Potensic T25 GPS Drone Flight Review

hey guys welcome back today I'm gonna be taking the Burton's ik t25 GPS drone for its flight review now I did a table review overview a week or two ago on this and I got some nice weather to take it out now and do the flight review on this drone now a few things that I didn't mention the table if you one of them was the app you want to use the Pitons ik G app I already have that connected here to the drone I'll put a screenshot up here of what the app looks like from the Google Play Store in iOS now I've got I already have it bound now it usually asks for a compass calibration I don't see the lights doing that right at the moment I was checked at a moment ago so to to enter into that you should you know if it doesn't ask you to accomplish calibration it's not a big deal if you're flying from the same spot but we're gonna go ahead and do it today cuz it's really really simple so it doesn't blink you know the rear lights all the lights are blinking than the rear will go solid I'll show you in a second go ahead and just initiate that video and both sticks up and in and now it says keep drone level pick up the drone now what did I ask you to do is it asks you to do a rotation well if you're like me and you dizzy easy by spinning around in circles you don't have to spin your entire body in a circle you could actually I'm gonna set my controller down so I can do this you can actually just spin the drone so hopefully we can see that the lights here all flashing you just you can just spin the drone in your hand you don't have to do a rotation of your body and you'll see the rear lights had gone solid now you go nose down and just do one rotation and the lights will go solid there they are that was it's all done how simple is that so you can do a whole rotation your body if you wish but you don't have to so if you do that rasuu you power on you may have to wait for the lights to all go solid again they'll go they'll go solid after the compass calibration but they may start blinking again letting you know they're looking for GPS satellites but I have all salt I'm certain because we'll see here I got white in the front and they are bluish in the back that's because I have a full meter of GPS satellite so it doesn't give you a satellite count so the camera on this is 1080p that's the big difference between this and like the hobby Tiger Ranger which is a very very similar drone almost identical otherwise the camera on this in my test it's a little bit bland it's kind of bland drab I guess there's a better adjective just doesn't pop the resolutions you know it is 1080p I did check that it runs at 25 frames per second a little over 8,000 kilobits per second it's okay the detail I'd like to be a little better but it's not terrible there's not a lot of jello wobble which is good you know that makes it almost unwatchable whenever you have that you guys can see for yourself let me go ahead and save you does save to the memory card I've tried two different memory cards and they're probably the most disappointing thing about the camera is it still drops frames even though I'm saving to the SD card it does record a copy also to your phone don't use that obviously use the SD card where you you'll have even less likely to drop any frames but it it uh it drops frames whenever you up right to the memory card I don't know why it does I've seen that maybe once or twice before you know he's a good memory cards so you'll see it is also jump and obviously that's gonna make sync issues a problem with this so in this video coming up I'd imagine you're gonna see the flight get all out of sync with what I'm doing because it's dropping frames so pretty disappointing overall in the camera on this drone but you know it does it is cool that it rotates and I'll show you that you know it tilts down you can even do it here on the on the helipad sink more wrote it back up I'll rotate it back up try to do that once we get out and they all right enough blab and let's go ahead and wanna do it all let's take off I'm gonna take it out as far as I can get it to go I was about 150 meters yesterday and the controller disconnected and I started to fly back so the range is okay it's not extreme it's not horrible it's pretty much typical range I think for a toy drone all right let's go ahead we'll do it all it take I'm gonna go ahead start recording video and you start recording video at this droning beep set you the whole time which is quite annoying so especially when you're doing a review like this and you have to talk over it but there's nothing I can do about that so alright we were recording video now as you can hear it's beeping let's go ahead and do it all the takeoff it's a very stable flyer there's a little bit of wind today here at times alright we have no toilet blowing that's good some of the compost calibration is obviously good let's just take it out now and see what kind of range we can get we're out about thirty meters now it says take it up a little bit higher try to exclude as much of the screen recording as I can get for you guys but uh you know it probably isn't gonna be a whole lot different than the SD card but I'd like to let me at least see what this on the SD card because it should be a little better there I've you know I says remote control fails I'm out around 150 feet now I've still got a Wi-Fi fee but I have no controls here to tell the drone what to do to actually see if I can see a live feed it's wobbling here so it should fly back but I'm not sure you know I aged a connection break should cause it to fly back but I'm not seeing it pick it back up so at this point if it doesn't let's see is it is it now it might be if it does it's gonna go up to 50 meters and then fly back I'm not seeing at the moment so I'm gonna go ahead and press the return to home button here just to make sure it does come back to me so we'll look for it here I do have like idea of a live Wi-Fi feed now you've got a bunch of beeps you've got the return to home beep the recording beep your SD card and it's it can be a bit crazy another thing is I'm told to return to home but I was just thinking if I can if my controller connection is broken and here it is overhead it was returned home because if if my controller lost its connection then we trust eternal home is not gonna do anything I try to cancel that so I've got it up lower head here and here it is the Wi-Fi feed I was not able to see actually where it was so here it comes down it went up to 50 meters and here it is I don't know why I was thinking that guys that was kind of silly I acidic and the controller broke connection what you did yesterday well of course pressing the return to home is not gonna do anything so it was returning the home on me which I thought it did I guess I kind of panicked and just did a trust to controller thinking that that would do something weird looks like it's hovering up let's go ahead now that I got it I think I may have cancelled here it comes I cancelled it I believe whenever I press that to stop the beef in a second ago that that canceled the return to home should be coming down now I think it is no it is is still 48.5 feet up so let's let's bring it down I'm just gonna manually bring it down not exactly sure what's going up there going on there it's facing to the north right now I just go ahead and bring it down myself your turn home does work I did it twice yesterday will cancel all these beeps when we get it back on the ground yeah not exactly sure here here it is coming yeah there we go now it's easing out let's see is it gonna come down it looks like it is now I don't know I was really slow to come down I had it kind of manually sure what's up with that you do press the return to home again to cancel that then I'm gonna hold in and stop the beep I've flown this several times it seems like every time I fly is something a little bit different happens there because that should have returned to home which I think it did because pressing the controller disconnects at 150 meters so then at that point I can't tell it to come back it should on its own which I believe that it did but I really couldn't tell where it was because of the cameras facing out I couldn't tell in the sky and this thing at 50 meters this thing is pretty hard to see up in the sky there so that's part of the reason why and I'm not sure why it was taking forever for it to come down until I actually started pulling down on the throttle so but I've had no problems with return to homes in the past I'm just a little bit uncertain about what's happening when it's disconnecting it seems like it does fly back but again it's kind of hard to spot that so um 150 meters that's why I got yesterday in my test so there's no reason to test that again 150 meters is where it's disconnecting from the controller it is flying back it's just hard for me to see it because I have it set to 50 meters so I'll show you guys here in a screen-recording you trust these three little lines and get it to press and we've get a remote I have turned off that comes turned on by default so you got all your flight distance and altitude and all that set really low I haven't once you turn it off you've got to slide the sliders up so 500 meters is the flight distance obviously that's not going to matter you're not gonna get more 150 I got a 120 meter for the highest and when you're on altitude which we should be able to hit that and return home I have it 50 but I'm gonna drop that down to about 25 and say because that was really really high and hard to see and I double-check that those settings took and they did alright we go ahead and start recording again here I'm gonna take it up because we've got that annoying beep again I'm gonna head and take it up and just fly it around in front of me here for a moment and what tests to return to home works more closer to line-of-sight if you hold in this the auto takeoff and landing button for a few seconds it will kill the motors which I did yesterday I was just talking trust the auto land and I didn't realize I held it in and it just fell to the ground which you did was only up maybe 10 feet did not hurt the drone as you can see here in the fpv feed I can see there some bobble and wobble it's mostly I sculpt Bob well it's not really like jello wobble now I'm fighting a bit of a breeze so that could introduce some wobble I didn't have yesterday there it is up overhead and now that's gonna want a lot of sticks to try to hold us position I said it's a decent breeze a little light drone like this is going to really have a hard time fighting that it's doing a pretty good job though I'm gonna move it back here let's see let's go ahead and rotate the camera now up in the air so I don't feel it do that let's rotate it down as much as we can let's see if we can turn it here and I'm over here it's looking at me right here guys I'm waving by oh that's gonna show up but let's go ahead and we'll just keep rotating around let's go ahead and raise the camera back up I do like that that you know it's choppy like the lag and it does it doesn't you know it's not a smooth movement here it's flying over here now so yes we've got low battery so it's gonna execute a return-to-home now the batter the flight time on this drone is not very good I don't know what we got there I'm guessing probably in the 8-minute neighborhood and it makes it difficult when you're doing this to test stuff I can't I don't have time to test on this battery like follow me mode which is on the controller here I did get the test set on the hobby tiger version and look at that return to home guys that's really good for a toy going just off GPS let's stop that annoying beeping here alright so that was a good return to home on that thing as I was saying the Hobby tiger version which is the same drone there the follow me mode works pretty well I it's not too bad so this is gonna be exactly the same so I've just taken my word on that otherwise I have to go charging up the battery back up come back out here and try to do just that to add to the video which is quite a lot of work but that the battery with this isn't you know it's not a very big battery I don't remember this the Millea power but that is in my I do cover that in the the table review you know portion the other video I'd film for this drone so pretty short flight time and just average range on this guy and overall if I'm gonna rate this drone you know camera I do like that it does tilt as you guys can see here I hit kilter down a little still now it's a level camera quality I'm gonna give it overall thumbs down because you know I'm going to give it a thumbs down the camera because because is the the blandness of it of the camera the frames per second only being 25 the drone flight and the flight ability and how well it flies and holds position and returns to home accuracy I'm gonna give that a a big thumbs up looks like I bumped a button on the controller I give it a big thumbs up on the flight ability of this how well the sync flies the battery life I got to give that a big thumbs down the battery just it doesn't fly very long and you know you you expect better than that overall if you can get this drone for a good price I don't remember what this sells for and it's it's on Amazon which is always gonna be a little bit more I'm sure it's over a hundred it's a hundred dollars or more you can get it for a good price of what you're comfortable with then I think it's probably worthwhile if you can get a good price you know it's a if it's a hundred and fifty or something I'd have to I wouldn't be able to recommend it to that price there's much better brushless options out there but overall it's an okay drone but it's not it's not great because of that battery life you know and the camera being 1080p with SD card dropping frames the blandness of it the lower lowish frames per second and I just I'm just not impressed with it alright guys that wraps up the review of the boot in zyk t25 gps drone be sure to subscribe to the channel guys I really appreciate the subscriptions be sure to click the bell so you know whenever I do upload new a new and as always guys have a great day the power of the dark side

Flight review of the Potensic T25 GPS drone with a motorized 1080p camera. Right now it is $139.99 at Amazon.

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14 comments on “Potensic T25 GPS Drone Flight Review

  1. SKoutdoors

    Bought this drone yesterday. Received it today. Amazon for the win. Lol. The follow me works well. I'm not happy with the camera though. But not bad for the price. I will definitely be upgrading.


    Great job Ryan! i agree, its an OK quad, but probably not worth spending $140 on. There are other GPS quads in that class for less. Thanks for your honesty!


    Good review, its a shame it drops frames on the SD card recordings, that's odd. This looks like a identical rebrand of the SJRC S20W GPS toy grade GPS quad. If I recall the S20W had a quarter mile range… Even the transmitter is the exact same PlayStation style controller

  4. Adrian Mateo Drones

    Wow what a great video and review my good Sir. I really appreciate all the good information and updates. You are good at what you do. Thanks a bunch. Nicely done and good job. Please keep those good videos coming. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―βœŒοΈβœŒοΈβœŒοΈβœŒοΈβœŒοΈπŸšπŸšπŸšπŸšπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈπŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈπŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈπŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈ. You just got a big like from me and a new subscriber. I would appreciate it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.


    The one thing I hate more than the quads that have flashing lights when recording video, is the ones that their transmitters freakin' beep!!! How in the hell are we supposed to know when the beeps & flashes are warnings or not? What da hell are these companies thinking of? Maybe it's a Chinese thing!!! POW!!!

  6. Ron Brown

    Good flight review Ryan, you really but that thing through it paces. It flew ok, but it seems a little over-priced, these things should be no more $100. All the beeping sounds you pointed out in the video would make me think twice about getting it.

  7. John Cuppi

    I can't believe how much corn is there now since we flew there together last year. It's great to see you fly a different spot! Still a good one for GPS drones like this but it will be bad if other quads go down in all of that corn! πŸ˜€


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