Sight Fishing GIANT Cobia on Bridges and Rays in Virginia

we just flew into Virginia Beach we're here with awesome from Fernando sportfishing Preston here as well we got Steve and we have one goal today catch a giant cobia take me a second to figure out the current but they're on the further piling away from us circling it was about three of them one was about a 50 inch oh yeah they're still there can you see him with a front pylon see yeah i sea with don't cast don't cast yet see if you go pluck the big one out Sam they're gonna hit a big circle here yes you're gonna see me there oh they're coming around right now they're casting out big fish big fish that's a frickin pity powder right there let it go you got the rat you've got the rat dude Casa de casa go get that on this pile on here Preston zoom dimmer here Preston press the caps right there big fish big 54 in the collage is a trying to press the shine I'm digging the fishing there's a 50 powder on this pile on here we get the rats present boo there's a freaking wake him up my coffee dude there's no freaking gigantic fish on that while there's a monster Coby right now on this bridge like Austin saying 665 pounds so I just have one on precedents caught his we just caught two small fish but they're still giant here this is totally new to me I don't I'm actually never targeted carnism on a bridge actually pretty cool it's really exciting to combat this antenna like targets note baby eagle eyes back to Florida you code you in 1 seconds to wrapped around that pilot if you don't get him right here we're gonna keep going all right just try again we'll get the next Oh what do you got dude i dangled a bluefish sweet that's he did alright let's go dude down here put him in the live well though doing there Preston Kobe call that's the Kobe call Kobe a call a lot of the times the bigger ones will actually sit under it you won't even see them gonna smoke your eel they were on this pile on here yeah I don't see them right now but me office Pookie you could eat it yeah he ate it but he spit it okay I'm gonna write the rat ate the rat a the ratty old oh hold on what am i selling out I yanked it from the rat there's a big fish in there is a big fish in there people the Rat Pack hey you hook that fish hello crap crap crap see crap nothing huh oh that's a big fish haha drop it right yeah hey hey another thing about the polls always crack your bait up slow see one yeah fifty cloth and fifty plus of okay hold on here it's a pair look at that ready over fight no Rassilon over there what it's a rat in there do not hook it if he eats yank that thing out of water nude and let press them throw under you just just be patient don't don't blank ask or you'll hook there at and want to jump off the boat there he is hit up Oh who's a big fish in there one the front the biggest one hate me just get him the rat the rat hey Austin oh I'm impressed more than thrown in there I got the rat look at that would another one with him gosh guys look at that POW look right there just like that this is the rat not a keeper but you know what spunkiness oh he's still full dragon that's all about right there that's the rat fish oh there we go got one now they were on the board Oh things both things but there are giant fish around guys so we're gonna keep trying out here you've heard some news of big fish on raised you guys from the video class here we found a ton of cobia on raised we're trying to redo that again oh yeah dang new leader this morning – this broke broke the leader I think he was gonna write I just went on this morning straight with an F G not to the braid right there and you can see that's it that's just a clean break I don't know I don't know I know it sucks hurry up whoa there it is guys first keeper killaby of the day man tell you what it's been a tough play but we got one of the boat looking for more hopefully find it finally discovering gun clouds on all the boats just left the fleet's gone it's just us here if you're the boat and it's kind of cozy at the drum cloudy stack this one three four five Jovian five cobia okay all five don't eat I'm going I'm about moving so none of us okay I'm good to lift the polar bears I'm done yeah okay am i proven at the clouds are no obstacle for the drill you just got to eat it's got to eat it got to eat it someone ate it right no no see my friend impressed yeah there is about a 50 powder in there what is going on right now gentlemen Virginia just get them get them come on right on right now No we jump in and shoot him he got a speed gun here to merge this new gun yo yo put it right on their face come on I just did who's that 50-pounder right there oh my gosh throw me a magic why won't they eat she ate it broke me off that was not a little fish that was a big fish what we're doing right now and just plucked it for cobia circling them they tend to hold on the structure at the end of the year around here and just you can go up and down the fringe all day just looking at the paillasse and they'll just pop up and down so I'm gonna pull you in here let's take our time I see the fish I can't tell ya he's right in the glare but it looks pretty decent I've gotten a good look at them now get them right there make sure you try to tease off teased up the surface let's see if the rats see the rats on you there you go perfect job and get the big one get the big one very nice crab here Josh Oh Mike what do you hear what you wake up my wife put my wife on the way yes sir you ready I'm neutral oh he's alright get it oh he does not like that nest the big dude Oh bond stop neutral neutral neutral perfect my gosh it feels so great I put a colbert's in the bow close to 50 pounds what a fish man he fought so hard these fish are so awesome one of my favorite fish to catch giant cobia in the ice box he goes that's meat for tonight Wow what a fish when I hooked that fish he went right back to the bridge and I had I held the spool as tight as possible he and then his head came on the water yeah we were this close to losing that fish man structure cobia fishing it's insane you know it's like it reminds me a little bit of trying to pull me off the Sharks like you got to turn her head right away or they get eaten same thing here if you don't turn their head immediately they'll break you off in the piling it's Preston's turn now and I gotta let you guys know with the big news he just had a brand new baby boy Congrats bro what's his name Preston jr. dude here's the real question easy canoecopia fishing with you soon how old will he be wink at his first guy so he's gonna have cobia photos soon Virginia this does spoil Coby fish this is how cobia fishing used to be guys Virginia is like the last frontier for big cobia I mean literally like a 50 pound Kobe in Virginia is average fish yeah you're gonna see 80s and 90s here there's giant fish in Virginia who your lifestyle you got a boat it guys look I'm no joke this this fish is probably around 70 pounds and every 10 pounds of Kobe it's exponential you're just gonna fight him longer and longer they are so powerful they're just as powerful as a shark but they're amazing dude look at this thing he's trying to break it off press I think there's another fish with him dealing I'm gonna I'm gonna see if he'll eat this eel oh yeah I'm surprised your wife let you go that's a giant oh my gosh could be 70 pounds dude that's a freaking big yeah that's a 60 70 days 60 65 you almost got impressed almost caught him dude gosh that is just every time he's not a nine that dude he comes up it just gets nervous oh my gosh dude we're gonna be so big how's your rescue dogs gonna kill you here was it worth it we just was in our surgery oh my gosh dude what a fish so right now we're reviving his big Kobe oh he's a easy 60 pounder it's really important that we put these big fish back because they dropped billions of eggs the bigger they get the more eggs and the more cobia Steve is he going if you revived yeah he's got good color and he's fighting my palm so anytime all right there we go beautiful wow what a fish Austin do great underwater Simmons over there bro found that yes Steve good job on the release Preston that's a fish right there bro that's awesome man that's a great fish Wow guys two back-to-back giant cobia and the day's young the day is still young big fish big fish big fish dude get him instead get him in get him in get him at image is you big I can't do it I can't do anything for you the thing I saw the top yeah we're first Reverse dude first I stick the various broken off this snag think-think sound is that a brand new rod no fish on before hey where's the whisker at stud dude it's a nice fish deep so good a con I sold a smaller one but it's going fun fight these things bite super hard and don't get never give up the storm is not looking too good on RL I think you better head back soon yes probably right cold I'd rather not get cold up out here and that looks that's a bad one think I mean I'm all about looking for that hundred pounds over yeah but not at the expense of lightning no way our three-day cobia venture has come to an end and we finished strong today we got a 60 we got a 50 and we got some rats but we still caught some big fish and I can't thank fineö sportfishing enough failure is not an option – and we did not fail guys Steve thank you so much guys if you want to go on an epic Kobe a trip Peniel link in description check him out Virginia last frontier if you want get a 50-plus pound cobia these are the guys and this is the place and if you guys are the destin area make sure check out preston here golf finger charters link in the description great guy and he has a great operation there you guys will enjoy fishing with him make sure you guys subscribe and go check out our black tip HQ at the fishing shop comm link is also in description thanks for watching and we'll see you next time black tip h fishing is brought to you by Rob togs designed for you created for the outdoors and sudoc or nutrition

In this episode of BlacktipH, I fly up to Virginia in search of one of my favorite fish to catch, giant cobia! I met up at the marina with my good buddies Austin and Steve from FINAO Sportfishing Charters. We loaded up the rods, reels and camera gear and then we headed out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. The first day began with Preston and I doubling up on smaller cobia. Preston landed his while mine popped off right alongside the boat. We spent the whole day running up and down the bridge, gazing at each pylon along the way, in hopes for a massive cobia. After seeing cobia and losing cobia throughout the day we decided to wrap it and get some sleep for tomorrow. On Day Two, we decided to fish the open water in search of rays in the ocean. Right away, Preston spotted a giant cobia just off the bow of the boat. He ran to the front, made his cast and set hook into the fish! The fish shook his head violently, then thrashed enough until the hook broke off. Both of us were devastated but we continued on with our day and decided to put the drone up. We spotted many other fish on the drone, but they didn’t eat. On Day Three, we started off fishing at the bridge. Austin spotted a giant cobia and I pitched a bait at it. Immediately, the fish inhaled the eel and the fight was on! After a long fight, Stephen netted the fish and brought it into the boat! Virginia was awesome and I can’t thank Austin and Steve enough for showing us what their waters have to offer. We arrived back at the dock with some good dinner, and our heads held high. We accomplished what we came up to Virginia for, to catch giant cobias!

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  1. ben ngugi

    This is the strangest thing I've ever experienced. I never thought catching fish is soo much fun. I love watching these videos and apparently I can't stop. One question though…? Why don't we see you cooking and eating the fish??? Add that part to your videos.

  2. Wicked Outdoor Adventures

    It's Tuesday and that means BlacktipH – Best videos with awesome content targeting various saltwater species – A "Must-Watch" YouTube channel and Josh goes out of his way to Help and Promote our Veterans…. Thanks Josh for making Videos fun again, USCG Captain Scott Manning, US Army – Veteran


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