oh it's smoking Oh gross welcome to another vlog I hope you guys are having a wonderful day today I have something really cool for you guys right behind me here we have an insane gaming setup with a projector and we're gonna be playing virtual reality games with the HTC vine so we have the virtual reality right here we got the controllers got the headset for sound we got the base station up there and the base station up there mounted and we have a game ready to go we are actually going to play Minecraft with virtual reality yeah that's the thing that is the thing that I didn't know that was the thing but I know it's a thing now that's the thing now what are you doing it entertain fighting the couch would you like to play some VR all right okay so pick up the headset put it on guys also we are going to playing more games in this vlog we're just going to start with Minecraft because that's what I'm best at I know isn't the block huge like humongous they look like quadruple design in the game the blocks I mean it's hard to kind of tell on the screen but when you have the headset on the blocks are actually like the size of you like probably about up to my chest that's crazy oh that's so insane so I am going to attempt to put this thing on Wow okay I need my hands okay so I got my hands oh my gosh guys this is all the sunshine it's like in my eyes okay so I think the way you walk is you hold this down I can teleport what I'm like an Enderman I can teleport around okay so we're gonna try to find I gotta try to find a sheep we're gonna try to find a mall and I've been chasing everything so huge like that tree like because like when you're in the normal minecraft game like everything doesn't look that big because you're just looking at it on a monitor but now since I'm in virtual reality I'm looking up and that Hill is like so tall like this is crazy oh my gosh guys if only you could experience this in person I mean we're trying our best to give you guys the full experience of this but you can experience this in person it's definitely something smooth there's squid swimming squid what what hello buddy I can oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I just want your ink Sakurai get him off of me oh my gosh there's a pig up there too they get the inventory my inventories underwater I can actually remove blocks too oh there's another squid behind me oh my gosh this is absolutely ridiculous look Oh block massive oh my gosh okay Oh goodbye Pig I'm sorry here let me see if I can get your pork chops thank you very much okay so can I eat his pork chops oh my hungers not down but I can Wow I've never seen such a 3b pork chop it's crazy okay so let's try to teleport up here all right so I'm looking in front of me and there's a massive hill like it's all the way to the sky almost I'm currently swimming underwater right now this is pretty cool there's some pumpkins over there there's a squid guys this is so so weird like I don't know how to explain it that is ridiculous that is crazy I never want to go back to playing normal minecraft I mean like it's so hard to explain because you guys are watching it just on a normal screen you know not actually experiencing being 360 surrounded by it it's oh cool that's insane about it's like one block it's like this high yeah one block is like as tall yeah two blocks you can't reach the top of this block-like I don't know oh no I'm dying no no oh my gosh all right well I have to say minecraft is insane if you guys want to see me do some type of series or something in Minecraft where I play it in virtual reality let me know by leaving a like but we're gonna try some other games to really see what this virtual reality experience is all about I did die look at that you died I have I have done I'm sorry okay so uh what game should we play next we shall see now we got job simulator up basically what it is is you're working a job so right now Gabe is a store clerk you can be a chef you can be an auto mechanic it's a ton of fun stuff and it's really really cool so this is honestly insane though and with the fact that it's a massive like a 120 inch projector everyone that's watching can kind of just sit here and enjoy the VR it's really cool now the unfortunate part is that this room isn't big enough to play the moving games so right now we have the VR set on standing only mode so you can only stand and play games now if we set it on the other mode you can actually walk around but we don't have that much space because it says you need a minimum at 6 by 6 feet and unfortunately this little area is not 6 by 6 feet just because this couch comes out so far so game how we do it in there you got some Doritos ok it's like I checking out is equal partner yo how many calories do the chips have though he wants a meat cylinder the reason he's reaching down in the cabinet grabbing a hotdog you got to put it out there and for all it thought-out it's so cool you forgot to put it you just gave them all wrong hot dog hot dog no mustard no bun no ketchup no relish nothing hey meat cylinder how do you put the hot dog in the bun isn't the bun right next to the hot dog right there the bun right there right yeah he's reaching down trying to find the bug you see the bun I do not see any buns in here game all they see is a cat painting oh you can change it yeah some people have buns in the fridge I don't know you guys put buns in your fridge let me know in the comment section below bro those are some special buns you gotta put them in this honestly guys this is so cool this is insane this is so cool and it's not just like the VR that's cool it's the fact that you're playing it on a huge projector and not that the projector matters because you're seeing what's in the headset not the huge projector but just just tell them that you give up you got to make it to the next customer you're holding up the line $5,000 for some hot dogs look at that look at that wait come back to the price 4000 where is it where is it four thousand nine hundred and forty five dollars for some hot dogs Gabe what did you do to this poor man dude he's gonna be so angry we haven't played this game very much the job simulators so we're not like you know we're not professionals at this but these games are fun to just mess around with just have a ton of fun exit you're eating a burrito to exit the game alright I gotta try this I want to play ok so there's an auto mechanic a store clerk office worker dude I want to do the office worker all right let me do the office worker this is gonna be crazy oh this work I'm gonna sign some papers I'm gonna sod it was that your friend this is my best friend right here hello here take this are you my boss oh you just throw something out of me like that what you want this this look at this these things are pretty cool right what else do you want I love my job you know what I don't love my job I want to be fired come on fire me is it possible to get fired in here I take this whoa I can take the clock okay guys so it is currently pretty late I should be off right now so you can take the clock as well all right so what is my instructions take the paper when ready Oh what what okay I'm gonna need some sugar with that the that cannot be healthy oh yes and actually wait can I make coffee there's no way I can actually make coffee Oh what I just made a cup of coffee hold on I gotta get some sugar in there oh yeah yeah yeah okay get some creamer is what you know I don't need sugar anymore get some creamer oh yeah that's what I'm talking about what is this what what is this little robot you look you guys kind of look the same are you twins since I love my job so much I'm just gonna take this cup of coffee and just pour it on my face yeah the password is 101 it's really confusing I think you just turned the computer off oh it's not working wait oh my gosh like actually plug it in or I can plug in the computer oh whoa no signal tower hey hey I'm sorry it takes up takes up yeah take that what are you gonna do about it and what's more stick Oh everyone's so mad at me um hello this is unspeakable I currently hate my job and I want to quit thank you very much here take the phone anyone wanted knowing that anyone you want to go on it back hurt don't let's hurt they're soft there's pressure so there's no come on take a doughnut take it take it take a doughnut guys come on just chillax can I copy things you have to copy doughnuts I'm gonna coffee doughnuts look I'm gonna put a doughnut on there coffee no no what have you keep stacking the donuts – Donuts three donuts do I get three donuts okay well I got more ammo boys yeah I got more how do you like that yeah it didn't hurt come on what are you gonna do that bandit Bob calm skills being sketchy cooking rooms acquiring cheese driving cars okay I want to copy this book because I'm gonna throw the other one at my wonderful office workers so here take that yeah we're gonna do better this is so much fun all right so I can open this and this is how I quit my job I eat this burrito yep see the whole thing and now I just quit it's so much fun I could copy my hand ready Oh nuts we're cutting office working at an office was great but you know what I fix better being an auto mechanic I think you should try to be an auto mechanic so me and Gabe you know we both like cars how well would we be if we are auto mechanics maybe maybe maybe I don't know go ahead and drop the drop the game in or drop your job in for your resume get in there and now you're going to become an auto mechanic that's more consonant I love holidays on Gabe's back you got the the Google file explorer and steam from the projectors like on your back oh that's so cool also guys if you have any VR virtual reality game suggestions let me know in the comment section below because I'm kind of new to this whole PR thing I don't know any good games out I've heard that obviously job simulator is highly rated and it's a ton of fun but if you guys know any that we should try and play let me know in the comment section below we'll definitely have to check them out broken headlights that's where you fix in today that car is all over rusty so we're gonna go two parts headlights there they are all right now which ones do you want we don't they great or the darker gray I don't know did what a great okay no those are your good air filter okay so that look oh there's a dirty air filter dude this is so so cool so much fun it's a whole nother level of gaming it really is like I will never look at gaming the same I will always want to play virtual reality you know offense the normal gaming but this is so cool this is why I want to try like shooting like epic rig what like Call of Duty like Oh that'd be insane oh is that a Cadillac I couldn't tell totally missed okay what are you trying to look for again oh a new hood ornament parts maybe I mean whoa is that a hot dog Tyler what's a donut what the heck that's super yes there's no ornaments take a flower hood ornaments that's what it says I think you're supposed to put the ornament in there and fix it instead of throwing the trash man you messed up this customer dude you failed your job no that doesn't work soda can hey that almost wait put it in there yeah there you go oh is it gonna make a hood ornament out of the soda can oh it did she made a hood ornament Oh oh my god this game is so cool we just put a banana hood ornament on a car and now and now we're painting a yellow it's the banana mobile three thousand eight hundred eighty-two dollars three thousand dollars he actually paid for that yeah $3,800 for a banana ornament and a yellow paint job I'm debeso Kyle my gold chain oh is that the same guy oh it's a taxi Oh guess what it's that potato run in his car are you serious give me a car the potato oh it's smoking oh no all the insights steaming up dude it's not fine you just you're gonna kill him if he gets back in the car you put a banana in there yeah air freshener oh he's got an air freshener he's good then dude he's good sedima you charge him you know instead of the last one for 3,800 charge this guy like five thousand that was a good fix like well there we go it's racking up really that was a very nice banana the banana nice that is not safe all right what kind of customer we got today Gabe oranges so hard new tires do the donut tires whoa what happened to you tires bro hook them up with the donut tires game Oh do the Flintstone tires are pretty cool I gotta admit well that was pretty easy no bolts nothing we don't need Bolton Wow Flintstone tires look at that do a different tire on each thing it's like a Minecraft tires the Minecraft tires on the back and the Flintstone tires in the front there you go that's how it's done but guys all the horses of the powers all the powers of the tire to give them the donut give them the donut giving the donut Gabe there we go oh geez Steven like crazy fluid is that sriracha that's a sriracha bottle that is definitely a sriracha bottle brother this person has problems you need to charge them like $10,000 for this are you pouring an energy drink in there slushie Cup uh-huh yeah I gotta finish it there you go put some oil in it oh no Gabe the bartender oh my gosh they actually took it y-yeah to be fair there's a robot so drinking oil and yeah it's totally normal I mean I guess charge your $10,000 see it see if she'll pay dude pink hot pink hot hot hot pink like fire hot pink oh that's so cool what you got hot pink there we go let's let's fix that well know anything can we do like we do is like your tire you use like a tire as a hood ornament is that fit no oh my gosh you can what it's a little baby tire wow that is impressive I like it you got to use it better than anything we are unlimited a Dona hood ornament we went from a doughnut tire to a doughnut hood ornament oh nice $4,000 okay I think that's good no it's not good never satisfied okay oh yeah I know why you laughed at that cuz your car says never satisfied on it guys look at this look at this this is a games car right here look at this if i zoom into it I'm not sure if you can see it's a little pixelated but it says right there never satisfied on the a custom license plate too fast for you too fast for you new york or job york yeah oh my gosh you're tricking out her car like this so we got a pink car with a doughnut hood ornament you got Flintstone tires minecraft tires on the back you got a doughnut tire on the back all blacked-out headlights taillights and you also got what was the other thing you did too fast for a new license plate now you got a replace the engine and give her like 2,000 horsepower nucular engine do it oh I see that oh my gosh fresh Pistons nuclear power she is ready to go all right gasoline fill it up there you go make sure to overflows so he can get maximum performance there you go energy drink in there hey right here got some Red Bull now I think I think it's good dude I think it's good charger for this and see how much it is yeah all you need a banana you need a banana for that you'll come back for that right now that'll be seven thousand six hundred and ninety-six dollars oh my gosh what'd she say that's nothing compared to my student loans the mechanic let's give them a round of applause now you're hungry now you want a burrito all right well this was definitely a very interesting video to say the least we literally shit is what I see there so I will say it's kind of hard for you guys to see in your video what virtual virtual reality is like if you haven't been in one of those headsets before man but I mean you put it on and like imagine your whole entire world everything you see right now just in a video game you know it's completely surrounds your vision anywhere you look you're inside the game it is so so cool if you ever get an opportunity to try any types of virtual reality it doesn't have to be the headsets but you can also try like the the ones that you do with your phone even those are awesome if you guys ever get a chance to do it definitely do it cuz it's like the coolest thing ever it's so so awesome but if you guys have any ideas for games that we can play on this let me know in the comment section below and if you want me to make a part two to this where we play those games that you guys suggest let me know by also leaving a like the more likes and the more support we get on this video it will let me know that you guys want to see a part two thank you guys so much for watching again this was a very interesting video and it um it looks like oh I saw the headset was not tracking over there it's broken now I got in the way well I have to say that a HTC vive on a 120 inch projector is probably one of the coolest things we've done yet maybe maybe maybe not maybe maybe I don't know I think the poop emoji is a slip and slide I think we need a slip inside we need a slip and slide where they are see car towing guys cells but guys thank you so much for watching have a safe and fantastic rest of your day we're gonna go play some more VR


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