My Research: Industrial Applications for Drones

Hi, my name is Jan Dentler and I'm a
control engineer and I'm working on developing new industrial applications
for drones Today drones are still mostly used as
flying cameras and what we're trying to do is we're trying to develop control techniques in order to
allow them to actually interact with the environment, for example with a robotic
arm that we attach to the drone and we develop the control engineering technology.
So actually we are increasing the autonomy of drones by determining
the optimal behaviour of a drone in order to fulfil a given task.
So drones are moving really fast so in order to control them you have to have
fast programs, fast algorithms and this also conflicts with the
limited battery and the limited computational power that you have
onboard on these systems. So what we try to do is we try to find efficient
algorithms in order to resolve this problem. We're using of course quadrotor drones
in order to work with them with hands-on experience and we
mostly use mathematics to make them do what we want and in order to
achieve that goal we use programming of course in order to translate the
mathematics that we develop onto the computers. I'm typically using C++. SnT is giving me the environment in order to follow, to develop and also to discuss my
ideas. For example in research seminars or also abroad on international
conferences. And with all the facilitators that also try to find a
connection with the industry I think you have a nice environment to really go deep
into your ideas and to really search for future opportunities.

Today drones are still mostly used as flying cameras. Our researchers are working on increasing the autonomy of drones by studying their optimal behaviour to fulfill a given task. But drones move really fast, so the algorithms need to be efficient as well! This poses a challenge given the limited battery and computational power drones have.

Listen to Jan talk about:
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Why he chose SnT: 01:38

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