Sheriffs Invade Privacy by Flying Drones Over Home For 2 years now Victorville,california

okay so get ready to see some special effects Terminator terrorist technology used on a regular civilian hij something silly like you need to get in touch first of all we want to pay attention let's pause it right here let's pay attention do you know what this is this is a military drone it is a plane that can fly and a certain longitude latitude where would appear to be a white light but this is a military drone as you've seen in most of my videos it's followed me remember I told you I did I ever worked where I got an army special dealing with a Latin bail bondsman so this is a part of that army special being surveillance like you know like you in one of these third world countries where can bust in your house and kill you in the middle of night you need to get in touch maybe sauce that's the other type as you see right there of Lincoln excuse me come what they'll do is they'll have a stationary set that will be stationary they only will all move if I Drive off but if I'm just standing at home they'll have a few they'll be stationary and they'll howl something they'll be revolving sort of my circling over my property farther down and coming back constantly as this one right here is doing almost boletus is in the backyard and I'm straight away so as you've seen it again a little closer here it is again over another person's house they always centralizing and what you would consider a square I am the square and it will be centralized either from this direction this direction or over the very top not too much on the Front Street they do on the Front Street but not as much because I guess they recognize other people in the neighborhood see that and know damn well you know our main common sentences it's not what you want people to believe one star is not just floating over your house unless you idiotic and um facility and you want to call this a Big Dipper or something like that and you go ahead and believe what you would like you have a right to but I've seen this thing problem our vehicle and uh you know it's just I mean it's only technology okay so you see these things right here over my house so you see these things are stationed over my house all night and they're actually stationed there in the daytime you wouldn't be at assume because the lights gonna be off its Victorville California now what I want to tell you is those times where gang members came to my door these guys sent them those times when people broke into my wife's truck these guys sent them at that time when someone poison my cat that I had roaming outside my house these guys sent them so you gotta understand this is law enforcement or me whatever time type of team they have setup using this technology they they're seeing everything and they're also creating scenarios these are drama you just have to read about it it's other people that went to it that would let you know do you see these are two drones as I'm backing up dear Omaha as you can see explain you but these are here you can see clear as day

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1 comment on “Sheriffs Invade Privacy by Flying Drones Over Home For 2 years now Victorville,california

  1. Andrew Hammond

    This happening in Australia v2skull and all that crap they do.getn burned to shit in ya own home not harrased by police as much as USA it seems
    .drones constantly at one stage people in shopping centers talking loud about sumfn you the only person that should know you might of only thought in ur head that they will bring up… they just scum


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