My Tacoma’s exhaust drones and is rusty already! Should have gone Borla?

well good morning everybody how y'all doing welcome to the channel hey I've got the Tacoma back here down because I want to take a look at the exhaust you know I've been thinking about aftermarket exhaust lately and you know do you really want one is it worth it is it worth it to put an aftermarket exhaust on the truck unless you're just looking for sound and once you do that what do you get I mean you get a drum how does it hold up you know I've had this exhaust and this is an mbrp exhaust it could be any exhaust on the tundra or the tacoma rather for quite a while and want to take a look at it see how it's doing underneath and and then we're gonna go for a ride and we're gonna see if we get any drone in there what's it sound like we'll do a start-up you guys can hear what it sounds like with a cold start and then idling and then like I said running down the road just to see if we get any drone in the cabin because if you've ever had an exhaust that has a drone and I have if you go on a long trip after a while that drone can become rather annoying so anyway let's take a look underneath here how's this thing holding up any issues any problems I had a couple concerns when I put it in and another one has come up since then so let's take a look alright let's go ahead and climb under here I say climb under here of course it's uh it's on a lift so it's really not that much of a climb let's start here in the back I guess that tray out of the way now what this is for those of you that don't know it is an mbrp exhaust you guys can see right here which is just a catback exhaust starts right about here about the midpoint of the exhaust and then it was replaced all the way back removing the stock exhaust that meant that you had to have a couple of clamps added to this one here and one here and then of course the the factory hangers this one actually has a clamp with a hanger on it where it was installed so first concern in doing this of course is mating it to the existing pipe I didn't have any problems with that since it was new the gasket that's under here was good and I don't really see any issues I haven't heard any exhaust leaks or anything there so I think we're golden moving back to the clamps themselves they have started to rust a little bit just the bolts at least on this one nothing too horrible I don't see any rust on the muffler itself you guys can see you around so unless there's something on top but then more troubling we get back here to the second clamp and you guys can see there is a little bit of rusting going on here on the bottom of the clamp and that's because there is a leak out of this pipe at some point I'm not exactly sure where where water actually drips off of here I've got this thing cranked down I don't think I could go any tighter so it's kind of just the way it is I imagine condensation hits the pipe on the inside here because it does go on the inside collects and then kind of comes out here at some point I'm not exactly sure where you don't see any rust around the weld here so it's got to be at the seam that's a little troubling to me especially if I wanted to take this off eventually this bolt is going to become rather difficult to free moving on back you have a little bit of rust here at the weld for the next hanger and then going all the way off to the back of course and you can see what that rust looks like right there nothing horrible but over time you know it's going to become a problem and then on back the rest of the pipe a little bit of rust on the hanger here nothing too terrible just surface rust and it's all really just surface rust at this point except maybe on that clamp right up there that's a little more troubling on the bottom of the clamp and then we have the tip that we put on it looks fine dirty of course because they're gonna get filthy driving around now I mentioned I had a little trouble installing this originally and that's because of clearance you do have to cut let's see you do have to cut I believe it was this pipe here I had to take a little bit of it off because they designed it for both the long bed in the short bed and I have the short bed so I did have to cut this a little bit probably could have cut it just a hair shorter to move the whole thing up a little bit but it's really really wasn't that much maybe half inch so not a big deal but my concern was clearance under here clearance next to the spare tire which I do have it actually has moved a little bit as it's settled and gotten a little bit closer to the tire but nothing major it's not touching I wouldn't have any problem getting the tire off but you know just something to be aware of and then back here underneath this brace here or part for the leaf springs I guess there is pretty tight clearance there in-between the pipe in that steel piece again it is settled a little bit so it's a little bit closer than it was but nothing too horrible so I guess no real big problems it's held up pretty well I think there is a little more rust underneath there on the connectors anyway especially that one clamp than I would like but otherwise not too bad not too bad from a quality standpoint I don't think for the the materials themselves so now I'm gonna go ahead and lower it we're gonna do a cold start you guys will get to hear what it sounds like from a cold start there we're going to go for a ride check out any see if there's any drone in the cabin I'm using a different camera than I did when I originally checked this so I'm thinking I'm gonna get some better sound but let's go ahead and get it down and do that cold start okay that was the cold start now we're gonna start it from inside again pretty much a cold start from inside the cabin so you guys can hear what it sounds like inside on a cold start so here we go of course we have the seatbelt leaving at me or something but anyway that's what it sounds like on the inside so now we're gonna take it out on the road see what kind of sound we get in here and I'm hoping this microphone picks it up pretty well I've got everything else turned off so we should only hear truck noises so here we go alright do a little take off there this is for a stop that we're gonna go on to a 30 well I guess it's a 30 mile an hour road so you guys will get to hear what it sounds like just cruising at 30 and then we'll go on to a 55 mile an hour Road and do a little run there this is cruising at 30 miles an hour and the Toyota is of course holding its gear for those of you who talk about the transmission it is indeed holding probably fourth as my guest but there's what it sounds like just cruising at 30 miles an hour next we're going to turn here in just a second onto a 55 mile an hour road and you'll be able to hear cruising at 55 miles an hour from a dead stop up to 55 and then what it sounds like just cruising of course so we're going to get on it just a little and there were at 55 miles an hour so now we're just going to drive I'll be quiet for a second so you guys can hear but this would be similar to what it would sound like on a freeway going a bit faster but there you go so that's what it sounds like traveling at 55 miles an hour you can definitely hear it at the cabin would I call it a drone well you have to define drone I guess if drone is a constant Rumble or sound from the exhaust then absolutely absolutely it has an exhaust drone because you can hear it while you're cruising I find myself talking a little bit louder so you guys can hear me to overcome the sound of that drone now some of that is of course me just being on camera to make sure you guys can hear me but there definitely is a sound that you would have to overcome sorry for the bouncing around I don't think this camera has a stabilizer in it but you definitely would have to talk a little bit louder I think to to talk comfortably with someone because of that throat I think it would just do it instinctively so anyway that's what it sounds like now we're going to head back and I'm going to do a one more startup for you guys trucks should be fairly warmed up now and it is so I'll do a another startup this will be a warm start or maybe a hot start but stay tuned we'll see what it sounds like after the trucks warmed up okay so there you go we've put it through its paces taking it out on the road showing you guys a cold start a warm start and then some noise in the cabin as well so bottom line it really is in the eye of the beholder I mean if you're looking for something with a throaty exhaust you get that with an aftermarket but you just have to be prepared for a little bit of drone I guess in the cabin because they're all going to have it I mean it makes sense right if you've got a louder exhaust when you're going down the road at higher speeds forcing more exhaust through the muffler you're gonna have more sound it's just the way it is me personally I love it I don't mind it at all if the drone that there is doesn't really bother me I like that deeper throaty or exhaust note does concern me a little bit about some of the surface rust that I'm seeing underneath already I haven't had it on the truck that long I could only imagine you know a couple of years from now it's probably going to be rusted pretty good so if you're going to do an aftermarket you might want to protect it a little bit if that's of concern to you my only real concern is trying to take it off down the road when everything's rusted and fused together so anyway I just wanted to get on here do a little update show you guys let you hear what it really sounds like hopefully with a better mic than what I've had in the past as usual appreciate you guys watching please give this video a big thumbs up let me know what you think of this and don't forget to click that subscribe button on the way out we'll see you next time on the web have a great day back

Tacoma aftermarket exhaust drone and durability? Are aftermarket exhausts really all just droney rust heaps? I have the MBRP exhaust on my Tacoma and it definitely changed the sound in the cabin. I also have a concern down below…

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17 comments on “My Tacoma’s exhaust drones and is rusty already! Should have gone Borla?

  1. Fred Sausage

    Say now, you talking exhause drone ! old fred heard some a that last night, old fred was tryin to get some z,ssss and the mrs. had a mean case a indigestion, more moanin and dronin than a fella could shake a stick at !

  2. Jons TundraLife

    Just a little seaoning for your Taco! 😉 Exhaust on a V6 needs a header(s) imo. I had a borla header with a flowmaster exhaust on my old Jeep's inline 6 and it was night and day difference both with performance and sound. Drone isnt a problem in a Jeep when you never have your top on 😎 I think you need a header too

  3. Dan D.

    Well, the rusty clamp problem could be solved if the kit came with better stainless or ceramic type rust then. Why not pick up a can of hi-temp aluminum spray paint and touch the problem areas up? The sound? Sounds good to me. All aftermarket systems sound a bit differant, yours sounds djfferant than mine and mine will sound differant the guy down the street. But that rumble is alot better than sounding like the factory whistle they come with! The drone sound can be taken care of by turning the radio up…you won't here any exhaust noise than. Ride around with my jabber mouth girlfriend and you'll welcome even the loudest of exhaust!! You didnt get into tire "Drone" noise…most off road tires will drown out the exhaust. Turn up the radio!! Loud pipes Save lifes!

  4. M Jones

    Pretty sure MBRP uses T304 grade steel which is the same as the premium brands (Corsa, Borla) use. Although if concerned about drone at all, go with Borla. You won't be disappointed.

  5. Mark

    The rust is interesting, of course in New England we have salt covered roads during and after each snow fall, so we know about rust. My Tacoma has 4800 miles on it since I got it in late September. The factory exhaust has no rust yet and we’ve had more storms this year than I ever remember, in fact, we’re getting a major storm right now.
    Your rust vs. my no-rust is crazy ..😜


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