Pentagon confirms existence of $22m UFO program, releases incident videos

The Pentagon has confirmed the existence of a $22 million program to investigate UFOs and has released video of an encounter from a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet present at the 2004 Nimitz incident off the coast of San Diego.


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36 comments on “Pentagon confirms existence of $22m UFO program, releases incident videos

  1. Dynamic tech

    Bob Lazar said when certain craft are ready to hit the accelerator they rotate in a unconventional vertical position this was 30 years ago. unbelievable. The video cuts off at the rotation

  2. Wyatt H

    Pentagon… " Oh. Uh. Oh yeah about this… Well. To be honest. Most is news to us too. Heh heh." .. awkward getting caught in all these lies all the time huh?

  3. Swift

    There are more comments of people complaining about people claiming it's a bug or a spec of dust than there are of people claiming it's a bug or a spec of dust.


    It's all hoax God will never create a alien any that it's a demon nope god did not create that people are recording aliens walking and talking that's robots dressed as a alien

  5. caged lion

    My grandpa was there for the reverse engineering at 51 he did element 115 worked with Schneider Bob saw Grey's they work on us we work on them as in scientific research were do you think all the missing people go

  6. Michael Fox

    Video: These are F-18 pilots who are highly trained in observation…
    Pilot: wHoA bRo! Look at that thing dude!
    Pilot: Bruh, you seeing this?
    Pilot: It's flying against the wind. It's hella windy.
    Pilot! It's rotating bruh. Yo, lemme get this on TikTok.
    Pilot: There's a whole fleet of them!
    Video: Only one UFO, filmed on the "most advanced" potato in the world.

    Government: $22 million well spent.

  7. quinchonez

    I think the fact that they confirmed they have a 22 million UFO program convinced me they don't have any alien knowledge they are hiding. 22 million is next to nothing when you're talking about government programs…

  8. Ben DeGorro

    There's no reason Governor hiding alien existence because there's no such thing. Those $22 millions enter someone or a group's pocket and they spent it on vacation.
    Slave : "How do you get so much money Mr.Authority ?"
    Mr.A : "People believe alien exist, so we make up budget for it, and so here I am, get luxury in a beach resort."

  9. lala1 fogo

    I have to laugh at people who say they don't believe in anything they haven't actually seen with their own eyes. To that I say you haven't "actually" seen your rear end with your own eyes but I'm betting you believe it exists" Sometimes ya just gotta have faith…


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