Spanaway Lake High School leading the way with drone class

everything's fun about flying a drone there's nothing that's not fun it can be exhausting and taxing on you believe it or not because you're so concentrated on watching battery lives and you know you've got birds and planes and you know whatever's in the sky Rockets are laying off you got to do a lot of steps you got to take a lot of steps and a lot of planning before you can actually fly the drone students are super excited at the beginning of course they thought ok we just took this because you know we thought it was gonna be an easy class to take and I let them know the first week that it's not going to be easy you're gonna need to know you're real Federal Aviation Regulations and rules and follow those rules and they've just just loved it they have been so receptive and I think the challenge is thrilling to them we do have a lot of fun but there's a lot of seriousness that comes along with you know being a drone pilot the kids in my class learn about airspace the drone parts the components of the drone they actually get to flight fly the drones and do flight tests everything that you need to know about where when how you can fly a drone they're learning some serious stuff and I keep my standards very high where they have to take three consecutive tests with an average of 90s before I'll sign off and say that they can actually go take an FAA test they can earn from I made a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand depending on which way they go we're first ones around here to do this and there's not very many in the nation if you really look into it so I'm excited to be teaching it I'm excited for the kids and for them to be ready to get right into industry you

This year, Spanaway Lake High School became the first school in the district to offer a class in “unmanned aerial systems. “Students learn to fly drones and can even earn an FAA license to fly them professionally.

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