MJX Bugs 3 PRO GPS 1080 – FLY AWAY DRONE! – Review & Gopro Flights

I'm Justin Davis and this is drill RP alright guys welcome to another drone camps review please do click on the link below and sign up for my patreon if you want to support me and making my videos you can start out around $1 and we're gonna give away this futon to this week actually probably by tomorrow so next month is gonna be even better we're gonna double down and we're gonna give away two big things for one winner in August so be sure to sign up and help me out of my patreon let's go ahead and get started with the video all right guys welcome back to the channel today we're gonna review the bugs 3 Pro and this is a new quad from mjx RC it's the updated quad to the bugs 3 you've seen that one review on the channel earlier and now we're gonna check out the bug 3 Pro it does have 2204 brushless motors which is great those are bigger than the bugs 3 GPS on board which is GLONASS so it's getting up to 18 satellites with this quad so the battery is at 2's 2800 milliamp and that's gonna get you around 20 minute flight time but it does have a proprietary connector and a little quick release valve here which I like and this is the battery charger that comes along with it with that proprietary plug there it takes about an hour to charge this is the gimbal sort of hanging grommets with no motorized stability C 5000 or the c6 thousand cameras your choice for this quad I have the c6 thousand that's what they sent me so we're gonna be recording in 1080p today I can also fit my GoPro 5 on here if I take that front mount off you just remove remove the pin and throw up sort of a battery strap around the camera and that's the cable connected to the quad what you're gonna have to do to get the 5g Wi-Fi on your phone now your phone is gonna have to be compatible with 5g so it does have 2.4 transmitter which is great and on the left hand side over here that stick is gonna be y'all and throttle on the right hand side it's gonna be the roll and pitch down here you have the height and the distance from the home point I'm in mode 2 there and Rx and TX battery levels and over here this a and B switch this is for headless mode and if you select it over to B that's going to turn on your GLONASS GPS very important for loading up the GPS otherwise you're in headless mode there so your own satellites up at the very top we have Auto takeoff unlock and start the motors we have returned to home and we have a photo and video button there on this wheel right here it doesn't work actually it's just sort of a dummy wheel and then if we turn the transmitter around to be look in the back it takes for double-a batteries and I use rechargeable so in mind it just helps a lot and those two buttons are basically dummy buttons as well but overall you got a pretty nice package here you can get to see 6000 camera separately I'd probably go for that 1080p package probably the best one for this drone now in the App Store you're gonna search for bugs go go ahead and select that and get that downloaded to your phone either on Android iOS and you go ahead and open that you're gonna need to turn on the quad after this and power up your Wi-Fi but first you're gonna select C 5000 C 6000 therefore the v3 Pro that's the one we're flying today and it look like that just go ahead and hit go hit click a couple times through those screens get to this yes you want to allow that and after you have the quad turned on and you're connected to the Wi-Fi it's gonna show you real time view there I'm gonna go ahead and put the battery in and you want to hear this snap in and lock into place very important there the next thing you're gonna do is lock your gimbal your support into place so that this doesn't fall off or come loose it's gonna require that you calibrate the compass on the horizontal and the vertical axis every single time you put in a new battery kind of the way this quad works which is totally fun when you get it right you're gonna see a solid lights on the bottom just like that you can set it down after that you're good to go so now I'm ready to arm the quad I'm also going to go ahead and calibrate the gyro down into the bottom left there and you'll see the lights flash and then go back to solid once it's all done and then you should be good to go there to start the motor so we can go down and in like that down and out to dis on them you can also start them with that lock button right there and you can press long press it again and that will actually turn them back off so a couple ways to arm it I'm just gonna go ahead and arm again and I think we should probably do something flying let's go ahead and press that Auto takeoff button it's gonna come up and maintain its hover now if you see your quad start to toilet bowl a lot that means that you need to set it back down recalibrate your compass and the gyros now this one's wandering a little bit it's not perfect but let's go ahead and do a test flight and you guys can check out some of the video and board all right guys let's go ahead and get this guy up in the air the b3 pro super excited that this one came in it did look like a lot bigger than the original bugs three and it seemed to be like sort of a phantom clone style quadcopter and I was really hoping had high marks for this one because all the other quads that I've gotten from MDX RC fly all 'some they're very smooth flying they do feel slightly robotic in the controls you can kind of see here a little bit of jerkiness when I go y'all left and right and it seems to be a little bit springy just a little bit spongy on the controls now there is quite a bit of vibration in someone you can see some jello most definitely you can see jello in this I think for the price you know to be an honest review of around one hundred and sixty-nine dollars without the camera if you want to get your own camera to put on there you're probably gonna get a better quality camera if you want to put like a sort of a sport cam on there like some kind of smaller like go pro style 4k cam you're gonna get much better footage now the cool thing about this gimbal is that it does accept a GoPro five so I did test that out for you guys but follow me mode was working pretty good now I'm trying out the next mode here orbit mode this circle mode seemed to do really strange things and I tested this two days in a row this is what happens when I put it into orbit mode now I might be doing something wrong here but this looks like it's going into flyaway mode and it kept going out toward the highway which is exactly where we don't want to be so you can't bail out of it like I did there so you have to push that button again to get it out of that mode now let's try out the waypoints mode I think the waypoints actually did pretty good they did go to checkpoint number one and I did also checkpoint number two in checkpoint number three you can add like six or more checkpoints if you want to but for this demonstration to test it out for you guys I just did three waypoints here and it seemed to do all the waypoints thought and instructed it to and it's pretty easy once you tap on the screen you set your waypoints up you can move them around on the screen once you're done you can put submit and then it'll go here I'm just testing out that see 6000 a little closer to the ground I feel like the flying controls are pretty good but the screen has a lot of Wi-Fi lag the C 6000 is notorious for lag and I was really looking for in the app some way to turn down the 720p transmission the image seems like it just can't handle the frame rates of 720p back to my iPhone 7 which is kind of strange but here we're rockin the GoPro Hero 5 and I still see a lot of shakiness and jitteriness in the quadcopter I think that the grommets on the bottom of the stabilizer is probably they're probably just a little too soft and if you could maybe make them a little bit harder make sure you calibrate your gyro before you take off that'll also help you'll have a lot less jitter the accelerometer won't be kind of freaking out and everything should be good there but what a difference of 4k camera makes if you have a GoPro Hero 5 you can use a pair of tweezers and you can push the pin out and pull that front bar on the door on that stabilize your gimbal and once you do that you can put just a regular battery strap around your GoPro and you can go out and fly your GoPro around on this and this is actually just way better if you have a little bit nicer camera GoPro Hero 5 also does have a little bit of built-in image stabilization which you can't turn it on and off but here you're seeing it on and you know I'm still getting some some y'all jitter there left and right a little bit of a l'orange jitter and it's not perfect but then again this quad is only around one hundred and $69 so yea you decide for yourself whether this is the right one for you but it is what it is

Drone Camps RC review of the MJX RC Bugs 3 Pro with GPS, 1080p video, Follow me, Orbit Mode, and Waypoints. See what happens when the BUGS 3 pro stops being nice!

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38 comments on “MJX Bugs 3 PRO GPS 1080 – FLY AWAY DRONE! – Review & Gopro Flights

  1. FreakyChumy

    Great video on this one, just a little bit of comment on the orbit mode (track 6:16) I think for the orbit mode, you need to set your radius first on the app bro, that way it will not fly-away to infinity and then will start the orbiting. If the radius is set, example 10 meters, then it will only fly away 10 meters, and then it will start orbiting.

  2. Chevy Van Travel

    ok i have been flying this almost on a daily basis and IT SUCKS! it flies erratically and no matter what you it does what it wants. i just got back from practice and i did not trust what it was going to do next. crashing or hurting something, me included. i wouldn't buy this. i 'd save money and buy something better. that's my review.

  3. LouiseHimself

    Hi i have question. Am I still be able to do the follow me, return to home all that stuff without using the camera that comes with it? Because im planning to mount my go pro to the drone itself. Im afraid i might cant do the features if i dont use the camera that comes with it. Thanks for answering

  4. Gene's Rc Rehab

    Mine randomly flew away to days ago. I couldn't find it. It lost connection after doing a really good job as usual then it went ROGUE on me. There has to be some kind of refund or replacement if this happens, right?

  5. anyshitt

    well I like the idea of independent esc's. But I feel like MJx owe's me money for the hundreds of dollars I flushed down the toilet on replacement parts for ten bug's 3's and many hours of labor I spent trying fix or build new birds from scratch only to find out that there replacement parts have a 1 out of 10 success rate. and there boards are doomed from the start.. I cant see buying another quad right now. but I got to say, last week I was flying my ole bugs 2 gps and I notice that I trust my mjx gps more than I trust any of the Hubsan 501s's..This bird looks just like my JYU Hornet did when I put bugs 3 landing gear on her, I have to save up for a xaiomi yi bird.

  6. 4cpus4me

    The point of this drone is you can bring your own camera of whatever grade you need, and many hobby people already own them. Unfortunately, most of the comments seem fixated on the bundled camera which was never going to be dreamy. It can be ordered with no bundled camera. You get a versatile, long range reliable flyer with great battery life, telemetry, failsafe return, and more.

  7. Adventuresailing

    This is a great drone. You didn’t set the orbit up correctly. The radius must be set in the same setting menu as the max range and altitude. It warns you about it when you select orbit mode. Same with follow me. The range has to be set correctly for the follow me to be the right distance and less jumpy. With cameras like the HERO7, not everybody wants a 3 axis gimbal anymore.

  8. Dewayne Jeffords

    I've looked every where for a way to get landmarks and streets on my bugs go app. Can't find a thing about. All the reviews of the bugs go app show nothing about how to get landmarks. Just a screen with blue drone. HELP PLEASE

  9. 45 Auto

    Just as an FYI, I was flying my 3 Pro today and all of a sudden it stopped responding to the controller. It started to ascend rapidly and ended up in the branches of a big 62 foot tree in my backyard. It would not respond to either the left or right stick. I ended up using my 30 foot pole saw to knock it down out of the branches and when it landed one of the arms broke completely. Even if somebody was there to catch it and it didn't break I wouldn't trust a damn thing again anyhow. No more cheap GPS quads for me. Hell I'm not sure if you can even trust the more expensive ones I heard DJ I fly away as well.

  10. JR Arevalo

    MJX Should have just put a GPS on the Bugs 3H (bugs 3 with altitude hold) do away with the app/other useless features and invested on a solid 2 or 3 axis gimbal and stayed with the non proprietary or hobbygrade xt30 connector lipos the o.g. bugs 3 had. and this drone would have been a success. but MJX got greedy!

  11. Jake Garrett

    My untuned race quad has less shakes with bent props…

    Sometimes I wonder if companies test anything out before mass production, or at least tune out some of this. Mind blowing these were even made…

  12. anzaeria

    Good review and yea the Bugs 3 Pro isn't what's it's cracked up to be for aerial filming. Plus it's pretty limited in the weight it can carry. Though the A/B switch on the bottom left isn't for selecting headless mode. That's for switching between GPS mode and altitude hold.

  13. theoztreecrasher

    At 2.15 you describe the left A/B switch as switching between GPS hold and "Headless" – a slip of the tongue I'm sure. It's the GPS/Altitude Hold switch. The Headless Off/On switch is the one on the right.


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