want to try to add some ventilation in the area not my words just Joe's let's see what she says let's see what she says let's see what she said didn't know Joe needed someone to speak for him bless X T dang it no no I'm I'm telling the truth guys this isn't what people actually said to me I swear I swear this is the truth geez come on now I wouldn't tell a lie to instigate war on the server come on now come on all right sadly I don't think it worked I don't think it worked and now Joe knows that Joe had some doubt it appears but now he knows Asuma Asuma was right dang it gotta come with some better strategies all right ladies and gentleman so we now have the build portion of the satellite nearly complete let's go ahead and get on up there and take a look and we might as well pop this potion of slow falling while we're at it so let's just get on up here boost up a few times and then we'll turn around and there she is the Conn Corp satellite antenna thumb haha this looks pretty sweet I think this looks really really cool really really nice aesthetic look to it we added a bunch of stuff here we added like some some supports on the back for the solar panels so these are like this is like the wiring hooking up the solar panels and it goes through the main arm to the main part of the satellite here you can see we did the same thing on the other side if we just float on around here this slow-flowing is wonderful by the way gotta say so did the same thing over there if we get on down here you'll see we also lit up some redstone lamps on the bottom and also if we can make it out here on the top so that's per HS a hermit craft space agency regulations got to have those things lit so that it's the spacecraft is easier to track if we make our way out here let's see if we can't go on inside because we did add some things on the inside here so let's see we might just have to be alright we can probably make it yeah we can make it in here so we added some things on the inside as well I gotta say this satellite turned out quite nicely so we come on in here yeah you can see we're running on emergency power right now because the solar panels you know we just built them we just built this whole thing so the solar panels are not quite yet fully charged but when they do get fully charged something quite spectacular happiness then the like what that means is you know the the satellite actually enters operational mode and we can actually see what the drones are seeing on the ground so you can see right now right now we don't see much we don't see much so right now it's all just a jumbled mess of information coming from the drones because like I said we're on emergency power right now and once these batteries fill up we should see a communication link come in right here and establish an actual data link to the drones and then the satellite can relay that information down to where we're going to monitor the war from so this is basically like a relay communications satellite from drone to con Corp so yeah if we get down here I'll show you guys where we're gonna monitor the war from now some of you guys might have noticed this a couple episodes back but I actually built this whole area in a very specific way for a very specific purpose and if we go ahead and get on into the fountain we will see what I'm talking about because I built the fountain in such a way that you can actually go up to the second level and then up to the third level here and then turns out there's a secret entrance in the fountain down to a lower level which is where we're going to be monitoring the war from so this is going to be our war monitoring area you can see we have relays from all of the drones in here and of course it's a jumbled mess right now because we don't have sufficient power to relay the signal from the from the satellite so yeah hopefully sometime in the next episode or two we'll get the communication satellite powered up and be able to actually see what's going on on the battlefield in real time and it's going to be fan-freaking-tastic and by the way while I was making this little area here we're gonna monitor stuff from I just so happened to run into a bunch of vex magic so there's like a whole room beam of vex magic down here and yeah this is not a mistake guys this is not a mistake apparently Captain Jack who we sent here at the start of season season six here Captain Jack did some prospecting in the area and yeah he made sure that we ended up directly on top of one of the largest veins of vex magic I've ever seen so perhaps we should do something with this vex magic you know maybe turn it into some ores so we don't have to go mining anymore something like that but yeah the vex magic in this area is super super strong of course we saw it bubbling it at Halloween so not really that much of a surprise but still it's still pretty cool still pretty cool so we may have to do something with that in the near future but anyways guys that is where we're gonna be monitoring all of these war happenings from right down inside of the water fountains so kind of a cool little hidden entrance here but uh yeah it's gonna be awesome and look at the satellite up there oh my god so good up there so beautiful let's get over here and see it let's get over here and see it at night this is the first time I've seen it at night oh yeah look at that beautiful beautiful so guys it's been a long day we've been working up here in space you know we've been building satellites we've been building drones I think what we're gonna do we're gonna go check the shops check the post office as well and see if we made any diamonds today while we've been working hard to get this monitoring equipment up and functional well guys yet another day where Khan Corp has made Bank check it out we got 68 diamonds from our shops a lot from the undercut shop which I now need to restock and we also got some from the coral shop from I think Python as well as a few from the Terra Cotta shop and the top gun powder shop and also that reminds me I need to go and check because I think iskele delivered us some diamonds from the Black Pearl so let's go ahead and go on over to the post office man this war is so profitable for us guys I think we have do we have yeah baby haha whoa alright alright so let's just grab these here put these in here actually we got a let's uh let's get these going here so these are all I believe these are all my diamonds and then we'll split these up with scar so scar gets that amount I get this amount and then I get all these from the from the Black Pearl so man guys we are making diamonds we are making diamonds so fast I don't know what to do with them and of course last but not least war the store we got to check our war shop to see if we made profits from that already hopefully we have fingers crossed I'm actually just going to quickly swap out my uh my gear here my armor if I have some but I don't have some I'm gonna risk it you know what I'm going in I'm gonna risk it if we die then we die you know let's just go on in stay back here stay in the back okay we're demon worthy we're deem worthy alright so let's see if we made any profits here has anybody taken any heads yet to be sneaky does not look like it not yet no profits there none there I think people might be scared they might be scared of getting in here no TNT no fire charges none of those let's check the potions anything nobody nobody's come in yet nobody's come in yet alright so alright you gotta you guys got to tell people come on into this come on into the war store it's not that bad nothing happened nothing bad will happen you saw it you know I wasn't cowering in fear in the corner in case the evoker accidentally saw me or something now now now don't worry about it don't worry about it totally safe totally legit good thing I wasn't into the second time alarms going off anyways guys with that who do I put this up what the heck's going on here geez alright with that let's go ahead and we're gonna head on back to comm Corp we got to give Skaar his profits his share the profits and we got to figure out what we're gonna do with these diamonds we might just go and retire on the golf course for a little bit yeah I think that sounds great that's exactly what we're gonna do we're gonna go retire on the golf course so there we go Skaar have a few more time ins adding to his already extensive collection let's go and put some diamonds into our chests over here right inside this pour in there we go and there we have it fantastic all right long day at work but let's go ahead and we're gonna go and relax on the golf course for a little bit ah there we have it guys as the Sun sets over the golf course take a look out and see the majestic fairways and the greens and the animals and the rivers and the lakes and the oceans and beyond the forest what a great place this is guys what a great place this is thank you guys so much for watching of course there will be more coming up in the future so be sure to subscribe hit that like button and if you really enjoyed it be sure to leave a comment telling me KUB this was awesome till next time guys thank you all so much for watching this has been Cub goodbye

“The only thing we have to fear is, Con Corp Drones”
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    Awesome idea here: during the actual war, can you be in spectator mode commentating the whole thing? You know, flying around like you’re an actual drone? That would be epic!


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