Never lose your drone again – Episode 13: The ViFly Beacon

It’s been a little while since I’ve looked at things that go beep, but we’ve got a new offering from ViFly in the form of an accelerometer-based lost model beeper – so let’s try it out.

This was provided for review by ViFly, and you can buy direct from them here (affiliate links used)

It’s also sold by Banggood here

Banggood have also given us a coupon code. Use BG12VI for 12% off the price (expires 31st August 2019)

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30 comments on “Never lose your drone again – Episode 13: The ViFly Beacon

  1. Dave Phantom

    Great video, thanks for the very informative instructions. I’ve just ordered a VIFLY Beacon and down-loaded the ‘user manual’ beforehand, which is very confusing! Your video explained its use a lot better. As you say don’t think it’s needed for the DJI Drones as they have 'Find my Drone' on the App, but will be excellent for my Parrot DISCO, hope I don’t need it thought!
    Thanks again.

  2. Frank

    Nice – I will be sticking one of those to my cameras – cause guess which part comes off in a crash, usually miles away from the crashed quad making it very hard to find in a field of crops!

  3. SketchPV

    Not a bad product, but the constant beeping and the increased beeping after the model has been picked up is just too annoying. Hopefully they’ll rethink those “features”.

  4. Mark Lee

    I have a had few crashes with battery eject, but I have been lucky and found everything.
    I have been considering a self powered beeper. I also have been looking at blue tooth trackers like the tile mate @ 7grams and 50 meter range.
    Not sure which is better for lost drones. any thoughts on that

  5. Dav

    I really should invest in some of these self powered buzzers for my quads, I’ve only got one build in my fleet that has a regular buzzer, but it’s really quiet, using Dshot commands makes a louder noise than the one buzzer I have!!!

  6. Emiliano Zapatta

    excellent ! I will be adding these to my kwad kit, a must have. once you have lost a ($300) kwad it is too late ! DONT BE TOO LATE !! EVERY FPV PILOT should have these as an integral part of their tools !! There might be another new innovation coming out from ViFly to help find your investment ! Standby ….

  7. Steve Fox

    what i find interesting is the beeps that come out of these units are louder if then reflect off a hard surface than if the output is pointing straight at you.

  8. Alan Mearns

    I plumped for a Dronekeeper Mini 2 after one of your previous (excellent) videos and I'm well pleased with it. This adds the impact and anti-theft features, but I prefer the setting options for times and the charging option on the Dronekeeper. Nice to have the choice though, and this one is a bit cheaper. Our grass is longer than yours too!


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