Russia has evidence that US drone downed by Iran in the Persian Gulf did violate Iran’s airspace

the secretary of the russian security council says moscow has information that the US drone down by Iran in the Persian Gulf did violate Tehran's airspace I mean yeah you seen Farhad say I have evidence from the Russian Ministry of Defense that the drone was in Toronto airspace we did not receive any other evidence or joined live in the studio by RTS Dahlen quarter for more on this Donald bring us latest well Jackie the Secretary's statement was part of a trilateral meeting that's taking place in Jerusalem between the national security advisors of Russia Israel and the United States their talks come on the backdrop of US sanctions announced yesterday against high-level Iranian officials Washington blames them for the oil tanker explosions that took place earlier this month and says that their drone was shot down in international airspace Donald Trump even said that he stopped last minute and a retaliatory air strike against Iran after discovering that 150 Iranians lives were at stake now one of these sanctioned officials is the head of Iran's foreign ministry Mohammad Javad Zarif and he's set to face these penalties in full force next week but that's right after Donald Trump said that he was ready for talks with Iran without any preconditions so this whole situation led to some harsh words from Iran's president who's also facing sanctions let's not forget today's action follows a series of aggressive behaviors by the Iranian regime in recent weeks including shooting down of us roads they've done many other things aside from the individual drone you saw the tankers and we know of other things that were done also which were not good and not appropriate how can a person lose his mind so badly and do something so outrageous and idiotic is sanctioning the leader of a country they are suffering from some kind of mental illness the White House is mentally disturbed and doesn't know what's good for it no wise person would do what they are doing these days I sense that there is deep frustration and profound confusion inside the White House now Iran of course says that they shot down this drone after it violated their very own airspace and Tehran afterwards reiterated that they would defend themselves against any attack on their country's sovereignty so if this information from Russia's Defense Ministry is confirmed it would mean a reinforcement of Iran's position as well as damage to Washington's credibility in any future talks on these matters in the region nonetheless but patrushev said that villainizing Iran is not the solution it's counterproductive and that there needs to be an independent investigation into the matter so if that goes forward perhaps we'll be a bit closer to the truth if that happens you

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order imposing new “strong sanctions” against Iran in response to Tehran’s downing of an American drone last week.

Trump said the latest sanctions would target Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday that Khamenei and his associates would be denied access to financial resources by the new sanctions.



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35 comments on “Russia has evidence that US drone downed by Iran in the Persian Gulf did violate Iran’s airspace

  1. richard marriott

    This is funny. Russian bullshit on one side US bullshit on the other… bullshit from iran.. bullshit from the media. How can anyone figure out whats true and whats not these days. Just seems everyone is out for blood and money

  2. John Bentley

    TULSI~~has volunteered to shut down the war machine $$$$ drain & bring that money home to her people.
    A much better plan than nuclear winter.
    TULSI/BERNIE Our Future is Our Choice.

  3. Albert Chu

    In another word, US are lying to the world !!! That show how hypocrites and untrustworthy US leaders words !!! They have been lying for decades to creates wars on countries that are weak and not agreeing with them !!! Really a troublemaker and big bullies!!!

  4. Cricket Wireless

    This is,why TRUMP called the fight plan off 10mins to green light jump..Putin red phone his ass ..and that's why Trump has a hard time with his general staff and Pentagon intelligence CIA..ect..Trust is out….The military industrial complex has a hard on for war…And why Trump keeps Putin as a friend….its all sorry but heads should roll if ppl are lying about things in such critical info in areas…so far no proof produced for the public eyes from Russia and it's claims, if evidence of were we in the wrong but it made Donny blink stop the insanity ..and Trumps suddenly worrings about 100+ Iranians being killed over a drone shoot down now suddenly matter….Wasn't showen the same concern about Syria's chemical weapons plant attack that could have had been loaded with civilian by Assad a load that placed a thousand civilians in that chemical Saddam did when we hit a bunker thought to holding his high command, killed a few hundred wemon and kids.he allowed to shelter there while bombing was going on….I remember watching that bomb tracking on camera as it went down the air vent shaft..pilot so proud of how it went down, to find out days later mass killing by American military pilots civilian loss of life high.numbered…

  5. gengiz

    That's their plan along with Israel , provoke them into a war
    Research the lavon affair where Israel state sanctioned terror attacks to start more war also the king David hotel bombing was for the same purposes and is the us liberty attack was to blame Arabs and create more war. Israel needs the Middle East to be in perpetual war for it to exist and it will do anything to survive

  6. Titan Academy

    Just so u know u.s has slaughtered over 20million civilians since ww2 and their kill count keeps getting bigger and bigger all terror organizations combined dont make it to even a million just so u know who the real sponsor of terror is

  7. Nigel S

    What a joke : Russia has evidence ? Funny how Russia behaves when it is faced with evidence of its own wrong doings : What a load of nonsense but I will cut you some slack, after all this is RT who have no credibility 😂

  8. Dr Hassan Christie

    Affirmative Iran. Everyone world wide, even sharing this information agreed that, returning that seised ⛵ boat with everyone on board safe, from the other country looked good 👌 .
    Secondary the old saying goes (finder keeper), the lost of technology so high by another country, both in human resources, and unnamed airplanes is a huge lost.
    Therefore it is our belief that no advance tec is perfect. However humble Iran , the Russians are also clean with the interview, that's a plus.
    Generally both super 👌 powers did something tremendous, when both sides moved to dialogues and without any blood work. Keep it going!


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