Soccer Game Drone Video

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Shot with DJI Phantom 4 Altitude – 30-40′ Distance from Field 100′. Shot in HD using 2x zoom feature.

7 comments on “Soccer Game Drone Video

  1. wolfmooch

    Before you go this route remember a few things. If kids soccer games you most likely need approval from the school (happened one time). My kids school is also in the area of an airport so the 3k I spent means I can only fly at away games now. Sigh

  2. Dzung VN

    Hi Matt. I want to make one for a 1.5hr- soccer game but every drone can only fly for ~20 – 25mins. How could I do a long clip like yours? Help me please.

  3. Nick Bunton

    Nice video Matt, I searched for his as been asked to shoot some video by a friend for a local rugby game in a few weeks. I have a Mavic Air so was thinking about shooting it in 4k so I can zoom a bit in post if needed as it has no digital zoom option. If nothing else it will help me in the future decide if I did get a Mavic 2, would I go Pro or Zoom.

  4. Ernesto Zavaleta

    Great footage. Do you get 28 min of flight time? Any complaints or restrictions filming that close to the field of play? I am interested in filming my son's team for the coach and to use as a recruiting tool. Thanks for any info.


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