Mondays: Government Regulating Drones & Getting Ideas

sup son film right Roger you buy fresh books they fresh yeah look at home right Mondays I'm wearing sweater indoors I'm just getting it out of the way because people are gonna say that as if they can't fathom that it could possibly be cold hey from right how do you come up with / brainstorm your short film ideas listen to music read books cetera we talked about it on the show before when I'm trying to come up with an idea I don't really go to any piece of music book or movie to try to inform that idea I'm kind of just pulling from the well that I built already usually what is the catapult to whatever it becomes is the effect or technique that we're trying to teach when talking about our sketches inside of an episode for a short film it's usually just something that hits me just some idea that hits me and then I kind of follow that for sketches when we're purposefully trying to come up with an idea a specific idea to wrap around that effect or technique I'll let my mind wander and let some kind of funny idea pop it in my head and then I'll chase that idea a little bit see if it develops into something if it hits a dead end or doesn't quite feel right I just keep going until I'll in on something that does feel right and I think I'm able to do that because I'm not specifically trying to build things around that idea in the moment but always I'm building just that toolbox of ideas that I can draw from so you know listening to music and watching movies TV shows the news reading just hanging out with people examining real life how people talk how they interact just real life situations whatever it is and you're collecting that stuff constantly so then when it comes time to sort of build an idea you're pulling from those experiences and that for me has been the best way that I've been able to come up with ideas that don't feel like they're trying to rip off something else is it bad if a lot of the scripts that I write are not original and based on existing franchises mainly games and books if you're doing it just to practice no that's great go crazy do that whatever inspires you to practice and write and come up with ideas it's great but if you're trying to be a screenwriter of any kind you really should be writing your own material it is possible to write for a franchise and then submit that odds are they're not going to use it but it could be a good writing sample for you so I wouldn't necessarily say not to do it but you should definitely be trying to do your own original works as well hey Ryan in a few years I'm thinking of going to full sail university my parents looked it up and they say I shouldn't go because they're dropout rates are too high could you elaborate on the statement well they are right at least from when I went which you gotta remember was ten years ago the dropout rate was very high but that was because the school is pretty intense and very accelerated so you're going to labs at 4am I mean towards the end of our schooling I was you know at the school almost 18 and 19 hours a day but that's done on purpose to kind of mirror what the industry is like the film industry is it's pretty intense it's pretty non-stop 24-7 at some points especially if you're doing indie filmmaking so it was really great to kind of prep me for what things were going to be like once I let their the dropout rate is so high because a lot of people go in there not knowing that not expecting that and then not being able to handle that just hating the experience of constantly being at school and focusing on one thing and literally nothing else for an entire year I mean it's pretty hard to have a job and go to school for a lot of people who had to do that luckily I didn't have to do that I saved all my money before time because I knew what it was going to be like and I wanted just to focus on school for the time that I was there so the dropout rate is for those reasons and your attendance has to be pretty on point you can't miss a lot of classes because it's so accelerated if you missed too many classes you've missed missed too much of the school and you have to redo that month so it's pretty strict and that can throw a lot of people off I don't think that discredits the school that's actually a plus in my opinion at least for me but just like anything else I mean especially when you're talking about colleges it's all about what's right for you that might not be what's right for you and that's not a good or bad thing that's just what's right for you so make sure you look into full sail and see what their policies are see what type of school it is what that year is going to be like exactly and then decide if that's the right step for you you might find out that it's not and that some other colleges the right fit for what you want to do with your career if you could direct a film adaptation of one video game franchise what would it be Josh wants me to direct Bioshock so that and I want me to direct Bioshock that's probably never going to happen but that would be that'd be something last question hey play a dog how do you feel about the government making people register their drones at the end of the year are you going to register your drone I think it sucks it's just more regulation on creativity it's a bummer but there's nothing we could do about it and I think it's a big case of a couple of idiots ruined it for everyone else I mean there's a lot of people doing some really stupid unsafe and just immoral things with drones and that led us kind of to where we're at now I think probably would have gone there anyway because the government likes to control everything anyway I am of two minds about it but overall it's just going to be more of a hassle to try to use those for creative means yes we're going to register ours because we have to and there's cob there's a lot more legal hoops to be jumped through when you're using drones now we'll probably get to talking about that on the episode soon enough because to use our drones commercially we're going to have to jump through those hoops so I'm sure we'll talk about it at some point FreshBooks makes things simple but their specialty is to make your life easier when it comes to invoice and getting paid and tracking expenses if you're doing freelance work or have a business of any kind on the side or full-time you need to know about freshbooks it's an online tool an absolute easiest way to get all your accounting done super fast and everyone dreads doing stuff like sending invoices and getting your numbers straight but that is where freshbooks will make things really simple your clients pay you online your expenses are tracked automatically and all the little details about cash flow are in one place so you always know where you stand you can even see the full history of any invoice you'll know if your client has looked at your invoice or not head over to FreshBooks calm / film right and don't forget to enter film right and how did you hear about us section that's it for today but before we get to my suggestion of the week won't let you guys know that we released a new music pack this is our horror music pack and it is definitely my favorite music pack we have released yet it comes with six full themes each of those themes you can break out into the layers of all the different instruments that go into making each of those tracks so you can customize it however you want but we're calling them themes because each of those have two to three scenes that go along with them to complete that sort of series so you have different levels of intensity and style but all within that same tone so it sounds like it's from the same film so you could take those for three to four tracks and compose an entire short film just with that especially since all the scenes have all their lairs broken out as well so there is an insane amount of customization that can be done here you could really recreate it all to make it sound like something that it never sounded like originally and then we have a bonus track in there and as well which might be my favorite track of the whole thing you can find it right here this is pretty amazing it's got a bunch of samples on there for you to hear what all the tracks sound like so you can see all the info there as well and we're giving away 5 of them for free this week as well all you have to do is follow the triune store Twitter and then tweet using the hashtag triune horror pack and you have a chance to win one of five free copies of our new music pack to definitely do that but now the sign for my suggestion of the week and that is something that I was a guest on which is Daniel James is live stream he does it on Twitch but then he uploads it onto YouTube and he has put it up on YouTube it's an hour and a half long talk between him and myself talking about the relationship between the composer and the director a lot of fun stop talked about Tim and me hanging out for an hour and a half just chatting about the industry and how we go about the creative process and definitely take a look at it right here and if I don't know that I've promoted Daniels channel on the show before but if you want to be in music and any capacity or if you just want to know more of what goes into composing a film soundtrack definitely check out his page there's tons of great stuff there that is it for today until next time don't forget the right shoot edit repeat

Ryan talks his process for coming up with ideas, and how he feels about government regulation on Drones!

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32 comments on “Mondays: Government Regulating Drones & Getting Ideas

  1. jamhousedj

    Question about drones: a friend mentioned to me that if you shoot video with a drone you are not allowed to sell your services or footage, because the FFA would fine you. Is this still in place by the FFA or have regulations changed? Also where can I go to get more info about regulations with drones? Thanks. Full Sail Alum, Class of '95.

  2. InfinitelyFocused

    there IS something we can do about this stupid drone thing, just talk, email or write your elected official and tell them how much you hate it they will listen to the majority opinion but unfortunately that opinion is only the businesses cuz we don't complain as much as we should…

  3. NearyStudios

    Please talk about the legalities of selling drone cinematography and using drone footage commercially. I am a television commercial producer and there is no easy way to round up the information needed to fly drones legally, so I just avoid it, and I own one!!! Please Help!!! Get into it!!! There are a lot of producers who need help on this topic. Thank you in advance. Big fan on the show.

  4. Pedro Meditsch

    Hey Ryan!
    I am a teenager in Brazil, and I'm considering asking my dad to buy me an airsoft gun to shoot. Films.
    Anyway, in my country, firearm replicas are prohibited but airsoft guns ARE legal, if you are 18. So, I figured "why not ask my dad for one, right?". BUT I still think it's a good idea to talk to the local police before going out with guns. HOW DO I CONVINCE THE AUTHORITIES TO LET A "KID" SHOOT A "FILM" WITH A "GUN"??? (I'm afraid I won't be taken seriously because I am a teen and low-budget). Any tips???

  5. AlbertsvideoFX

    Hey Ryan I'm in college right now studying film and TV. I have just recently bought a 70D canon just wondering how many GB of storage you think I'll need on the camera?
    Huge fan of the channel by the way, it's helped and inspired me a lot 🙂


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