S4:E6 MONSTER 2/5 poker session & GIVING away WSOP seats with PKC

previously on youtubes the drawing dead describe yourself in three words bat I'm a bad influence is what you're saying yeah Golden Nugget baby another day another day in Vegas during the World Series and I couldn't even tell you what day it is day six day seven I honestly have zero clue but I do know it's almost one o'clock in the afternoon and I need to get the hell out of this room I know that so that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna get out of this room I'm gonna meet some guys for lunch they don't get into a game hopefully I'll get into a game like the game I got in last night it just figures that one of the only days they don't vlog I run my god I run ridiculously good and it would have been very entertaining to see but I had no camera I had no vlog so you just have to take my word for it in the Bellagio 2/5 no lemme game for 500 out for two thousand five hundred and twenty five dollars in about four hours it was amazing and my head was throbbing because I got quite inebriated the night before with me me that ain't gonna happen today we're blogging today we need to get out of here let's go yeah that that part was fine it was to going to play poker afterward that was stupid even Andrews like yeah we should have never played like you know we're right just had a rather interesting lunch with Justin triose stones tournament director in this guy we might be seeing this guy soon places see you later man but with lunch over it's time to head back to the strip drop some stuff off at the room and possibly get into a game possibly last year I thought so today's the tag-team have been at the Rio so I came up spend a couple minutes sweating on my buddy rain delay he's playing on one team and ruining me and Brad Owen playing on another team and said hi to my buddy Bert Hanson who's still in the monster stack you were in and now you're not he's not in the tactic just try to be the most tilting human on the planet you wait you were in the tag team then I came out here to fly the drone but now you're in the parking lot you fly the drone party's already full you want try fly again it's Tuesday June something I don't know look it up towards the end of June and today is the day that we go out to the pkc house into a giveaway for three seats into the crazy 888 WSOP giveaway bracelet event and since today is that day I have zero clue why I'm still in the room I need to get downstairs get in an automobile and get out to the house so let's give these seats away [Applause] [Applause] so here we are minutes away from starting the to table pkc giveaway for seats to the crazy 888 come in the top four with these fifteen or sixteen other players and win your seats so wish me luck the two players fold and the action returns to the button who elects to now move all in what I pretty quickly come to the realization that the button have to be on the draw with that decision made all that is left for me to do is call yeah yeah yeah rock and it's good yes [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] so we're in the second level of the free roll and I'm out of it and I'm out of it first I'm not playing anymore well oh wait what you see I don't know I don't want to know I'm out am I out of it first because I played badly no definitively no to be honest I played two hands we're only in the second level I got pocket queens in all n preflop in the first level nice answer and lost to ace Jack offsuit level 2 started I picked up pocket kings and got those all in preflop nice answer all right I'm out pocket queens so guess what I'm out I'm out of my own free roll first and it lasted two seconds and then you wouldn't leave everyone else is still playing what the hell but you know what I am NOT gonna have sour grapes about the whole thing good event still going on inside I'm gonna go sweat the rest of it and cry just a little bit don't say what's on your mind fine whatever you want to say just let it let it go we're amongst runs that's what I thought to double up so after four grueling hours we have our winners we ever guys are going to be entering the eight eight eight for free so good luck to them who's that next week this week this Friday we think it's this Friday we think crazy 18 eights free roll with pkc we are now at you hours after the pkc event in which I came last missus I'm gettin some cash specifically it's time to get into some cash at the Aria and as you noticed I walked outside that way I don't have to deal with the tram bitch so hopefully next cash game you see aria see the food good security news just me mugging for no reason at all this was a really strange session it was already a bit off since I started playing a damn near 2:00 in the morning but that's not why it was weird there were three German guys at the table all apparently friends they would speak in German to each other the dealer would tell them English only and they'd stop doing it however when the dealer changed they just go right back to speaking in German again the new dealer would tell them English only and they'd stop doing it again this happened like two or three times he created this weird us-versus-them dynamic at the table eventually a player just went and told the floor and then the table got super tense we were also playing at tables outside the regular Aria poker room you sometimes feel very isolated and forgotten out there I get it the room was packed I mean you got to put people somewhere but this just wasn't my favorite Aria experience that being said the game itself meaning the actual playing of the hands part wasn't that bad the problem for me is that I was constantly finding myself in a bunch of situations with ID equity that just wasn't coming to fruition case in point a middle position player opens to 15 the cutoff calls I call on the button in one of the blinds call for Vasya flop up nine seven deuce with two hearts the middle position players see bets for $35 in the cutoff folds I have middle pair and a few backdoor draws more than enough to call here there's a ton of cards that were improved my equity on the turn so I do call in the big blind folds the turn ace isn't one of those cards and with the middle position player continuing for $70 and not appearing to be a maniac there's not a lot I can do here here's another example a late position player opens to $15 and I call with suited one gaffers a super tight button with about $300 in front of him three bets 270 dollars and the opener calls although it's always fun to get sexy and hurt somebody's feelings with 9 7 suited we just aren't deep enough for all that so I just let this one go later on in the session an early position player who hadn't been very active opens to $20 and I call on the button with eight nine double suited you know you got to think optimistically sometimes the night is winding down and people are racking up and leaving the table and the game is obviously gonna break once again I get one of those I got a little of it that could turn into a lot of it type flops but this time it gets checked around should I be betting here a lot of the time probably especially since a flop like this is much better for a button range verse what I perceive to be this particular guy's opening range he checks to me again on the turn and this time I can't not bet especially after picking up additional equity with that seven of spades he comes along for $20 the river essentially changes nothing and I bear to be winning this pot a huge percentage of the time and not getting river value for much so I check it back when he checks for the third time and I was wrong [Applause] you know sometimes a game just isn't going anywhere and that table at the Aria outside of the actual room was one of those times that game was going nowhere no action no pots I had no hands so I just decided to call it a night in for 1,000 out for 850 for so down 146 and I am a hundred percent okay with that that might just be my signal to call it a night part Hansen has made the final table of the monster stack I'm probably going to go sweat him for a little bit tomorrow restart is at noon and it's about three o'clock in the morning so how about I just get some sleep so another day in the books if you like this vlog subscribe and I'll probably respond cuz I'll probably see it so until then I will catch you next time bye and if you didn't notice I'm ending this law before I get on this tram outside the area because I'm gonna go off on her if she tries to interrupt me the adventure continues next time on the drawing dead on the list at the Bellagio 510 and 2/5 I know what this looks like it looks like a mid-session update obviously going to try to wrap up that session and deal with this jet so I spent a couple minutes at the Rio sweating so I spent his cup soy sauce so I pin it probably heading to a strip [Laughter] but with that done it is probably time to get into a game most likely heading to the strip maybe aria maybe the Encore I never know these things but with this and get into them everybody out [Laughter] yeah laugh it up might fly the drone around a little bit and today is the day we've gone to the pkc house and do a giveaway and so the crazy 8 8 8 WC and today is these 16 or 17 other players but you know what there's no time for but you know what I'm not gonna have sorry drapes about the hole but you know what I'm not gonna have sour grapes about the whole thing

The day after having too many drinks on Fremont street was an interesting one, the day after that one however…

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23 comments on “S4:E6 MONSTER 2/5 poker session & GIVING away WSOP seats with PKC

  1. sivieri4

    Poker is tough. You have to have the best mindset and weather the storms, tornadoes, landslides ect. Especially when you have donut ice coffee suited heads up and the flop comes sherif, rainbow, ice cube, you c bet he calls turn is a wheelbarrow check check river comes a shovel you check he goes all in you fold

  2. KM Snow

    It's not uncommon to have a session like yours (at the Aria) for low stake poker. Keep hitting with second-best hand and chip away your stack. Every time I feel like I run into one of these sessions one word pops right up in my head "Titanic". Got to stop the sinking.

  3. Eric Reynolds

    Your vlogs are so fantastic! The music the whole production is A+
    Lol you are in the wrong occupation you have a real talent. I don’t even watch or play poker anymore but I still watch your vlogs because they are so good!

  4. sam jones

    Downloaded the app..it asked if I trusted this site, I clicked on trusted, tried to open the app and it said it would not open because I had not clicked “trusted” am I doing something wrong ?

  5. Alex thedeal

    Brad has a goodlooking neighbor at 4:20. Ever noticed it's almost all younger men playing poker and Jaman is one of the few middle aged men : ) T bone seems like a nice guy. My observations for this vlog.


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